Great fashion often comes form taking great risks…unless you decide to buy a bin bag from ASOS.

No, we're not joking.

The online retailer is selling what can only be described as the bag you put rubbish in…for €29.80.

Because we all have thirty quid to spend on what we can get in Lidl for a fiver. 

The garment is made of high-shine black vinyl in an extremely tight fit.

While Kim K might rock it, us mere mortals would look like we're dressing up fo Halloween or that we've run out of clean clothes.

A plus-sized garment, it's available in sizes 18-28, and described as "high-shine vinyl for when you're feeling slick".

People are not impressed with it – and took to social media to rant about it. 

One said, ''ASOS sale delivering the hottest styles yet again.''

While another wrote, ''Aint being funny but who the f*ck would order this from Asos???''

Our sentiments exactly. 

Feature image credit: ASOS