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The world is obsessed with fidget spinners at the moment, and there isn't a kid in the country who doesn't have one of these nifty little toys stashed in their pencil case at this very moment. 

The toys have been adopted by the online beauty community, with MUA James Charles using the spinning gadgets to create a killer contour. 

Now, YouTuber Bunny Meyer, or Grav3yardGirl as she is known to fans, has incorporated them into her hair care routine. 


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Out of curiosity, the YouTuber decided to test the toys to see if they could be used like hair rollers to create luscious wavy locks.

She ordered a bumper-pack of 100 of them, but only ended up needing 18 to complete the hair care trial. 

Starting off with wet hair, Bunny wrapped small sections of hair around each curve of the spinners.

Using bobby pins to hold the whole thing together, she blasted the look with a hair dryer to set it. 


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The result?  

Well, it actually kind of worked if you're into Kesha-eaque wavy locks. 

However, Bunny did comment that the toys were a literal pain in the neck thanks to their weight.

Check out the final look for yourself; 




We all know the deal when it comes to curling our hair, it's a never-ending process. Ugh.

You finally get half-way through and then completely dread having to do the other half. Right?

Well, Good Housekeeping have spotted this hair hack and we think we're in love with it.

It's pretty simple too – all you need to do is tie your hair up really high on your head into a pony.

Then, split your hair into two or three parts (if you want loose curls – if you want tight curls then split your hair up about six times).

Next, as usual, curl your hair around your wand and keep it there for a few seconds. 

And then, just take your pony out *gently* and tousle it with your fingers to make it fall the way you want. 

We are never ever curling our hair the usual way again.



There is something about Lauren Conrad’s hair that leaves us feeling slightly jealous – well, it is perfect all the time!

Thankfully, the former The Hills star shared a video tutorial on her blog, so now everyone can have her gorgeous curls!

While some of the techniques Lauren uses look a little tricky and ridiculous (if we are being honest) she makes it seem so effortless and easy, that we just can’t resist copying the look.

Now all we need is her blonde hair, California glow and uber-chic style and we could be twins!


S! TV’s Beauty Expert Odette shows us ladies how to achieve the perfect head of curls using a hair straightener, ensuring beautiful hair in no time!