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Kim Kardashian has opened up about her 2019 Met Gala look, and the tortuous pain it brought her. 

The Thierry Mugler dress involved waist-shrinking, tight undergarments which left "indentations" on her back and stomach, with the star saying of the corset; "I have never felt pain like that in my life."

The high fashion soirée often involves uncomfortable looking couture outfits donned by celebrities aching to reach the Best Dressed lists, but the reality star seemed to go too far with her own look.


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In a recent interview with WSJ. Magazine, the beauty and fashion mogul opened up about the impossibly painful Mr Pearl undergarment, and shut down rumours that she'd had ribs removed to fit into the frock.

Regarding those ridiculous whispers online, she said to the publication; "I don’t even know if that’s possible." Wearing the outfit sounds like tough going, though. 

"I’ll have to show you pictures of the aftermath when I took it off- the indentations on my back and my stomach," she added, referencing the horrible effect the garment had on her body.


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How long the indentations lasted wasn't said by Kardashian, but they don't sound like a party. Corsetier Mr Pearl created the body-hugging piece, which was met with criticism for promoting "unrealistic beauty standards" and "an unnatural figure".

Kim's personal trainer, Melissa Alcantara, defended her after the gala, and emphasised the work which the reality star puts into her body.

"Kim trains her ass off 6 days a f*cking week, she wakes up early AF and is dedicated," she wrote in on her Instagram Story. 


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The entrepreneur has also just released her first shapewear range, controversially named Kimono despite having nothing to do with Japanese garments.

The KKW Beauty founder launched a 'solutionwear' line but had to rename the venture after backlash against the culturally insensitive name.

The new moniker hasn't been revealed yet, but she has announced her Sooo Fire make-up range featuring a 10-pan metallic eyeshadow palette, three eyeliners and three lip glosses with a new formula.

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Well, it's officially over between pop star Dua Lipa and her chef boyfriend, Isaac Carew.

Just 18 months after they reconciled, the singer has called it quits due to her 'hectic schedule', and Carew wasted zero time before he unfollowed her on social media. Oh dear.

The 23-year-old Grammy winner split with her 33-year-old boyfriend before, and dated LANY frontman Paul Klein afterwards before ending things to return to Isaac Carew.


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She began dating the model-turned-chef originally back in 2013, and they remained a strong couple for three-and-a-half years.

The New Rules and IDGAF singer later got back together with Isaac in January of 2018, but The Sun are reporting that Lipa had been struggling to find time to see her boyfriend.

An insider said: “Dua and Isaac have really struggled to see each other since getting back together. They wanted to make things work and things were great between them for a while but she is just getting busier and busier."


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The source continued;

“She is gearing up to release new music and has basically been performing across the world non-stop for the past three years so it’s been tough. It’s been a difficult decision but ultimately they haven’t been able to make things work.”

The British star was recently named as the new face of YSL Beauté's new fragrance, and was in Paris the other day with close friends.

"Friends when you need them the most," was captioned on her Instagram story, alongside a video of her best pal. Meanwhile, Carew posted a brokenhearted Instagram story, and he's definitely hurting:

Image: Instagram/@isaaccarew

The handsome chef has been by her side for essentially her entire rise to fame, and was her date for the Met Gala last month.

The Sun reported last year that Isaac had been grinding with a stranger in a club, and the song that played was One Kiss by Dua and Calvin Harris. The neck.

He wrote on Instagram after their relationship was rocked with cheating claims: “I wouldn't want you to think that Dua is in a relationship with someone who doesn't love and respect her. She wouldn’t stand for it."


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He added; “There was no kissing and I'm disappointed at myself for even dancing for a brief moment given the way it was portrayed. It was a loud club and I was talking to her in her ear."

“We are very happy being back together. We spent three and half years happily together with loyalty and love and we never broke up in the first place because we had problems like that.

“We broke up because of scheduling conflicts and not being able to be together. Luckily our skin is tougher and love is stronger than this.” Her recently busier schedule has presumably been the final nail in the coffin.


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Following the release of her record-breaking self-titled debut in 2017 which spawned numerous bangers, Dua is expected to release her sophomore album soon. 

We hope the pair are doing okay, break-ups are hard enough without your life already being in the spotlight.

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There's no doubt about it, Miley's got the best of both worlds. Between living her home life on a farm with gorgeous hubby and actor Liam Hemsworth one minute to gracing the Met Ball red carpet the next; she can live two lives.

Why is that familiar? Well, rumour has it…Miley has brought Hannah Montana back before our very eyes.

At the Gala, the singer showed up to the lucrative event in a short, edgy green and black Yves Saint Laurent minidress. She looked incredible, but many were surprised that she wore such a low-key look.


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The #lewk may seem laid back to some, but one eagled-eyed Twitter fan spotted that the dress bears a STRIKING resemblance to a former Hannah Montana outfit back in the day.

Is Miley an actual genius, or are we just being paranoid? The Party in the USA idol recently cut her hair for a throwback vibe, and she looks absolutely gorgeous.

Her fabulously glam, angular YSL minidress is all kinds of fun, as well as her colour-coordinated hubby. Who knew that this entire time, she's been channeling her iconic teenaged character?


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The fan  @godneysbjs captioned the Instagram photo; "I knew this looked familiar," pointing out that we HAVE seen this outfit before and weren't going crazy.

The apparel is basically the same and we have officially been bamboozled by Miley again. How could the world miss a Hannah reference sneaked in? She's got new music coming out soon. so it would be the perfect promo opportunity.

As one Instagram commenter said, "Now that's camp." If this is truth, she totally nailed the Met's theme this year.

Feature image: Instagram/@mileycyrus


Ah, The Met Gala. Nobody really knows what exactly happens at it, except Anna Wintour being passive aggressive.

From Lady Gaga changing outfits four times in 15 minutes to Shawn Mendes carrying Jared Leto's imitation head, with a theme like 'camp'; how could there not be hilarious moments?

Here are our top tweets to give you a giggle on fashion's most royal day of the year. 

red carpet good job GIF by Robert E Blackmon

1. Fenty Beauty backing up Bad Gal RiRi's absence:

2. Zendaya KILLIN' the Cinderella trope, even down to the glass slipper:

3. Miley Cyrus didn't cause the stir that most people expect of her…

4. Celine Dion being Celine Dion:

5. What even is 'camp' anyway? 

6. The heteros not making enough effort on the runway:

7. Tan France and his 'make an effort' meme:

8. Lady Gaga SHUTTING SH*T DOWN and evoking some…interesting…responses:

9. Rihanna's absence? She's busy with indie boys:

10. Never forget Jason Derulo's fall:

11. The gays were up in arms over the level of camp brought:

12. Invisibility is the new camp: 

13. The disappointment…camp heroes turned down the camp on the ONE DAY they needed to turn it up?

14. High School Musical cast be killin' the game:

15.  Oh Shawn, you tried your best honey:

16.  He's wearing grey sweatpants? The neck:

17. Your only true enemy is yourself:

The hilarity is still ongoing, and we are so grateful to the Met Gala for bringing some absolutely outrageous outfits each year. If only for us to have a good laugh at.

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Let's not lie to ourselves, we are all GUSHING over the whirlwind romance that's sweeping Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra off their feet.

They are both stunning to look at, and no one can deny how in love they are. Since meeting at the Met Gala in 2017, it's been no secret that they enjoy each other's company, to say the least.

Now that they're engaged, and Priyanka has that WHOPPER of a Tiffany & Co. ring on her finger, we feel it's time to learn how their relationship really started.


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Turns out, Nick Jonas sent her a message before their MET Gala date in 2017 simply saying "I think we should connect." Very LinkedIn of you, Nick.

When the duo attended the elite fashion event in May 2017, they were invited to sit at the Ralph Lauren table together, but weren't an item yet.

 They weren’t actually official until May 2018 but by July, the duo were engaged to be married.

So let's get the dirt, how did he go from being her Fashion Forward date to future hubby? Following Chopra's NYC bridal shower, she gave us a few deets on their romance and we are LAPPING it up.

"Just being in the whole situation of finding somebody who can be a partner to you in so many more ways than one is amazing, so yes I'm very excited," she mused. Ugh, they're too cute.

In a separate interview, when asked about her singer fiancé, Priyanka gushed that the key to their relationship is all about a dose of Aretha Franklin's fave thing: respect.

"By that, I don't mean makes coffee for you, not that," she clarified. "But someone who respects the hard work you put into your life."


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The bride elaborates that, for her, a respectful person is someone "who respects that if his work is important, so is yours. Or if he makes choices that are important to him, so is your opinion. That's respect, and that's incredible to have."

Their relationship sounds hella healthy to us. We're so happy for them, but where's our formal text message and Met Gala 2019 date?

Asking for a friend…



While the exquisite sea of gowns and Katy Perry’s enormous pair of wings were the main event at last week's Met Gala, attendees did not disappoint in delivering heavenly beauty moments.

Enter, American royalty, Ariana Rockefeller whose dreamy ethereal beauty look exquisitely complemented her pale pink duchess satin custom couture gown by renowned designer Elizabeth Kennedy. 

Inspired by this year's exhibit, "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”, Ariana’s longtime friend and celebrity makeup artist Nicole Bryl, looked to create a romantic and luminous beauty look.


“To set the tone, I have been repeating key words to myself: ethereal innocence, untouched beauty, petal soft tones and pure love (Juliette)”. The result, angelic beauty, a clear take on the the divine and otherworldly. 

Bryl’s key to achieving Ariana’s radiant glow is her 4-Minute Anti-aging Treatment + Perfecting Serum. “Nothing works better to prep and prime the face before any makeup is applied.” The angelic flush on Ariana’s cheeks, gentle contouring and neutral colour palettes achieved the night's celestial  look. 

And here's what happened next: 


  • Clinique Stay-matte 15 
  • Makeup Forever's Ultra HD—Invisible Foundation 
  • Estee Lauder Creamy Ivory double wear camouflage makeup for face and body
  • Lancome Effacernes waterproof concealer
  • Kate’s Magic Venus Oil
  • CLE de pau loose powder
  • Mac Studio Fix N5


  • Soft & gentle mineralised skin finish
  • MAC pink swoon & melba blush
  • Stila's bronze highlighter  



  • Origins Ginzing brightening cream eyeshadow 
  • Clinique's Los Smoothie eyeshadow
  • Demolition Urban Decay razor sharp long wear liquid liner
  • Urban Decay 24/7 radium waterproof eyeliner
  • Urban Decay glide on eye pencil corrupt for the inside of eye
  • Surratt Lie-de-vin eye shadow


  • L’Oréal voluminous black waterproof mascara
  • Elite #18 brown Strip lashes 
  • Ardell duralash knot free naturals medium black individuals 
  • Duo – dark tone adhesive 


  • Maybelline 530 hot sand matte
  • Dior addict – 259 ultra

Best bit? We know all those brands, and they're all pretty much affordable! 

If you need us, we'll be spending the weekend perfecting this look! 


So unless you've spent the day under a large rock, you will have been spammed with countless images from last night's Met Gala. 

The theme of the event was 'Heavenly Bodies' – a tribute to Andrew Bolton’s brilliant exhibition, which displays fashion inspired by Catholicism, as well as never-before-seen treasures from the Vatican archives.

And while the celebrity contingent were decked out in religious-esque attire, one particular attendee stole the show. 

Cardinal Timothy Dolan attended the Met Gala, and was papped on the arm of Donatella Vesace, Amal Clooney, and even Anna Wintour. 

We can't deny, from the moment we saw Cardinal Dolan's smiling face – we were intrigued. 

So, we did a bit of research, to find out how a man of the cloth gets himself invited to the hottest party of the year. 

Timothy Michael Dolan is an American cardinal prelate of the Catholic Church. Appointed by Pope Benedict XVI, Dolan serves as the tenth and current Archbishop of New York.

Image result for cardinal timothy dolan


Dolan is widely known for his conservative values and charismatic media personality, and was named by Time as one of the "100 Most Influential People in the World" for 2012.

Anyway, we're not entirely sure who invited the Cardinal to the Gala, but were sure he was there representing the religious element.

Looked like he had a fab night!


Last night, the famous Met Gala took place in New York City.

The 70th annual Ball was themed Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.

As you can only imagine, the style on display at this year's event was amazing (and sometimes a little outrageous!) 

From insane baroque numbers, to actual angel wings, the celebrity guests went all out.

So with that, I made a lil quiz, so you can see which iconic look is you all over.





The queen of coo-girl style, Kate Moss looked like a vision at the Met Gala.

Opting for a fallen angel inspired mini-dress, Kate rocked a pared-back look compared to many on the red carpet. 

Her laid-back interpretation of the theme, Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, meant that her ensemble stood out in a sea of gold-embroidered tulle and heavily embellished head pieces. 


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Kate donned a Saint Laurent LBD from the design house's SS18 line.

The short hemline was classic Kate, but it was the upper feather accent that really made it a showstopper. 

We've found a few dupes for the dress on Pretty Little Thing, and we're adoring the fluffy, fun frivolity brought by the feathers. 

Off the shoulder dress €21.00, Satin feather dress €42.00, Velvet plunge neck dress €42.00 

Onr eof the stunning pieces comes in at just €21.00 if you want to get Kate's look on a budget. 

If you happen to have won the lottery recently, you can snap up Kate's exact dress for a casual €7,900.00 from Bergdorf Goodman




Last night, the world's judgmental eyes were on the sartorial stylings of celebs on the Met Gala red carpet. 

With the statement theme being 'Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,' plenty of cebes went all out in angel wings, rosary beads and religious iconography. 

Kylie Jenner made her red carpet debut since the birth of her first child Stormi, and while she didn't exactly emulate the theme of the night, she looked sleek and elegant. 


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 The 20-year-old got a bit of slack for her simple look, but while she may not have been screaming 'Catholic imagination' her figure certainly looked heavenly in her slim cut black dress. 

The most stand-out aspect of her gown was the cut out under her breasts (under boob is very in at the moment to be fair). 

The cut was a welcome addition to the swathe of black velvet, and while her dress was branded as boring by much of the fashion press, we think it's the most wearable of the night. 

Boohoo Jian Bandeau Cut Out Detail Midi Dress €10.25

Seeing as we wouldn't be able to don a giant Pope's hat on a night out, we can definitely rock an under boob cut out. 

This Boohoo dress would fit any occasion, and is a steal at just €10.25 in the sale right now. 

Velvet Cut Out Bow Midi Dress €17.00, Nicola Cut Out Maxi Slinky Dress €16.00, V Bar Cut Out Detail Midi Dress €27.00

We also love these cut-out dresses, sadly not in the sale, but still completely on budget. 

Happy shopping gals.


The Met Gala is one of fashion's biggest nights out, with the guest list hand curated by Anna Wintour herself. 

The celebs come out in force, adhering to the theme of the evening and oozing amped up glamour. 

There are always style hits and misses, but this year it was a beauty fluff-up that had everyone talking. 

Selena Gomez stepped onto the Met Gala red carpet in a stunning layered Coach gown, complete with lace accents. 

However, it was her orange, sticky-looking tan that caught the internet's attention.  

Selena looked a little bit too tangoed for her spray tan to be un-clockable, but hey, we've all bee on the receiving end of a liberally laden tanning mitt, haven't we?

Here's what Twitter had to say, and it wasn't pretty: 


Earlier this week, actress and model, Cara Delevingne stepped out at the Met Gala sporting a fierce, silver-painted bald head.

The bold look was met with mixed reviews online, but as always, Cara had the perfect response for her critics.

In two recent Instagram posts the star explains her disgust with mainstream beauty standards.

She wrote, “The more we embrace who we are as people and rely less on our physical attributes, the more empowered we become. Beauty shouldn't be so easily defined. It is limitless.”

Another post showed a candid picture of the model which had been shared by a number of media outlets. 

She wrote, “Its exhausting to be told what beauty should look like. I am tired of society defining beauty for us. Strip away the clothes, Wipe Off the make up, cut off the hair. Remove all the material possessions. Who are we? How are we defining beauty? What do we see as beautiful?”

Bald or not, Cara continues to admirably challenge society's 'ideal' beauty standards and we fully support her message.