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Electric Picnic is only nine days away, and Casa Bacardi have finally released their stage times for their stellar line-up, featuring Detroit Swindle, Heidi and Mark Knight as headliners.

Support will be provided by Boots & Kats, Riff Shop, Get Down Edits, Magnier, Adult Store and Jimmy Rouge, so it's set to be a wild ride.

Soaking up that party atmosphere has never been easier since the arrival of the award-winning Casa Bacardi stage, where Latin street-culture meets music lovers.



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DJ and producer Jasper James is kicking off opening night at the stage, warming up the crowds at 8pm with his off-kilter house before Friday's headliner Heidi takes to the stage at 10pm with a highly-anticipated set.

Toast House residents Adult Store will perform at 2pm, Orange Tree Edits DJ and producer Jimmy Rouge at 4pm and disco-house duo Get Down Edits at 6pm to round up the daytime acts.


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Dutch duo Detroit Swindle will hit the Casa Bacardi stage on Saturday from 10pm, taking time out from their worldwide tour.

JORDAN will be on at 12am, who will bring us into the early hours with his underground house mixes. Main support on the night comes from disco and funk-duo Boots & Kats at 8pm, who offer a distinctive sound to any stage.

House of Disco founder Magnier will be on the decks at 6pm, with day-time support from RTE 2FM star Tara Stewart from 1:30pm, Mix + Fairbanks from 3pm and Dublin faves Riff Shop bringing their energy at 4:30pm.


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Music heavyweight and producer Mark Knight will close out the sold-out weekend from 10pm on Sunday, supported by DJ legend Al Gibbs.

Electric Picnic will take place from August 30 until September 1 in Stradbally, County Laois.

The festival sold out almost immediately this year, so any gigs will be special to witness. Check out the Bacardi bartenders making the weekend's tastiest cocktails to match the summer sounds.



You’ve found yourself in a very awkward position – you cannot stand your best friend’s boyfriend.

So, where do you go from here? Or where can you go?

Here are some things to do when you find yourself hating on your BFF’s new boy.

Is it really him?
You need to figure out if you really don’t like him, or you just don’t like the idea of him. It may seem petty to be jealous but a guy on the scene will mean you see your friend less, so it’s understandable. Just be aware that this is your issue – not his. It’s up to you (and your friend!) to make sure your friendship stays strong.

Make the effort
It can be easy to dismiss someone at the smallest thing. If he said something stupid, or did something he shouldn’t have, try to understand he may have been nervous about meeting the BFF and this isn’t how he normally is. Give him another chance.

Time to talk?
So, you did all that and he’s still a jerk? Oh no… It’s time to get serious. It’s really important to remember that how your BFF sees her boyfriend is NOT how you see him. She’s in love – he’s an Adonis. Try asking her about the relationship; how it’s going, how she feels about him, that kind of thing. If she asks you what you think, voice your concern but in no way make her feel as if she needs to make a choice between you and her boyfriend. Think lines like: “I feel he’s a little rude, but maybe I just haven’t gotten to know him ENOUGH yet” rather than “he’s a rude so-and-so, I hate him”. See the difference?

Lauren Conrad didn't…

Make a plan
If you just can’t stand him but your friend is in love, we’re sorry but you may just have to deal. However, ensure you and your BFF have lots of quality time together alone, thus cutting down on time with her other half. Don’t make it too obvious though…!

If you are ever in doubt for your friend’s safety when it comes to her relationship, it’s time to speak up, and loudly. Check out the website 2in2u.ie on what you can do to protect your friend. 



The Hills star Jennifer Bunney got married to her fiancé Tayor Dunphy at the weekend, and Heidi and Spencer looked delighted to be part of the celebrations!

Heidi shared a photo of herself and Spencer in a photobooth from the wedding, and gushed: “Best wedding ever! Congrats! You look stunning! Love you!”

Jennifer’s dress was simply stunning – congratulations! 




Here are the types of guys that every girl will encounter during their lives at one point or another:

1. Overly attached
We’ve all had this one, the one that’s constantly texting you and Facebooking you to see how you are. At first, you really do like all the attention and affection, but after a while it really gets annoying and starts to creep you out. You know you have to break up with them, but you’re worried they will go crazy when you do.


2. The slob
When you first meet them, they scrubbed up pretty well and actually made an effort. Two months into the relationship they’re are so comfortable in your presence they don’t care how they look. Anytime you go over, the house is a mess and their wearing  sweatpants and a t -shirt that is way to big for them.


3. The best friend
You were drunk one night and sparks flew and  thought it was a great idea. Everything went downhill from there and you didn’t even last two weeks. You know each other so well that it’s unbearable being boyfriend and girlfriend together. All you want is to just go back to being friends again.


4. The model
They are way out of your league and you count your blessings when you’re with them. Eventually you realise how vein they are and how they have absolutely no personality. They’re amazing in bed and you can say to the grandchildren when you get older “I tapped that”, if you have that sort of relationship with your grandchildren?


5. The gym freak
They basically live in the gym and are constantly obsessing over how many carbs they had today and the amount of protein bars they ate. You always see them in sweatpants/yogapants and earphones in. They have a cracking body, but they spend more time in the gym than they do with you.


6. The car lover
They spend all their time,  money and effort on their baby, meaning their car. They are always upgrading it and getting new parts. They can never miss an episode of Top Gear and if they actually put as much time and effort into the relationship as they do with their car, you would probably still be with them.


7. Dumb and Dumber
They aren’t the brightest tool in the shed and when someone tells a joke, it takes them forever to get it. In fairness, that wasn’t the reason you got with them in the first place, but every now and then you wonder if they actually ever went to school because of some of the stuff they do is just tragic…


8. The asshole
When you first  meet them you like their attitude and how they don’t take shit from anyone, but over time you realise how bad a person they actually are. They are constantly giving out about someone and things turns bad for you if you don’t agree with who they hate.


9. The psycho
You mistake their psychotic tendencies for being a person with great energy. They’re always the first to do something crazy on a night out and after a while of being with them, they start to request to do weirder and weirder stuff in bed. They’ll end up doing the most outrageous things to show much they love you.

sammi-sammy-jersey-shore-crazy-gif10. The shy one
On the complete other end of the spectrum is that really shy person that for some reason or other you’re attracted to their shyness. You know they’re completely genuine and you don’t have to worry about them cheating on you. Although, they never voice their frustrations or talk about how they feel so you don’t really know where you stand.


11. The scab
When it comes to birthdays and anniversaries they really live off the saying it’s the thought that counts.  They say that they‘re broke, yet they  got a new phone last week. When it comes to presents, the furthest they go is getting you an empty card, not even a scratchcard…


12. The alcoholic
They are always great to be around on a night for and hour or two but after midnight they go way overboard and they will drink anything and everything. You’re the one who has to deal with the carnage after a night out and the one who pats their back when they’re puking on the street.


13. Mr. Forgetful
They can’t remember when you got together and they’ll always forget your birthday…


14. Suave and sophisticated
They have an undeniable swagger and sophistication about them and you are pulled in by their lore. Whether they’re a man or woman they will always be polite and courteous. They can be quite forward sometimes and they say exactly what they think of you. Sometimes you just don’t want to hear the truth.


15. The cheat
The less said about this one the better. You always had a sneaky suspicion that they were up to something behind your back. Their dubious texts, strange behavior and denial of any wrong doing. Of course, there is really only one thing to do in this situation….. Revenge?

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They were besties we could relate to for years until the scheming Spencer tore them apart.

Have you ever wondered if Lauren and Heidi kept in touch after her surprise appearance at Heidi’s wedding way back when?

Well, Lauren revealed all to Joan River on E!’s Fashion Police recently.

When asked if she is still close with the better half of Speidi, Lauren replied with an ambiguous, “Very”.

Hmm, we’re not sure if it was meant to be sarcastic or not but we’d like to imagine it’s true and that the girls are still in touch!

Oh, how we miss The Hills drama!