Fidget Spinner contouring is the latest bizarre Insta beauty trend


There has been a contouring craze sweeping Instagram since Kim Kardashian introduced the technique to the world, but now the tools used to apply the look are getting out of hand. 

We thought we'd seen it all when one MUA used the heel of a Louboutin shoe to get that sharp AF cheekbone shadow, and when that girl used her boyfriends' testicles to blend her foundation, we knew we'd had enough internet for one day. 

Now, Instagram famous MUA James Charles has introduced another unique tool for creating the perfect contour. 


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The world is obsessed with fidget spinners at the moment, and there isn't a primary school-aged kid in the land who doesn't have one of these nifty little toys stashed in their pencil case at this very moment. 

As well as being a distracting toy for the under-12 set, the contraption is apparently ace when it comes to blending a contour and highlight, as demonstrated by James. 


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The MUA used the swiftly spinning sides to meld his under eye highlight, contour his nose and create sculpted cheekbones. 

We're kind of tempted to try the tool for ourselves…