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With the huge array of brilliant make-up palettes currently blessing our lives, it can be tricky to choose the best and brightest of the bunch.

Lifestyle guru Rosie Connolly and SOSU by Suzanne Jackson have collaborated on Connolly's first beauty product, and it's absolutely gorgeous if we do say so ourselves.

'Radiant Magic' includes six summer shades with both matte and shimmer options, as well as blush, highlighter and contour.


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SOSU by SJ have teamed up with one of Ireland's leading beauty influencers to bring us the magical palette, to enhance every skin tone and bring your makeup to life.

Radiant Magic features two sun-kissed bronzers, two silky-soft blush shades and two ultra-reflective highlighters to make your face stand out from the crowd.

The shades are colour-rich and totally buildable, as well as highly pigmented. You can use the palette on both your face and body, bringing your highlight and contour to perfection all over.


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Speaking on the release, Rosie Connolly said: “I’m so, so proud of this. What a response! It’s just been mad. I’m so happy that it’s finally out and I can talk about it. I’m thrilled.”

The tones include 'Cinnamon' (warm contour), 'Espresso' (dark contour), 'Sundown' (peach blush), 'Morning' (pink blush), 'Afterglow' (champagne highlight) and 'Radiance' (rose gold highlight).

The beautiful palette is the perfect addition to your make-up bag, and is available now on SOSU by Suzanne Jackson's website for just €29.95. It's an absolute steal, nab it before it sells out.

Feature image: Instagram/@rosieconxxx/@sosu_bysuzannejackson 



Rosie Connolly recently passed the halfway mark of her pregnancy and is officially showing.

The Irish influencer shared her 24-week milestone on Instagram, revealing her adorable baby bump.


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Rosie has been completely open with her pregnancy journey, posting progress photos and updates along the way.

But this journey has been no easy feet, for the blogger has encountered her fair share of ups and downs.

She wrote: “Week 24 of this journey together, little one. You love to kick me in the ribs, make me hungry every second of the day, exhaust me on days I haven’t even done much and make me feel nauseous at the most inconvenient of times…”


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We LOVE how real she is. The beauty blogger went on to remind herself that pregnancy is a bit easier when you remember what you’re enduring it for.

“But I wouldn’t change any of these things for the world,” she continued.

“It’s a level of fulfilment I can’t describe, but my heart is so happy right now. I couldn’t want for one thing more.”


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How sweet! We’re so happy to see that the mum is enjoying her second pregnancy, as she previously mentioned how difficult experience her first one was.

In late September, she found out she is expecting a baby girl.

In a gender reveal video, her son, three-year-old Harry helped his mum pop the balloon filled with pink confetti.

We can't wait to meet the family's newest member in the New Year.


Emma Kehoe is has her own edit with dresses.ie, and we are so excited.

The fashion blogger shared the news on her Instagram this morning.

“IT’S FINALLY ARRIVED!!!!” she announced.

“The EmmaKEdit with dresses.ie has launched today!

“I couldn’t be more excited, nervous, happy & grateful to have done this with an amazing bunch of people and the lovely support from you all.”

“To think that posting my outfits & what I wear daily would get me my own edit. I’m beyond grateful and sooo super excited for you all to see.”

The collection has launched this morning, so you can be the first to snag a fab piece.

“ITS LIVE! Everything you need to nail this season's hottest trends from wild animal print to party essentials, all selected by our #OOTD queen Emma Kehoe!” shared dresses.ie.

The Emma Edit has some amazing dresses, whether it's for sophisticated day wear or flashy nights out.

Here are some of our favourite pieces:

To see the whole collection and start shopping now, go to the website.

The fashion goddess really knows her stuff.



Beauty blogger Nadia Bartel has given birth to a beautiful baby boy.

The mum announced the exciting news this morning, saying:

“Our hearts exploded when Henley Roy Bartel came into the world today weighing 3.98kgs.”

She shared an adorable pic of her and her hubby smiling down at their little boy. He looks so precious bundled up and in the middle of a big yawn.

And how iconic is the name Henley?!


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The Australian mum is best known for her Chronicles of Nadia blog, covering everything from beauty and lifestyle tips to exclusive interviews with kickass fashionistas.

She also shares amazing fashion tips for pregnant mums trying to dress around their growing baby bump.

“I know how hard it can be dressing the bump. It doesn’t matter how many people tell you that you look ‘amazing’!! It is hard to believe it  (and all you pregga mummas reading this -DO look that great!

“Growing a baby is so incredible,  I am still in awe of what our bodies can do), but most of us cannot help but feel a little frumpy and not like ourselves when pregnant, I know that’s how I feel- which makes it hard to dress right and feel confident.”


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Nadia previously opened up about the criticism she received for her body when she was expecting.

Because of her naturally thin physicality and workout routine, strangers on the street were telling her that her bump was “not big enough”.

“When will people realise we are all made differently, and that’s what makes us all unique?” the blogger responded.

Congratulations to Nadia and her hubby on the newest addition to their family!


Ladies, it's never too early to start planning your Halloween costume (even if it is 10 months away…).

With that in mind, we'd like to introduce you to one of the most talented makeup artists we have ever seen! 

Vanessa Davis is a British MUA, who specialises in theatrical and artistic looks, such as skulls and butterflies. 

 Vanessa has gained over 169,000 followers in just over 12 months, which is extremely impressive in our opinion. 

She uses a number of different tools and paints to achieve her breathtaking looks, such as UV paint, glitter and acrylics.


Unicorn / Pegasus Wings Skull I'm jumping on the Instagram Unicorn band wagon and you guessed it- incorporated a skull in there. I just love anything holographic or rainbow. (Pegasus was white, not rainbow and I chose to leave out the horn and some unicorns do have wings you know) What would you name it? Products Used: @wolfefaceartfx Face Painting FX palette, @maccosmetics @maccosmeticsuk Mechanical eyebrow pencil in 'Stud' to do the outline and pressed eyeshadows (depotted, discontinued and unlabelled – sorry guys) in various rainbow colours. @wonderlandmakeup Pigment powders in 'Chaulked', 'Lolite' and lipstick in Pink Squeeze. Hope you had a lovely weekend guys and feeling geared up for the week ahead #amazingmakeupart #skullmakeup #dupemag #skulltress #skullart #artoftheday #mua #muashoutouts #faceart #facepainting #maccosmetics #maccosmeticsuk #bbloger #makeupoftheday #sopormagazine #thehorrorhub #makeuptutorials #FeatureMeDita #mythcosmetics #skulltress #feature__my_stuff #StyleArtists #iphone6 #100daysofmakeupchallenge

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Vanessa has not posted any images of a regular, day-to-day makeup, but this Halloween inspo is giving us all the feels.


Third Eye Skull Makeup This was inspired by Dan Hillier's artwork 'Beetle Skull' (Which I will post shortly). It was an exercise in symmetry and illusion! Products used on the three Eyes: @maccosmetics @maccosmeticsuk Paint Sticks in Process Magenta, Rich Purple, Pigments in Neon 60's, Ruby Red, Process Magenta, outlined using Penultimate eyeliner in Black, @wonderlandmakeup Pigment in Chalked. The lashes are from @lashedibiza and @blackmagiclashes For the Skull  I used @maccosmetics @maccosmeticsuk Full Coverage Foundation in White, translucent setting powder and the Chameleon face painting palette from @tiltmakeup Happy Friday folks, hope you have a great weekend! #amazingmakeupart #skulls #skullmakeup #skull #cyclops #eyemakeup #skulltress #maccosmetics #maccosmeticsuk #facepaint #illusion #illusions

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You've got mad skills girl!  



Lets face it… there is nothing that makes us feel more glamorous than a good coat of our favourite lipstick. 

Well, one FAB Irish blogger is taking her lippy obsession to a whole new level, with a very difficult challenge.

Sorcha, of the popular Simply Sorcha, has set herself the challenge of wearing a different lipstick every day in 2017. 

That's right, the Dubliner has committed to trying an astonishing 365 different lipsticks throughout 2017… and we are seriously rooting for her. 

Just two weeks in and we already applaud Socha's efforts – not least as the cost of this project wont be low.

Yup, the average price of a lipstick in Ireland is €12, so Sorcha will be investing more than €4,000 in lipsticks if she manages to stick to the challenge. 

Whatever the cost, however, we have no doubt that this will be a fun and exciting goal for the lovely Sorcha.

Keep an eye on her progress by following her on Twitter and Facebook

Good luck, lady! 



In one of the most exciting beauty announcements of the year (we know we're only two weeks in, but still) MAC has teamed up with a host of high-end beauty influencers to create a social media-styled collection.

10 Instagram beauty bloggers from across the globe will debut their own custom MAC lipstick shades this April.

Influencers are now as popular as top models and celebrities, with leading makeup gurus accumulating millions of followers on Instagram.


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Bloggers like Samantha Maria, Tanya Burr and Zoella Sugg have caused makeup products to sell-out after featuring them on their YouTube channels, so it makes sense that MAC would want to team up with such a commodifiable group of beauty lovers.

MAC revealed the face of one of their chosen influencers, Fleur de Force, who has over one-and-a-half million YouTube subscribers.

"It's beyond amazing to have been asked to collaborate with MAC, both because I adore the brand personally, but also for MAC to be acknowledging bloggers in this way. It's their first ever collaboration with influencers, and I feel so honoured to be part of it," the makeup guru wrote on her blog. 


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The lipstick colours will be named after them, with a hashtag added of course, featuring the bloggers' names, like #MACxFleurDeForce.

So far, it has been revealed that Fleur de Force will be joined by makeup artists Gabriel Zamora and Laura Lee, Kuwaiti influencer TheRealFouz, and Glamour UK Beauty Director Alessandra Steinherr.

MAC was one of the first brands to recognise the potential in social media influencers, and launched a "Bloggers' Favourites" collaboration with nine social media-savvy MUAs back in 2011.



After Hunda Beauty wore lube as a primer, we realised digital influencers are willing to do a lot in the name of beauty.

Because of this, we shouldn’t really have been too surprised to find YouTuber Maria Yeager removing her makeup with a bottle of men’s shaving foam.

Taking a can of Gillette Fusion as her cleanser of choice, the popular Instagrammer filmed herself as she liberally applied the gel to a face of heavy makeup.

After some vigorous rubbing, Maria used a damp facecloth to wipe her skin clean, before repeating the process to effectively rid her face of eye-makeup.

So, next time you find yourself in a house without makeup wipes, you know what to do!



The Internet has thrown up some peculiar beauty trends in the last few years, but using lube as a primer has to be one of the strangest.

In a new video by YouTuber Hunda Beauty, Hunda Kattan documents the effectiveness of a lubricant, Vagisil, Milk of Magnesia, aftershave balm and olive oil as priming products for makeup.

During the four minute video, the Dubai-based beauty blogger explains that lube is somewhat similar to silicon-based primers, while the feminine anti-itch cream, Vagisil, contains an oil controlling ingredient.

After applying makeup over the products, Hunda found that lube does not make a decent primer (awh!), but Vagisil hydrated her skin, controlled oil and worked well beneath cosmetics.

Check it out below:



Whether it's tattooing or tinting, we are all in search of the perfect brows.

Australian beauty vlogger, Stephanie Lange, has gone to great lengths for fuller eyebrows, and it is mesmerising! 

Admitting that she over-plucked her brows when she was younger (guilty), Stephanie claims she has tried almost everything to get back the growth.

Trying something really unusual, Stephanie decides to cut off some of her hair and stick the strands to her brows using a semi permanent glue.

Sceptical? We understand why, but the results are CRAZY good! 

She uses eyelash glue to stick on tiny pieces of her hair to her bare brows.

Close-ups reveal that you can still see some of the glue, but from a distance they look absolutely amazing! 

Stephanie is a professional make-up artist from Sydney and does AMAZING tutorials on her YouTube channel. 



If there’s one place we don’t normally associate with glamour it’s the kitchen sink, so you can imagine our surprise when we came across a beauty blogger who uses ordinary kitchen sponges to achieve flawlessly curled hair.

After years of struggling with curling irons and twisting our locks around GHDs, vlogger Charmie Janee has shown us how curling should be done.

In an Instagram video which has now been view over 750,000 times, Charmie Janee demonstrates how she curls her lengthily brunette locks by wrapping thick strands of hair around regular sponges.

Once all of her hair has received the spongey treatment, Charmie seems to dampen the sponges before sleeping on her hair overnight.

The next morning she simply releases her locks from the sponges to find totally fabulous results.

Check it out below:



Heatless waves with dish sponges?? Say what?  I searched around and saw if it would actually work (and to confirm that I'm not going crazy). So then I saw beautyklove on YouTube curl her hair with bigger sponges, and I thought I would give it a go, however with those ordinary sponges you wash your dishes with (of course make sure it's not used ) I noticed the thicker the hair, the bigger the sponge you need to use, but my hair is thin so I used the small ones. Also, if you have thicker hair I would recommend using actual hair ties, and not elastics, to bring the sponges together @hudabeauty @hairmakeupdiary @allmodernmakeup @wakeupandmakeup Galantis- No Money (Two Friends Remix) #hairmakeupdiary #brian_champagne #melformakeup #wakeupandmakeup #hudabeauty #allmodernmakeup #hair_videos #hairvideodiary #shophudabeauty #makeuptutorialsx0x #styleartists  #maquillajesvideos #fashionarttut #Heatlesscurls #hairandnailfashion #1minutemakeup #loucaspormaquiagem #laurag_143 #makeupfanatic1 #makeupartistsworldwide #glamvids #videosbeauty #marysmotives #MakeUpClips #Shimycatsmua #makeupvideoss #justhairvids #hypnaughtypower #peachyqueenblog #Fakeupfix @hairarttut  @glamvids @hair.videos @hair.trending @hairvideodiary @styleartists

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Ever had time to kill in the hospital but could find nothing to do?  

Well Australian beauty blogger, Mollie Makeup, has found the perfect solution – get your brows tinted while you wait.

When her planned caesarean section was delayed on Friday, makeup guru, Mollie Harwood, decided to go for a wander around the hospital and just so happened to stumble across a beauty salon (as you do).


What to do when you're waiting to have a c-section….  #beautytreatments #eyebrows #39weeks #imready !!!

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Since she had conveniently forgotten to have her brows tinted before she checked-in, Mollie decided to treat herself and live video stream the process for her Facebook followers.

In the video – which has since been shared thousands of times – the hair and makeup artist explains: "Of course nothing with babies ever goes to plan so I arrived here thinking that I was going in probably, I don’t know, 10.30/11 o’clock to have a caesar and no, that is not happening.”

“So I decided to go for a wander in the hospital and I found a beauty salon.”

“And one thing I forgot to do before I came into hospital was get my eyebrows tinted…so this amazing woman is tinting my eyebrows.”

The brunette from New South Wales eventually gave birth to baby Bronte on Sunday – with her brows perfectly in tact.

Now just to find this magical hospital-come-salon…