Still struggling with winged liner? We’ve got the PERFECT €5 solution


Beauty trends come and go at such a rate it's hard to know which trends are worth investing in and which ones will disappear as quickly as they arrived.  Because of this, we believe the best way to discover if a trend suits you or not is to try it using affordable products first.  

In keeping with this idea, we've lined up three great little products which can be used to create some of today's best loved looks and which all cost less than a fiver each to buy.     


Proline Graphic Marker Eyeliner (€4.50)

As anyone with an Instagram account will know, winged eyeliner is one beauty trend that is not about to disappear anytime soon but unfortunately that still doesn’t make it any easier to get the hang of.

Wet n Wild’s Proline Graphic Marker Eyeliner is the ultimate solution to messy pots of liquid liner as its easy-to-use marker-shaped applicator allows for the hassle-free creation of those much sought after lines. 

Because of its soft angled tip, this product gives users the ability to create both soft and thick lines so it can easily be used to create subtle day and striking night time looks.  

This liner comes in two colours – Jetliner Black and Airliner Blue – and while black is generally used for winged looks, we think the navy blue shade is definitely worth a try for anyone seeking liner with a difference.


Mega Glo Contour stick (€5.99)

While contouring can be a complicated and product-heavy process, the new Wet n Wild Mega Glo Contour stick has reduced the trend into a simple double-ended stick which is not only super easy to apply, but is also the perfect size for contouring on the go. 

Each stick contains two complimentary colours – a dark brown colour for for shading and a creamier one for highlighting – which are easy to apply due to the narrow stick and super bendable. 

For people who want to give contouring a go without making a major make-up investment, this product could certainly be worth a try.


MegaSlicks Lip Gloss (€2.95):

From bomber jackets to dungarees, chokers to tartan minis it seems like 2016's best loved fashion looks have come straight from the 90's and, in beauty terms, there are few trends more 90's than sparkly lip pink gloss.

Wet n Wild's new MegaSlicks Lip Gloss collection comes in 17 hydrating shades which range from clear glosses like Crystal Clear right up to deep burgundy colours like Wined and Dined. 

Since the glosses are less than €3 each and contain the lip loving vitamins A and E, why not try the sparkle flecked Crush Grapes for some major 90's feels?   


The new Wet n Wild collection starts at €1.99 and is available from select Penney's stores, Dunnes Stores and independent stockists nationwide.