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For most women, if not all, removing hair from their neck down to their toes is an integral part of their grooming process. Having perfectly smooth and silky skin makes them feel confident and beautiful. Today, there are many methods of removing this hair, with each of them having their benefits and drawbacks.

Creams, waxing, laser treatments, and razors are some of the methods, but for most women, it all boils down to whether to choose a shaver or an epilator.

The two hair removal devices are the most accepted among women, especially those who do not want to spend so much in beauty parlours and those looking for a less risky method with great results.

But what should you choose between an electric shaver and an epilator? Below we discuss the key differences between electric shavers and epilators to make it easier for you to decide.

Working Mechanism

The primary difference between an electric shaver and an epilator is based on whether the hair is removed below or above the skin level. Shavers use cutters to slice the hair off at skin level, leaving the root under the skin.

On the other hand, an epilator uses tiny, rotating tweezers to remove the hair at the root level, leaving a much smoother skin. The surface of the epilator rotates as it passes over the skin, grabbing the hairs and slickly removing them from the follicle.


Epilators are quite painful and offer a certain level of discomfort, especially your first time. An epilator uses about 15-20 tweezers to pluck out hair from your skin, so you can be sure you'll experience some amount of pain.  

This pain factor can limit where the device can be comfortably used.

For most women, the face, armpits, and genital areas are too sensitive for epilator use. However, most epilators have two rotation speeds, and hence you can use the slower one for such areas.

Moreover, once you use it repeatedly, you get accustomed to the pain, and you don’t experience it as such. Applying some ice on the skin surface can help soothe the pain.

On the contrary, a shaver will barely hurt since it just trims down the hair. You can comfortably shave even the sensitive parts. However, you need to be careful with the curvy parts, so you don’t cut yourself.


Since shaving cuts down the hair at the skin level, it just makes it shorter rather than completely removing it from the skin surface.

Though you’ll find the skin smooth right after shaving, the hair will grow quicker, and stubble will be visible in just a day or two, especially if you have black hair.

When you use epilators, the roots of the hair are destroyed, and the hair takes a relatively longer time to grow again, offering a more lasting smoothness.


When choosing the right hair removal device, it’s important to consider the speed of operation. How much time do you want to spend removing the hair on your legs, arms, and back? Shaving is considerably faster than epilating.

This is because, when epilating, you have to hold the device perfectly perpendicular to the skin so as not to break the hair mid-way. When it comes to shaving, you can shave as fast as you can as long as you’re careful not to cut yourself.


As mentioned earlier, epilators work by plucking out hair from the roots beneath the skin. This leaves a smoother skin surface, and since the roots are destroyed, hair takes much longer to grow again. In addition, the hair that grows is much thinner than before.  

On the other hand, shavers cut hair at the skin’s surface, leaving a relatively rougher skin and the hair grows much faster. In addition, the hair that grows after shaving is thick and coarser than the previous.

Therefore, it is quite clear that epilators offer better results in terms of smoothness and durability hence are more effective than shavers.

Hair Length

The two devices also have different requirements regarding how long the hair should be to successfully remove it. Typically, an epilator is most effective when the hair is at least 0.25inches in length. On the other hand, a shaver can cut the hair at any length, even that which is closer to the skin.


An epilator can cost you between €26 and €180 depending on the quality of the device, brand, and the features offered, but there are no other costs once you’ve bought it.

Electric shavers, on the other hand, are cheaper, ranging from about €8 to €80. However, you will need to replace the blades now and then.


Vanessa Hudgens is certainly one of our fave ladies for style. Her look is totally chill and casual, and if I tried to pull it off I'd probably look like I just got out of bed…

However, the leading lady has gone through TWO major hair changes in the space of a day.

She told InStyle last week: "I actually just texted my hair stylist saying I want to do something fun… So we'll what happens."

Well, what happened is that one day her hair was RED and long:


Via (@ gypsybanessa) #vanessahudgens

A photo posted by Vanessa Hudgens Snapchats (@vanessahudgenssnapchats) on

And the next day is was short and blonder:


New hair thanks to @riawnacapri @ninezeroone #bronzey

A photo posted by Vanessa Hudgens (@vanessahudgens) on

Which one do you prefer? We have to say we're digging the red! But of course, Vanessa can pull off anything.



It's one of the most defining 'will I won't I' hair moments in a gal's life: continue with same, old long style – or be brave and go for the chop.

And it seems that Rochelle Humes has embraced the latter option – cutting her trademark flowing tresses into a shorter, sexier bob.


I've been brave today

A photo posted by Rochelle Humes (@rochellehumes) on

Suffice to say, however, that The Saturdays's singer has certainly made the right choice: she looked all sorts of ah-maze-ing in an Instagram snap she shared with her fans.

First showing a pile of long hair on the hairdressers' floor, she next posted an image of her revamped look – with numerous commentators commending her for taking the plunge. 

The 26-year-old mother-of-one seemingly also inspired plenty of others to do the same. 

"I'm getting mine cut similar to this nxt week I'm fed up with long hair," stated one fan, adding: "I'm crap at styling it so may as well cut it off lol." 

"I love this!! I've always loved this cut I think maybe after next summer i might cut my hair!" reported another.

Hmmm, we feel a major trend coming on.

Ms Humes, who has been married to JLS singer Marvin since July 2012, had her locks tended to at the George Northwood salon in central London's swish Westminster. 

Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is also a client there.



Your hair style will always be something that is totally unique to you. 

Saying that, it's also something that can make you feel fabulous or make you feel like total rubbish. 

Either way, there comes a time when you have to change your style, and these signs might be your little last push:

1. You still have The Rachel

Yes, we know it's a great hair style, but there comes a point when EVERY style should pass.


2. Your roots have taken over

Ah, we've all been there. But when they become really noticeable, it's time to make that appointment. 


3. You spend ages trying to style it… and then throw it up in a bun

The bun and ponytail are our best friends and there's nothing wrong with wearing one, just not every single day. 


4. You look back on photos from 5 years ago and your hair is the exact same

This is not a good sign. Yes, we know if it ain't broke and all that, but there's no problem with altering it a slight bit. 


5. Someone tells you look just like your mother

Run to the hairdressers!


6. You can visibly notice your split ends

You NEED a trim, whether you like it or not, you're hair is just getting damaged at this stage. 


7. You comment on everyone else's hair do'

Forget about the rest! Love your own hair style.


8. You keep saying that you're think of changing it

We know it can be hard and scary to go for the chop, but just do it – you'll thank us when you have a great new style!



She the adorable only daughter and youngest child of pretty much the hottest couple on the planet – so it's no surprise that Harper Beckham is quite the cutie herself.

Indeed, and although she's still only four, she's become something of a mini-fashionista in her own right, certainly giving North West and Penelope Disick a serious run for their stylish money.

Key to the little one's look, of course, is her mop of gorgeous blonde hair – which at this stage reaches down to her bum.

Now her dad, David, has spoken of his love of her look, stating that he simply won't allow a barber's scissors anywhere near her locks.

In conversation with Yahoo! Style to promote his new H&M campaign, the former footballer revealed: "About a year ago, my wife said, 'Maybe we should cut Harper’s hair.' 

"And I was like, 'No! We need to grow it. Do. Not. Touch.'"

In fact, despite now being four – a birthday she marked in July – the youngster has NEVER had her hair chopped. 

"Since she was born, we haven’t cut it," David admitted. "That’s why it’s pretty much down to her knees."

Noting that his mother, Sandra, used to be a hair stylist, the 40-year-old furthermore revealed that she sadly didn't pass on any tips to him. Still, that hasn't stopped him from tackling his sons' unruly manes.

"I do cut my sons’ hair from time-to-time. When they have a buzz cut, I do it.

"If I have to use scissors, the boys know not to ask."



As bizarre as he is brilliant: Mehmet Gunes is a canine stylist based in Paris (where else?).

Thankfully for the rest of us, he also frequently posts videos and pictures of his 'clients' on social media. 

His grooming specialities range from huge hounds to teeny pooches.

Most prominently featured are lots of adorable pomeranians – of which we frankly just can't get enough of (there's even a grumpy cat in there too).

A warning before you proceed, however: these guys are so cute and fluffy you may just shed a little tear of joy…


This little pom is so happy to be getting a haircut

But were not so sure how this cat feels about his new leg warmers 

Having the time of his life while getting a blow-dry 

This oversized pup looks just a big cuddly bear

This kitty has no interest in being pampered

And we cannot deal with how cute these furry pals are

Lady in red bow tie 

Rocking a Rainbow Brite tail 

A trio of gorgeous guys  

We're fascinated by this canine fascinator 

 … And the man of the hour himself with another happy client



Vanessa Hudgens has done the unthinkable and cut off all of her long mermaid hair!

The actress posted a before and after of the chop, writing: “Goodbye mermaid” before showing off her new look, saying: “And then this happened … always make me happy … meet my summer alter ego miss daisy.”

Her new bob has that same ombré bob Vanessa loves, and we have to say we think it is very cute!

What do you think of Vanessa’s new look?






Yikes – we really hope Lindsay Lohan is ok!

The Mean Girls actress was spotted out and about with very sore looking cuts and bruises covering her legs yesterday.

Yesterday was Lindsay’s 28th birthday, but it didn’t look as if she was enjoying the day much as she hung out in NYC.

The actress has been front page news again this week, as it has been revealed that she is suing the computer game Grand Theft Auto due to one of their characters that Lindsay says is based on her.






Ooh, Ellie, we love it!

Ellie teased fans yesterday by posting a photo of her long hair with the caption: “Saying goodbye to my long hair.”

And she did just that! She later showed off the shorter style with a photo, writing only: “omfg.”

Only earlier that day she had shared another image of her beautiful long blonde hair done in a pretty loose braid.

Ellie, we aren’t going to lie, we thought you were going to go for a bob!

Perhaps she is slowly working up the courage, we would love to see her with a cute choppy bob.






Emma Stone looked as stunning as always on the red carpet recently – but is that a new hairstyle we see?

The actress was dressed in a beautiful nude Prada gown with edgy lining and just the right amount of side-boob on show.

Her hair was cut into a short choppy bob with a cute fringe – though we aren’t convinced about the ombré red into blonde colour.

Emma is often seen with many different hair colours such as a deep red or blonde. This seems to be a middle ground of both and we’re not sure we like it!

Do you like Emma’s new hairstyle?