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Best-selling cookbook author and lifestyle blogger Roz Purcell has collaborated with Just Eat to create a tasty new vegan burger for Electric Picnic.

The Natural Born Feeder has co-created the limited edition burger in partnership with festival fave Box Burger, alongside Ireland's leading food ordering and delivery app.

Even better news: You can have your chance to win sold-out VIP camping tickets by tapping the Just Eat app.

The burger is made in partnership with head chef Mitch Clarke from Box Burger, and served exclusively from ‘Flavourville’ at the Just Eat Retreat.

Roz’s limited-edition menu offering includes a delicious satay patty with sweet mango slaw served in a fluffy vegan brioche, and we're drooling already.

The Just Eat Retreat is celebrating its sixth year at the festival, with Box Burger, Platform Pizza, Daata and Arctic Stone all joining the foodie fun.


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Roz’s gorgeous Vegan Box Burger is just one of the specialist cuisines topping the Flavourville bill, but we're possibly the most excited to taste the dish.

Arctic Stone, Ireland's first and finest hand-rolled ice-cream, will be serving up a host of gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan friendly flavours, while Platform Pizza deliver a slice of plant-based heaven with their Vegan Pizza. 

Roz describes the meal as the ultimate festival feast; 

“I'm so excited to be partnering with Just Eat and Box Burger for this year's Electric Picnic festival.  As a big lover of Box Burger’s vegan menu, a fan of Just Eat and a regular Electric Picnic festival goer it’s so exciting to be able to order something at the festival that I've created. The burger is delicious and whether you're vegan or not, you'll love it!”

Back by popular demand, the Just Eat Picnic Porters will be stationed at the entrance of the Stradbally site to help guests bring their belongings from the car to the campsite.

Once again, all voluntary tips and donations received will go towards Just Eat's charity partners; Peter McVerry Trust.

Last year, picnic-goers generously donated over €800 of vital funds to the organisation.

Just Eat is also giving 10 lucky customers the chance to win a pair of VIP weekend camping tickets to Electric Picnic (which is sold-out as you may have heard).

Find the VIP Pass to Flavourville in your Just Eat order and you and a friend will be heading to Stradbally in style.

Simply tap the Just Eat app for breakfast, lunch or dinner delivered straight to your home or office from now until Thursday 22 August and be in with a chance to win.

The line-up this year is looking sweet, savoury and spicy; All you need to do is order a meal to possibly snatch tickets worth over €300? Damn, that sounds delish to us.


Irish model, foodie blogger and fitness expert Roz Purcell has posted a message that, we think, everyone needs to read today. 

Purcell has been a long-standing agent of body positivity, having suffered with the pressure to have the perfect body presumably for her entire modelling career.

With Love Island on our screens for the next eight weeks judging physiques and placing emphasis on the Greek God image of bronzed and toned bodies, it's important to remember that they are only displaying a miniscule picture of reality.

The vast majority of the country does not fit into their notion of an 'ideal' body type, and their lack of body diversity and racial diversity is fairly shocking.

Roz expressed her own views in an Instagram post, and we love her for it:


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She captioned the lengthy post:

"Few things. Love Island is hitting our screens tonight; let's remember its a selective representation of the female body and I would say the pressure they must feel to live up to the ”perfect body” before entering the reality TV SHOW world is horrible.

"The fact they HAVE to wear bikinis all day until they are allowed put clothes on for the evening. The stress," she added.


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She continued, opening up about her moment of clarity on the beach;

"Went to go for a swim today and obviously with the weather it was jammers  I think about the fear I used to have (sometimes still get) about stripping off into a swimsuit/ bikini, walking past people feeling just shit and insecure about my stretch marks, cellulite jiggly bits. Walking backwards into the sea."

"It was the fear of what people thought more so than what I thought about them." Fear holds a huge amount of us back from enjoying our holidays, and it's not fair.

Image: iNEws

"What to remember when I feel like this…. No one cares or notices and if they do, if they care about my bits (that are not part of this perfect image portrayed by society) then they're dicks.

"You deserve to run about in a swimsuit, jump in the sea, dip in the pool, not be bleeding boiling on holidays. Don't let anyone tell you different (even your own head )." Roz concluded.

She's dead right. While we can all enjoy reality television if we want, we have to recognise that it's about as far away from reality as possible.

Body confidence takes time and energy, but figure out what empowers you. If Love Island makes you feel self-conscious or down, it's time to switch off.

Feature image: Instagram/@rozannapurcell


KBC and WellFest are returning to bring Europe's largest outdoor health, fitness and wellness festival all around Ireland on a summer tour.

Which city is next on their wellness pop-up list? Cork Showgrounds, Curraheen. 

Corkonians will get a real taste of what WellFest is all about on July 6, with experts such as Karl Henry, Roz Purcell and Derval O'Rourke set to feature.


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Tickets to the Cork wellness event are now on sale, and those who attend can look forward to leaving the place feeling refreshed and inspired to put health first.

The pop-up has the most incredible line-up, involving some of Ireland's biggest names in the health and fitness industry.

Bestselling cookery author, personal trainer and host of podcast Bite Back, Roz Purcell, will make an appearance. The nation's leading personal trainer, broadcaster, and host of The Real Health podcast, Karl Henry, will also be a guest.

We're so excited to see Olympian, world champion, bestselling author and coach on Ireland's Fittest Family, Derval O’Rourke on the panel. She's an absolute queen.


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Tom Dalton, founder of TD Fitness, will also be on the discussion panel, as well as Damy Redmond of Platinum Pilates; The Coaching Circle; mobility expert Brian O’Loughlin of Movement 101 and yoga and meditation instructor Lee Tracey.

Some of the highlights from the day includes a wellness panel with the three line-up stars, Pilates with Damy Remond, bodyweight HIIT with Tom Dalton and a slow yoga flow and meditation with Lee Tracey to wind the day down with relaxation.

Self-care, self-belief and resilience will also be a prime focus of the day thanks to The Coaching Circle. It's guaranteed to inspire you to progress yourself, a bit like The Fab Five from Queer Eye.


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The WellFest Summer Tour hosted a sold-out wellness pop-up event for 500 lucky visitors in Salthill, Galway recently.

The tickets to the Cork day are highly limited, and are available now for only €20 on wellfest.ie. Cork WellFest will occur from 10am until 3:30pm in the Cork Showgrounds.

In 2019 alone, Wellfest has attracted over 10,000 people to it's life-changing event, which promotes a healthy lifestlyle both physically and mentally. This year looks set to be the best yet.

Feature image: WellFest.ie


by Sarah Magliocco & Kate Brayden 

Roz Purcell is leading tha charge when it comes to incorporating wellness – for the body, mind and planet – into her lifestyle. 

The capability to create a life that places personal wellbeing, activity and the benefit of the environment makes the model and foodie the ideal ambassador for WellGood 2019. 

WellGood – a free 21-day programme, featuring tips on nutrition, mindset, fitness and yoga designed to help the nation improve their overall health and fitness – kicked off this week, and you can sign up to join the programme here.

Ahead of the healthy living launch, we caught up with Roz to get her feedback on all the things can can impact your wellbeing in modern society: 

What has drawn you towards WellFest specifically, and why is it different than any other health and fitness events?

Well, first of all, I've been to a lot of wellness events and what makes WellFest stand out is always the atmosphere and their luck with the weather. It was also the first of its kind in Ireland so it has had a huge following from the start and to see how it's grown is just fantastic.

Can you tell us more about the KBC & WellFest WellGood programme and your role in the programme?

The KBC WellGood programme is always amazing to be involved in. I get so much out of it as it's a fantastic way to get ready for the event and through my collaboration with the other ambassadors. I'm covering the food for the KBC WellGood programme so I have created easy recipes for everyone! There is something for you, whether you love a bit of meal prep, fancy a treat or love having friends around.

Your career encompasses a huge amount of variety, are there any other areas or industries which you’d like to break into?

Oh that’s a tough question!

My main passions are recipe developing and fitness but I guess one area I've never really tried, but I love, is photography. I shoot a lot of food and landscape but I would love to focus on it a bit more this year and maybe one day shoot my own cookbook!

How would you define ‘beauty’?

I understand for everyone this definition is very different but for me, my definition has definitely changed with age, I guess coming from an industry that was very much aesthetic focused you can get consumed by what you're told is beautiful in that world. But, once I grew up a bit, I realised more than ever beauty is defined by personality, confidence and warmth and it really has nothing to do with anything physical at all.

What is your advice to someone who has zero experience of fitness, diet and wellness but wants to start fresh with a healthier lifestyle?

Make small changes over periods of time, don't try to jump in all at once. Know the reason you're starting this and come back to that reason every time you think about just throwing in the towel.

How do you think wellness can aid mental health, and why do you think mental health issues in Ireland are on the rise?

Well, I'm no psychologist but speaking from my own experience it has a huge impact on me. I definitely feel better overall when I am eating well and exercising. Once again, I'm not an expert on this but my guess is that as a society we are just speaking about it more openly now. There have been some fantastic mental health ambassadors breaking the stigma to start the conversation, therefore it's not hidden like before.

How positive a light do you view social media with? Do you feel under constant pressure to keep updated with posts and blogging?

No, you can find the good and bad in anything. I choose to focus on the positive side to it. If I want to take breaks from it, I do without questioning. Everyone is far more aware that the majority of social media is a load of BS and not reality, so as long as you take it with a pinch of salt.

How did you begin your blogging career?

I started back about 7 years ago now, I think. At the start, I used my blog as a way of keeping recipes as I was finding that I had lost so many recipes without having a purpose to share them.

I also started Natural Born Feeder to share my own food and body struggles as it was during my blogging years I started to try to get help.

How would you begin a blogging career in 2019 versus when you first began?

Same way – if it's your passion that will show and grow and if you have values you'll last.

How adept at you at handling criticism and negative comments online?

I grew up modelling, I'm pretty good at taking criticism. No one likes negative comments but in this day and age, it's so easy for people to type mean things from the safety of their laptop.

I guess, depending on the comment you probably need to be able to distinguish if it's a fair comment because no one gets things right all the time, or if it's just someone being nasty for the sake of it.

What Irish social issues do you feel most connected to?

Well come on, that's a bit shitty to just pick one? I think as a woman I'm pretty good at multitasking and fighting for multiple issues. I speak more about climate change on my social channels as I discuss food waste and personal impact but that doesn't make me feel less connected to the homelessness crisis or fair healthcare. 

How do you maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle, and do you think this type of lifestyle is niche or do you see a trend of food, wellness, health and beauty blogging moving towards being more environmental-focused?

It's great so many influencers are trying to seed it through.

However, it's really up to policymakers in Ireland to make it a priority and stop burying their heads in the landfill.

Last year Ireland ranked one of the worst performing countries in action on climate change in the EU, I think everyone should lobby their local TD's to make sure climate change is on their agenda.

You can sign up to make a lifestle change with WellGood 2019 here.


It's Eating Disorder Awareness Week, and to mark it's passing, celebrities and influencers alike have been bravely sharing their stories of struggling with food, body image and disordered thinking. 

Irish model, influencer and healthy living advocate Roz Purcell has taken to Instagram to share a message of support for her followers struggling with how their view their bodies, and detailed her own story of disordered eating. Roz added a side by side image of her figure a number of years ago, alongside an image of her now. 


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'The girl on the left looked at her body as something that was purely for show never once did I think how well my body held all my organs in place or was in anyway grateful for my health,' she wrote in the caption.

'I resented it, I punished it, binged, threw up, purged, on repeat, while pretending everything was fine. I used to always just think this was me, this was just how I would always be towards my body and food……but thankfully that's just not true.'

'I feel sad looking back, I wasted so many years putting myself down, missing opportunities and worst of all not being me around my friends and family.'


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Roz opened up further to her followers, saying that she sought therapy in order to regain a sense of autonomy over her body.

'Reaching out for help through therapy, it made me realise how lucky I was and how important it was for me to change and start being me again.'

'And I hope this week has brought some awareness and help to those who need it. I wish I could go back and talk to my younger self sometimes, but I can't & I guess that's why it's good to talk about it now so maybe even one person will go ask for help.'


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We're certain that Roz's honesty with her following will help spo ,many people out there who are struggling. 

If you or someone you know is having difficulty with and eating disorder, contact BodyWhys as Roz reccommends, on 1890200444. 


innocent has come to save our withered, bloated, worn-down January bodies.

Responsible for the most fabulous smoothies that are both tasty and healthy, innocent have now teamed up with Roz Purcell and the results are amazing.

Roz, who is a bestselling cookery author and entrepreneur, knows what she's talking about when it comes to healthy recipes.

The 28-year-old has created four delicious dairy free recipes to celebrate innocent's dairy free range launch.

These recipes will put a fresh splash in your bowl – and they contain no more than five ingredients.

They are as follows:

innocent Dairy Free Oat ingredients: Oats, Spring Water, Sea Salt.

innocent Dairy Free Almond ingredients: Almonds, Spring Water, Sea Salt.

innocent Dairy Free Hazelnut ingredients: Rice, Hazelnuts, Spring Water, Sea Salt.

Innocent Dairy Free Coconut ingredients: Coconuts, Rice, Spring Water, Sea Salt, Plant Fibre.

It's the start of a new year, so what better time to try something new?

The four recipes, made from scratch, are Baked Almond and Blueberry Oatmeal, Chickpea, Sweet Potato and Spinach Coconut Curry, Easy Spotted Pancakes, No Bake Chocolate Hazelnut Squares.

Our mouths are watering.

Roz said, ''I’m a huge fan of a dairy-free drinks – for me, I love the taste and how they work with my recipes. When creating dishes using the range, I wanted to show that trying something new doesn't have to be daunting and that it can fit easily into your lifestyle.''

She continued, ''With up to only five ingredients used in each of the new range, these recipes are a great way to get cooking in 2019. Just try them yourselves they're simple and delicious!"

Her first recipe using innocent Almond Dairy Free is Baked Almond and Blueberry Otameal and is now available via Roz’s healthy eating blog Natural Born Feeder, and on innocent.ie.

innocent’s Dairy Free range is now available in Tesco, Dunnes selected Eurospar nationwide, along with selected Fresh and Donnybrook stores for €2.79.



The 10 Year Challenge has been doing the rounds on social media, in which people share two snaps of themselves side by side, one from 2009 and one from 2019. 

The 10 Year Challenge has become popular with celebs and normal folk alike, and if yiu have been on social media over the past 24 hours, you cant have missed it.  

Irish model turned influencer Roz Purcell has taken to Instagram to share her own aging snap, and it's absolutely gas. 


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The gym loving model is currently living it up on a trip to Bali, so for her 2019 side of the snap, she chose one of herself enjoying her holiday, flower in her hair, cuddling  a very cute little doggo.

However for her 2009 shot, she posed along side someone altogether very different.  

Giving her best 2009 pageant pout, Roz is standing alongside none other than the current POTUS Donald Trump. 


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'I'll just leave this here……#10yearchallenge here's to better company' she captioned the snap. 

The image is a relic from Roz's days as a pageant queen, after she represented Ireland in the Miss Universe pageant. 

The vent was held in Las Vegas in 2010 (so almost 10 years) and Roz came in 7th place. 



Irish model is living it up in Bali for the festive season, but took the time to pen an empowering message to her Instagram followers about self love – specifically, the importance of accepting your stretch marks.

Roz detailed how she originally thought her stretch marks were cool as a pre-teen, but society's beauty standards quickly changed how she viewed them as she grew older and her body continued to change. 

'I remember the first time I noticed my stretch marks probably like 11 or 12, I was like i don't remember my cat scratching me,' she wrote, jokingly. 


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'A few months of noticing more and more I was like this is so cool I have all these reptile markings no one else has & showing them off.

As i grew up, went to secondary I realised it was something I shouldn't think was so cool or show, no one in magazines had them I never noticed them on anyone else, it was not normal or considered beautiful.'

'Even now it’s rare you see an unedited photo in a magazine I'm like how is that girls butt so smooth.'


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Roz admits that only recently has she become confident enough to wear clothing that reveal her stretch marks without worrying about what other people think.

'It hasn't been until now the past two years I can confidently walk passed someone in a bikini or shorts and not cringe inside thinking that they're probably looking at all my stretch marks and cellulite,' she wrote. 

'Maybe it's age( most likely) but you realise if someone is doing that they're 1. A nob 2. A nob. Stretch marks are normal, we all have them, big or small they're part of me & they're here to stay!'


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Roz also detailed that she would not be trying to get rid of her stretch marks any time soon despite that being advised to her.

'Got a few replies on stories early like you know what you need to do to get rid of them ”x, y&z” sorry babes I don't have time or the dedication to massage my but in some super oil for 30 mins before bed sure I’d slip out onto the floor,' she sassed. 

Faire dues to Roz for speaking out about stretch marks – particularly at a time like Christmas when people are certainly feeling more aware of their bodies ahead of the anticipated societalhealth kick of January


Roz Purcell has taken to Instagram today to literally give the middle finger to bullies and body shamers. 

The model and fitness fan posted a snap of herself in the F-You pose after someone commented on her photo criticising her figure – most specifically, her bum. 

The recipe creator was having absolutely none, and hit back in her caption. 


A post shared by ROZ PURCELL (@rozannapurcell) on

'Just a gentle reminder of what a normal butt looks like on here,' she wrote. 

'I was inspired to write this post by some guy who felt the need to comment on my shape. I posted a photo where I was laughing aka back not arched in the stereotypical Instagram booty pic( which I have nothing against, you get it girl & I've done it myself) to which he said you should do more squats.'

'Firstly, never comment on someone's shape regardless if you think a girl should have a big bum / small waist/ less muscle/ gain weight/ lose weight or whatever, it's their body & also you don’t know their story/journey.'


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'Secondly let me just say I'll be the first to admit genetically I'm all front and no back (easy quad gains) and for your information I do train my glutes & all posterior chain to balance out my physique & prevent reoccurring IT pain.'

'So go ***k yourself & next time you're scrolling on Instagram or in a gym don’t feel the need to comment on what you think would make them more aesthetically pleasing to you.'

Hear hear, Roz!



When she's not inspiring us to hit the gym and eat right, Roz Purcell is posing up a storm in  a series of stunning outfits over on Instagram. 

Last night was no exception, as the fitness influencer and model celebrated her birthday at The Drury Buildings, where iconic online brand Nasty Gal was showcasing their new A/W collection. 

September dressing can be tricky, but Roz's Nasty Gal ensemble was the ideal way to incorporate autumnal trends into a still summery look.


A post shared by ROZ PURCELL (@rozannapurcell) on

Plaid is always in for Autumn, but if you're not ready to drown yourself in heavy layers of it, Roz's Dionne Plaid Dress is the way to go. 

Currently on sale for €24.00 over on Nasty Gal, the checked mini dress is the perfect transitional piece. 

Rounding off the look, Roz added her black Miu Miu Club Matelassé bag slung around her waist, a favourite of hers if her Instagram is anything to go by, and kept the Autumnal vibe going with a pair of subtle sock booties. 

Picture: Brian McEvoy

Her gorgeous sister Rachel rocked an off-duty model look, pairing black skinny jeans with a casual denim jacket and a lace up crop top. 

Made in Chelsea stars Frankie Gaff and Jessica Anne Woodley, along with fashion trendsetters and influencers Chloe Lloyd, Cairo Dwek and Yasmine Chanel flew into Dublin for the soiree. 



At a time when Instagram has set up some very unrealistic lifestyle and body expectations, it#s refreshing to hear a strong female role model speak out against social media comparisons and body positivity. 

Irish beauty Roz Purcell has taken to her page to share with her 225,000 followers her thoughts on feeling insecure in an online world.

After sharing on her Instagram story that she was moving past feeling insecure about stretch marks and cellulite, Roz shared more of her personal insights into body positivity and breaking away from the virtual world to focus on the real one. 


A post shared by ROZ PURCELL (@rozannapurcell) on

'I know I went on a little rant about social media yesterday and I think all of you agreed that sometimes you end up putting down your phone feeling shit about yourself.'

'It happens all of us and it’s so important that if that happens you take time to tell yourself that you are worth more & comparing yourself to someone from little tiny snippets of their life isn’t realistic.'

'Social media is great in a lot of ways and we need to remember why it started to be social with people – of course people are mostly going to post the good stuff that’s going on and you have to remember that.'


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Roz outlined how she makes mindful time in her day without social media. 

'I set this challenge over on stories this morning and it’s something I do 1-2 times a week. I have to reach somewhere before I check any social channels…before I click on Instagram,' she said. 

'It lets me decide how I start my day rather than going on social straight away and seeing posts that might or might not end up making me feel crap.Take that time for you and stop to rub all the dogs you pass.'

'For a lot of us our insecurities are based on what others might think of them – ***k that no one gives a shit and if they do “its cliche” but it really is their problem. We can get really caught up in our flaws.'

Highlighting her own insecurities, the model explained that she has spend years hating parts of her own body, before realising that acceptance of our bodies is a key component to health and wellbeing. 


A post shared by ROZ PURCELL (@rozannapurcell) on

'I’ve spent years hating parts of me – which sounds silly cause it’s part of me and it’s not going anywhere so you have to stop and learn to love them,' she wrote. 

'I remember I used to moan about my legs all the time being bigger than my sisters until my mum said- you need to stop and think of the positives sure aren’t they great legs for cycling and I was like yeahhhh you’re right they are.'

We'll be taking a tip from Roz and ditching our data usage before 9am . 


Still on the hnt for the perfect Christmas gift for that fashion fan in your life? 

Rummaging through the wardrobes of Roz Purcell and Darren Kennedy might be the answer, right?

Well this weekend, you could get the chance to do just that. 

The pair of Irish sartorialists are hosting a Christmas market in The Fat Fox this weekend. 

All proceeds from the sales are going directly to the Capuchin Day Centre, which provides over 700 meals per week to the homeless and impoverished. 

'Find the perfect gift for you or your loved one, with gorge clothes, beauty, grooming and makeup products on sale and help us raise funds for the homeless this Christmas,' reads Darren's post on Instagram.

There will be menswear, fashion, beauty bits and skincare on offer.

If you're interested, the market will kick off this Sunday from The Fat Fox's location on Camden Row. 

Starting at 12 noon and finishing at 3pm, it's the perfect way to spend the afternoon while contributing to a very worthy charity.