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An 18-year-old Belfast man has accidentally become the JAMMIEST teenager in the universe.

Dane Gillespie cashed an £8,900 cheque from his granny into his Nationwide account the other day, only to see that there were some extra 0's there that could light up anyone's world.

Basically, he was an absolute millionaire, with a cool £8,800,000 in his possession. For a day, at least…

Dane's mother was interviewed by Belfast Live about her son's bank balance, and it's pretty gas.

"We couldn’t believe it. My son thought he was a millionaire for a few hours. Next minute my husband messaged me with the photograph of his bank account details. It took me a wee while to click," she said.

"He’s going to me, ‘I’m gonna order a Porsche’ and I said, ‘Don’t be daft, that’s not our money, we need to get this sorted," she laughed. That lad has expensive taste…

His mother talked some sense into him;"It was like that for a good few hours. For an 18-year-old being a millionaire for the day, he just can’t believe it. He just wanted to go out and spend, but if you do then you have to pay it back."

"He thought all his birthdays came at once this morning. It’s mad," she finished. Unfortunately for Dane, Nationwide corrected their mistake ASAP, so his good fortune didn't last long.

In a statement to MailOnline, a spokesman for Nationwide said:

"The customer paid the cheque in at the branch and unfortunately the wrong amount was keyed. The error was noticed straight away and the balance was corrected in a matter of seconds."

"While the amount was shown on his balance, cheques do not clear straight away, so the funds were never in is account. Sadly he may have to wait a little longer to buy the Porsche he wants," they joked.

Savage stuff, Nationwide.



Cash continues to be the most popular method of financial transaction, but an upward trend in contactless payments shows that cash may not be on top for long. 

Cash represented 44 per cent of all transactional payments made by consumers in 2016, according to UK Finance.

Less than 4 per cent of business transactions were made in cash. 

According to the data, contactless cards are becoming more and more popular, especially with millennials. 

Over the next ten years, the number of cash payments is set to decline by 43 per cent. 

Currently, 10 per cent of  25 to 34-year-olds make one or none cash payments each month.

'It is clear that over the past few years we have witnessed a significant shift away from cash use in this country with contactless cards undoubtedly causing a decrease in the use of notes and coins,' Adrian Buckle, chief economist at UK Finance told Breaking News.

'However we don’t believe that the UK is on the verge of becoming cashless, as some reports have claimed.'

'People will always want to choose the payment methods that best suits them and, for the foreseeable future, in lots of cases that will continue to be cash.'



We'd all like to have a little extra cash money on our hands, and one girl has discovered how to make Tinder a profitable endeavour in both the romantic and financial sense.

Maggie, from the USA, has come up with a crafty way to make some money from her matches, and it's pretty simple really. 

The college student simply changed her Tinder bio and the money came rolling in. 

Her bio requests that her matched send her five dollars, or around €4.60.

When the match asks her what the five bucks will get them, she gives a pretty elusive answer.

Maggie says "send it and find out" and provides them with her email associated with her PayPal account.

Pic: Twitter/ Maggiearch3r

The bio started as a joke, but Maggie quickly realised that it was a pretty nifty way to make some quick cash. 

"It's really a foolproof plan, because I'm not actually promising anything, I just say 'see what happens,'" she told BuzzFeed.

"A surprising amount of men take the bait," she said, which is evident when you look at the screenshot of her PayPal account that she posted to Twitter. 

 Pic: Twitter/ Maggiearch3r

So what does happen when a match send the five dollars? Well, Maggie promptly un-matches with them.

"Some men get creepy and assume if they offer a lot more, like hundreds, something will actually happen, which of course it doesn't," she said.

"I figured it was too funny not to share. Also, I wanted to give more women this idea to share the wealth."

Other women have actually tried out the ploy for themselves, some to great effect.

However, Tinder bros are catching on, as another women in the comments of Maggie's tweet gave it a go and got reported, leading to her Tinder account being deleted. 

Technically she's not doing anything wrong as she never promises the matches anything, but we're not sure the lads would feel the same way. 

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!



It looks like Apple users will now be able to pay by cash, card… or phone.

Yep, Apple Pay launches in Ireland today after test trials were carried out in the US and the UK.

And the US and UK users seemed to be pretty happy with the new feature, as it saw a 79 per cent satisfaction rate.

Image result for apple pay

It seems like a lot of businesses are also hoping on board with the new method, as Dunnes Stores, SuperValu, Lidl, Aldi, Centra, Marks and Spencers, Insomnia, Apple Green, Boots and Harvey Norman have all signed up to offer the service to customers.

Ulster Bank’s Director of Customer Experience and Products Maeve McMahon said “Customer-centric innovation is really important to Ulster Bank, and Apple Pay will make mobile payments even easier for our customers.

"They will be able to pay for goods and services anywhere contactless payments are accepted, using their iPhone 6 or later or Apple Watch.

"We know from talking to them that they’re really excited about this announcement and that it’s an important part of our drive to be the number one bank for customer service, trust and advocacy.”

It seems like this could be the way forward.


You know that delighted feeling you get when you order a takeaway only to learn on arrival that you’ve been given extra food?

Well, imagine how you’d feel if your delivery came with $5,000 in cash.

After ordering chicken wings from Domino’s in San Jose, a Californian woman discovered that she had accidentally been given a container full of cash instead of her food.

But while most of us would take the 5k and head straight for the shops, honest Selena Avalos contacted the branch from which her food had been sent and alerted those working there of their mistake.

According to The Sun, the popular pizza chain rewarded the Spacetel Wireless manager’s honesty by offering her free pizza for a year.

And just for being a good person, Selena’s boss gave her a paid week off work.

GIF: giphy.com



If you're buying food today, or trying to top-up your Leap Card, or pay a bill you might run into a spot of trouble if you're a Bank Of Ireland customer. 

That's because the bank is experiencing 'technical difficulties,' and a lot of its cards simply aren't working. 

Twitter today has been flooded with frustrated folk who claim that they're unable to access funds via ATM withdrawals or electronic visa debit payments.

The institute said in a statement today: “We are aware some customers are experiencing technical difficulties using their visa debit cards. Please be assured we’re looking into it, and apologise for the inconvenience.”

The Irish Times reports that Bank Of Ireland’s stock was the worst hit by Brexit on the Irish stock market on Friday, having been down 25 per cent at one stage. Bank Of Ireland takes close-to a third of its earnings from the UK.



As if Louis didn't have enough to handle with his new baby and career, the One Direction star has just rescued a couple who were stranded abroad after a horror road crash.

Britsth tourists Rhys Skyes and Sarah Liddle were backpacking around Vietnam when they crashed their motorbike on Valentine's Day and Sarah was left with a broken leg which left them unable to fly home.

The couple issued a crowdfunding campaign to try fly them home so Sarah could undergo urgent medical treatment.

According to The Mirror, Louis heard about the appeal and donated a massive sum of cash to cover the costs of their flights.

Louis is originally from the couple's hometown of Doncaster, which may be why the appeal struck him as it's close to home.

Sarah's aunt Julie said: "Louis heard about our appeal to get Rhys and Sarah home and his mum got in touch saying how upset he was to hear about what had happened and how he would like to help.

"He gave a very sizable donation to the fund and we would like to say a very big thank you to Louis and his family for being so kind."

The couple launched a cash appeal after being told a special evacuation flight would cost £15,000 (€19,350).

Sarah's jouney back to health still isn't over but at least she's at home with her family by her side. 


Any burglary can be scary, but when you're metres away from raiders stealing from your home, it can be even more terrifying.

That's what happened to Simon Cowell and his family in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Simon was burgled at his £10m (€13m) London home in the middle of the night as he, his girlfriend Lauren Silverman and son Eric slept inside. The raiders escaped with jewellery and cash worth a mighty six-figure sum, the Daily Mail reports.

They sneaked into the Holland Park property at 2.20am yesterday and after searching the downstairs of the house, spotted a key to a safe. 

The safe was completely emptied of cash and jewellery before the raiders fled as the police were called.

Simon only became aware of the situation when his personal bodyguard woke him up after the burglars ran.

Even after the stressful ordeal, Simon still made it to rehearsals for tonights X Factor and put on a brave face in front of the cameras as he waved a peace sign on his way out of the studio.



We already know how to shop online, (hell, we do it nearly everyday), but what about selling online?

Sites such as eBay and Depop are great for selling your unwanted clothes, but sometimes no matter how hard you try, that jumper or those jeans just won't sell. 

So, here are some tips and tricks for selling clothes online, and how to make the most bang for your buck:

1. Look after your items

You have to make sure to protect your leathers and suedes, stuff unused bags with paper so they keep their shape and try to keep shoes in their boxes – this way you will be able to charge a higher price. 


2. Keep proof

For some items you will need to keep proof of purchase. Knowing where and when you bought the product and what season it came from will ensure a quick sale. Also keeping authenticity cards will help you out big time for designer goods. 


3. Be aware of time

The best time to sell a piece is usually three to four seasons after it was first released, but if it was an investment/designer piece, holding onto it for a while could increase its value. 


4. Take CLEAR pictures

There's no point taking a photo of a jacket in a dark room or with a bad camera. If the buyer can't see the full piece, they will pass on it. Instead make sure your room is well lit and show as many details of the piece as you can. Also note these things in the description; fabric, pockets, zips, etc. 


5. Know the facts

Give exact measurements of the garment and set a fair price for it too. The price will depend on the season it was sold, the condition it's in and if it sold out. Depending on the piece, sell for around 40 to 70 percent of the retail price.