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OMG! This may be the cutest baby we have ever seen. Baby Chanco is already fierce and fab at just 7-months-old.

Her gorgeous head of hair has stolen our hearts, and she is officially our new #hairgoals! 

Her Instagram @babychanco is labelled as her ‘hair diary’ and already has over 130,000 followers.

Yes, a baby has more followers than you, but can you blame them? We could spend all day scrolling through her precious pictures.

Baby Chanco lives with her mother, Mami, in Japan, where her mum loves photographing her in different poses that show off her beautiful, lengthy locks.

Mami runs her daughter's Instagram account, updating fans with more adorable photos as often as she can.

When asked what prompted Mami to start the account, she told HuffPost: ‘When she was born she came out with a LOT of hair.

‘We wanted to document it since we thought it will be fun.’

The family was surprised to see Baby Chanco born with a full head of hair and have called her ‘unique’ during the interview.

They hope her photos can bring joy to everyone around the world, and they certainly are!

You can follow @babychanco for all the latest adorable photos of Chanco and her stunning mane.

She is definitely our new Insta obsession!



So, the weather is slowly getting better, and sure, there's a grand stretch in the evening.

Typically, this is the time of year where many of use make a little change.

Weather it be a hairstyle, signature scent or even a lipstick colour – Spring is a great opportunity to try something new. 

With that, we noticed that loads of famous faces have been getting the chop lately, and opting for a nineties bob.

We LOVE it. 

Anyway, this kind of haircut is totally synonymous with the glory of the nineties. 

A blunt, short bob, that was rocked by everyone from Drew Barrymore to Winona Rider (usually paired with a choker and some form of velvet).

There are a number of ladies giving this chop a go, and we applaud their boldness.

I genuinely wish on a daily basis I had a face that could pull of a bob, but lord in heaven I do not. 

You know who does though? These fine females:







If you, despite your best efforts, generally struggle to create a topknot larger than a chickpea on a good day, you might find it difficult to feel anything but envy over an eight-month old baby girl who needs a daily blowdry due to the sheer volume of her barnet.

But don't worry, we're with you on that one.

Hitting the headlines today, Maya Rattab (hereafter known as Maya With The Good Hair) has given everyone in SHEmazing! HQ serious hair goals after we clapped eyes on a series of shots which showcase her stunning locks.

Commenting on his daughter's unique look, Adam Rattab said: "Her hair is constantly growing, it just hasn't stopped. Everyone – even Annabel [her mum] – said her hair will start falling out around the back as she gets older, but it hasn't."

Maya, whose hair has reached bob-length in just eight months, has a daily routine which sees her parents blowdry and style her hair so she can get down to standard baby gal business.

"She wears it in a top knot a lot, but it can get quite messy," Adam explained. "She's teething and always dribbling, so her hair gets wet and gets in her way, which is why we like to keep it out of her face or put a clip in it."

"It just gets messy, so we have to wash it in the bath pretty much every day. It takes a while, and we have to use a hair dryer because a towel just doesn't work properly. If we left it to dry naturally she would be there forever, just cold and wet."

And if you think Maya might struggle with the necessary routine, think again.

According to her pop, she loves nothing more than the daily pammper sessions, with Adam adding: "She loves staring at the hair dryer and tries to put her face in front of it."

"She sits there patiently while her hair is brushed. We like to put it up in a knot but she sometimes has plaits around the sides which lead into a ponytail."

Ladies, can we all take a moment for the wonder that is Maya's 'do?!


The Internet has given us all sorts of crazy trends in the last few years but as random as this latest one is, it’s also completely awesome.

Anyone with long hair will know the relief of letting it hang loose at the end of a long bunned-up day and the new “bun dropping” movement is pretty much the ultimate expression of that experience.

All over Instagram girls with SUPER long locks are posting slow motion videos of themselves as they release their hair from loosely held buns and the results are nothing short of totally mesmerising.

Check out some of our favourite bun drops below.


Британское издание Daily Mail обратило внимание на новый тренд в Инстаграме: девушки публикуют видео, на которых распускают свои длинные волосы. Пользователи Инстаграма женского пола (впрочем, попадаются и мужского) публикуют короткие видеоролики под хэштегом #bundrop, что с английского переводится как «распускание пучка». • Вся суть видео сводится фактически к тому, что девушки с длинными волосами, стоя, как правило, спиной к камере, распускают их из пучков, иногда накладывая эффекты, чтобы падающие локоны смотрелись более эффектно. Получается что-то похожее на то, что часто можно увидеть в рекламах шампуней по телевизору. • А вы не испытываете потребности показать, что вы тоже не лыком шиты? В смысле, знаете толк в шампуняк, от которых волосы становятся длинными и шелковистыми? • #волосы #интересно #интересное #starsleak

A video posted by Бывший @secrets_of_celebrities (@starsleak) on


Today is my Bday! So I made a video for you  my hair is frizzy, curly and wavy from the sea breeze not very silky at the moment, but the waves were great and the ocean so nice! Oh and turn on the sound for additional happiness  bun drop for #rapunzelatheart by @haselnussblond & @haartraum but just too long for Instagram – I will try again  #mermaidhair #longhairinmotion #verylonghair #bundrop #hairgoals #holistichealth #hairinspo #hairgoals #hairoil #beauty #hairinspo #luxyhair #thatsdarling #sexiesthair #bohohairstyle #bohohair #naturalliving #growinglonghair #curlyhair #curlygirl #auburn #thickhair #mermaiddiary #mermaidlove #bblogger #beautyblogger #rapunzel #disneybound #reallifearielle #cabello #highbun

A video posted by Zoey (@growbeyondyourlimits) on

Feat image: unrealitytv.co.uk


Of all the reality stars in Chelsea, E4’s Jess Woodley easily has the most admirable sense of style. 

From her choppy blonde bob to her endless supply of dungarees, she is one of MIC’s more alternatively dressed cast members and with that look she has gained herself a pretty impressive following.

Since we are obvious fans of pastel hair trends here at SHEmazing! HQ, you can imagine our excitement upon spotting Jess’ recent uploads – a set on photos in which she has perfectly PEACH coloured hair.



I Look creepy af but hair is  the one and only colour queen my @harrietmuldoon @bluetitlondon

A photo posted by Jessie (@jessicaannewoodley) on


The reality star’s hairdresser Harriet Muldoon told Look that since last October she’s been adjusting Jess’ golden locks towards a more bleached style. 

Because of Jess' complexion they felt the peach shade would be a good colour to experiment with and, by the looks of these Instagram posts, we have to agree.



Killer jacket @diesel  @selectmodelmgmt #drive photo by @luke__storey

A photo posted by Jessie (@jessicaannewoodley) on


Could you do ours next please?


Remember being a kid and wishing you could have pretty pink hair?  Well it seems now really is the time to do it as yet another high profile star has taken the plunge and gone pink.

Maleficent star Elle Fanning has joined the likes of Ellie Goulding, Cara Delevingne and Rihanna by injecting a bit of pastel perfection into her ‘do and it is quite possibly her best look yet.

The American actress took to Instagram last night to reveal her new look with a selfie captioned: “Dusty rose hair.”


Dusty  hair: @justjenda

A photo posted by Elle Fanning (@ellefanning) on

Like us, Elle’s followers seem to be pretty taken with the change with one fan commenting: “Finally #DreamColour I always wanted to see this colour on you.”

While another excited user went with: “SLAYYYYYYY YASSSS BEAUTY QUEEN.”

Our thoughts exactly!



Who knew tying your hair in a bunch of knots could be SO cool? That's what hair stylist to the stars, Sarah Potempa created when she did this gorgeous braid for Buzzfeed, and frankly, we are obsessed.

It looks totally complicated but it's really simple when you break it down step by step:

Loop braids

This is literally just tying your hair in knots and it's beautiful.// Hair styling: Sarah Potempa

Posted by BuzzFeed Style on Sunday, 8 November 2015


First, start with a triangular section of hair from your hairline going back to your crown – just like you would with a regular French braid. 

Next, separate that section of hair into two pieces and tie them in a knot tightly. 

Once that's done, hold the two ends in your right hand and pull another section of hair from the left side of your head to create another knot.

From there,hold the ends of the two pieces of hair you just knotted in your left hand and grab a section from the right side of your head to create another knot.

Then continue this on both sides until you come to the end. And viola! a deadly braid in under two minutes.