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Heineken Ireland have announced the final stage times for the 'Live Your Music' stage at Electric Picnic, and yet another international headline act. 

We are being well and truly spoiled by EP this year, and we are delighted to announce that Maya Jane Coles is your latest headliner.

The British music producer and DJ is best known for her massive techno beats, as well as her skills for writing, producing, arranging, mixing, artwork design and performing all elements of her tracks.


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Coles is a hugely exciting addition to the Heineken 'Live Your Music' line-up. She's played gigs at the Tate Modern and was even sampled by the Duchess of rap, Nicki Minaj herself. Her CV is top quality, basically.

The stellar line-up of artists include German DJ and producer Tensnake, London production duo Dusky; homegrown talent Erica-Cody, PrYmary Colours and George Feely.

There's also an Ibiza Classics set incoming from Live Your Music legend Davey B, karaoke fun with the hilarious Sing Along Social and floor fillers from Live Your Music resident DJ Marcus O’Laoire. 


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The Heineken 'Live Your Music' Lounge can be accessed by EP's Heineken 'Live Your Music' members if you need to rest the legs and have a cold brewsky before returning to the festival dancefloor.

For the chance to win tickets, access to exclusive areas and events, and to discover music that moves you sign up to Heineken 'Live Your Music' online here.

Electric Picnic is almost here, taking place at Stradbally in County Laois from August 30 until September 1.

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Today, HEINEKEN Ireland announced that it will return to Electric Picnic on August 30 to September 1 at Stradbally Hall, Co. Laois with Live Your Music and it’s ready to be the shining light in music lovers’ festival experience. The unique soundscape created by Heineken® Music, will showcase the incredible power music has to bring people together, featuring DJs, MCs, live music and collectives from the worlds of house, disco, hip-hop & indie. 

Each year, Heineken® Live Your Music, which is known for creating epic music experiences you can enjoy with friends, brings a specially curated line-up to Electric Picnic. This year is no different, as Heineken® Live Your Music presents a kaleidoscope of artists and genres, which includes German DJ and producer Tensnake, London production duo Dusky, as well as a myriad of brilliant homegrown talent. Artists include Erica Cody, Ireland’s newest R&B singer songwriter superstar, glitter loving live disco act PrYmary Colours and Dublin producer George Feely.


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There will also be an Ibiza Classics set from Live Your Music legend Davey B, karaoke room lifters from Singalong Social, and a setful of floor fillers from Live Your Music resident DJ Marcus O’Laoire. 

This year’s area is an enormous structure on two levels, with a glass roof that will keep festival-goers dry but let them dance beneath the sun and stars. The immersive and interactive light show has been reimagined for 2019 which, combined with the state-of-the-art sound system, make Live Your Music the most impressive festival stage in the country. 

Live Your Music members can access the Live Your Music Lounge where they can give their legs a rest while having a cold Heineken® before getting back to the dancing crowd to share the most epic festival experience going. 

Music fans can join the crowd and sign up for exclusive experiences at: www.heinekenmusic.ie, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


May 4 saw Ireland's biggest, brightest and best influencers take to the Mansion House in Dublin for the inaugural SHEmazing! Awards.

James Butler was up against fierce competition in the Man of the Year category, but walked away with the title on the night.

'I was shocked when I got the nomination because it's unusual not to be nominated for something social influencer related, obviously it's unusual to be nominated for anything, so it was cool to be nominated for something other than that, and I was in great company so I did not think I would win,' he said. 


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'I was thrilled (to be nominated), and then to win on the night was just fab, I think it took me a while to get up off the seat,' he exclaimed, recalling the moment he was named Man of the Year at the SHEmazing Awards ceremony. 

James has enjoyed a hugely successful career in the areas of Irish TV and social media influencing, taking up a unique space in the industry thanks to his hilarious, creative and entertaining content. 

Not just one for Snapchat, James kicked off his social media career by starting a style Instagram, posting outfits and style inspiration, before he decided to start a blog on the subject.

His blog was a hit success after much hard work, and led to opportunities with brands and TV shows like Ireland AM's blogger style-off segment and Xposé fashion reports.


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As his following built up, he started doing more TV bits for RTE, including videos for First Dates and covering the Rose of Tralee for their Facebook Live.

'It hasn't been an overnight thing, it was lots of little different things that just came together, and thankfully worked in my favour so far,' he said. 

Discussing his influencer success, he said: 'Not everyone will like everything, so the key is to keep ticking away as you are but keep an eye on what your followers like.'


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'A bit of a cliche, but take each day as it comes as they say, and don't ret on your laurels and become too complacent.' 

The influencer industry has a reputation for being highly competitive, thanks to the thousands of influencers and micro-influencers who all share a space in a now saturated online field.

However, James hasn't found that the social media movers and shakers he has encountered entertain that kind of attitude.  


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'I would say it's quite supportive and I say that because I think the reason that influencers might be where they are is because they're not like other people.'

'Those that try and copy wouldn't do as well because why would people want to work with someone that there already is a version of?'

'There isn't really the room for any bitchiness because it doesn't really get you anywhere. Just be sound, that's what I say.'


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The avid Snapchatter cites the career opportunities awarded to him with help from his following as one of the best perks of the job. 

'The best part is the opportunity that it leads to so it's led to a good bit of TV work for me, brand work, fashion work that I might not have gotten if I didn't have a following that I have, it's opened doors.'

Unfortunately, there will always be those who seek to demean and troll influencers who put their personal lives online. 


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'Because you do expose yourself to so many thousands of people, you might get some smart comments here and there, luckily I don't get too many, but you would get the odd one about your appearance or your weight.'

'But they're one in a million. You just need to forget about those, maybe be angry for 30 seconds and then be like "ah feck it they're saying it behind a keyboard they won't say it to your face."'

Hear, hear, James, hear hear! 


After the absolute disaster that was the Pepsi/Kendall Jenner ad, most companies would probably shy away from inserting politics into their campaigns.

However, Heineken is stepping up to show us exactly how it is done. 

The beer brand's latest ad put two people of opposing political beliefs through a variety of situations, before revealing to the other what they have said about issues they hold close to their heart. 

There are three pairings chosen for the ad experiment. 

The first pair sit on opposite ends of the feminism debate, with the male counterpart believing that feminism is an excuse to engage in 'man hating' and 'misandry.'

The female in this situation is staunchly feminist and believes there is still work to be done to improve women's rights. 

The second pairing is made up of two men who have opposing opinions on climate change. 

One guy thinks that climate change is a minimal issues, which should have less of a focus in society.

His experiment partner feels that climate change is seriously important. 

In the final pair, a man and woman have opposing views on a very personal issue. 

'You're a man, be a man, or you're a female, be a female,' he says.

The woman in this situation is transgender.

All of the couples are made to do team building exercises, and share quite a few details about their lives.

In the end, the pairings opposing beliefs are revealed, to initially awkward but ultimately heartwarming results. 

Check it our for yourself: 




These Irish legends thought they were simply showing off their skills to one single camera…

Little did they know that Heineken had arranged a whole audience of onlookers to watch them perform their talents!

Watch their faces as the curtain lifts and they realise what they have set themselves up for.