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Doing your makeup is more complicated than ever, with a new technique or product being released every other day. 

We ignore many of the beauty tips we see online, but canvassing should NOT be one of them. 

Recently, MUA and blogger, Rachel Leary, posted a video to her Instagram, where she showed her followers how to canvas. 

Rachel only used one product to achieve her flawless look, and upon further inspection we discovered that this product only costs €15.

So that's good news…

The Master Camo Colour Correcting Kit is an amazing new creation by Maybelline, and it is a makeup bag essential. 

Image result for facestudio master camo color correcting kit

The kit contains six shades, that allow you to correct, conceal, highlight and perfect your base… using just one product. 

The best thing about Maybelline's latest offering? It won't break the bank, costing just €15

Yep, we need this. 


From Snickers bars to high heels – if it exists, someone has tried to contour with it.

While we prefer to just suck our cheeks in and hope for the best, one blogger has decided to add a brand new ingredient to the makeup mix.

If anything would make us embrace the pursuit of chiselled cheekbones, it's a bottle of rosé, which is exactly where this vino-based tutorial comes in. 

Beauty blogger Eyeliner Addict uploaded the tutorial, which has since gone viral with over 5.4 million views. 

The video starts out with the blogger using the neck of the bottle to angle the contour at her cheekbone but includes more advanced techniques, like shading around the nose, chin and brow using the curves of the bottle. 


A photo posted by Drunk  (@always.drunkaf) on

There has been some shade thrown in the comment section of this video, about the ridiculousness of the contouring technique, but the creators have set the record straight by explaining that the video is a parody. 

"Since there's been some debate, yes, this is just meant to be funny. No, I don't expect anyone else to try it. Just watch and laugh at all my funny faces, OK?" they explained in a Facebook comment. 

Either way, the combination of wine and makeup is always a winner in our books (though maybe don't drink the wine while contouring, for a wearable result).


When members of the public begin expressing concern over a star's Instagram page, you might assume that that particular celebrity is struggling with serious issues.

But when it comes to Hollywood's good girl Lea Michelle, it's a little harder to imagine what might have her fandom up in arms.

And thankfully for the former Glee star, it's nothing more than her liberal use of bronzer before a night out.

No, seriously. And frankly if that's as bad as it gets, we've little to worry about with good ol' Lea.


Celebrating this happy couple tonight! @itsbeccatobin & @z.mart love you both! Thank you @figandolive

A photo posted by Lea Michele (@leamichele) on

After sharing a snap of herself alongside two friends on Instagram, Lea was subject to an onslaught of comments from fans concerned about the star's skills in the cosmetic department.

"No no no Lea. You are so beautiful but make sure you blend," wrote one follower. "It's only because we care about you."

"Too much contour, kill contour," added another while someone else remarked: "Not a great job on your contouring this time around. Usually you do much better."

Ah lads, if that's her biggest problem…



Contouring seems to be the one beauty trend that just keeps on giving.  Already it's allowed us to cover sunburn, create chiseled cheeks and draw on better boobs so really it's about time we tried the technique on our eyes.

As most people know, contouring involves a combination of shading and highlighting to enhance desirable attributes while reducing the prominence of our less favourable features and it's because of this the process can be quite product heavy.  But luckily we've found one easy-to-use solution for contouring the eye.

The new Eye & Brow Contouring Palette by Catrice includes one shimmer shade for highlighting the brow bone and three different matt brown colours for adding depth and definition to the eye.

This compact palette comes in two colours (one designed for people with warm skin tones and one for those with cooler complexions), can easily be slotted into any handbag for on-the-go contouring and costs just €4.95.

For added definition, why not apply a line of Catrice’s Glam & Doll Super Black Liner (€3.95)?  The uniquely shaped flexible felt tip on this product allows for the creation of both fine and thick lines and its long-wearing formula means your wings should stay picture perfect all night long.

And for all out glam, stick on a pair of the brand’s new Smokey Eyes Volume Lashes (€4.50).

Catrice’s Autumn/Winter ’16 collection will be available in Penneys stores and pharmacies nationwide this August.



Good weather in Ireland is something which should always be taken advantage of, but sometimes even the sight of sun can cause our pasty complexions to redden.

If you’re heading into the bank holiday weekend looking more rosy-cheeked than sun-kissed, fear not because American beauty blogger Donielle Campopiano has the answer: Contour your sunburn!

On Sunday Donielle posted a video to Instagram – which has since been viewed over 70,000 times – showing her followers how to cover their sunburned skin with various coloured concealers and a full-coverage foundation. 

It might seem a little extreme but given that temperatures here are set to hit 22 degrees this week Donielle's idea could come in handy! 




So it seems that we're not the only ones hooked on the contouring trend.

Instagram make-up artist Teaflego, introduced the beauty trend to her 80-year-old grandmother, and she just can't get enough of it.

Teaflego's grandma Livia, or GLAM-ma as she's known to her fans, shares tutorials on her granddaughter's IG page, and she's a total hit all over social media.

And she's also gone one step further by introducing the technique to her friends in her nursing home.


A video posted by makeupbyteaflego (@teaflego) on

Teaflego wrote on her IG page: "My GLAM-MA has made a new trend in the nursing home!!! A bunch of 80-year-olds want to contour and glow. LOL."

And we don't blame them because how FAB does Livia look?!

"In her 80's she has become a star. She is grateful, she loves you and she has a message for you: THERE ARE NO UGLY WOMEN, ONLY LAZY ONES!"

Well, she certainly has an opinion! We just hope that we're as glam at 80.



We all know that contouring is the holy grail of make-up and we are not going to lie, we kinda feel like a blank canvas without it. 

From chiselling our cheekbones to that flawless shine, contouring is fast becoming a daily ritual for many women. 

But to think that contouring was once just a totally vague and alien concept to us, imagine what it must seem like to totally make-up ignorant man. 

Buzzfeed had three unsuspecting lads professionally contoured by a make-up artist and the results were a bit amazing. 

While they rightly felt ridiculous in their pre-blended face (as we all do), the finished product was more of a surprise. 

"Now I have a lot more respect for people who contour," said one guy who was definitely feeling his new look. 

Watch the hilarious video below: 




Often clad in designer attire (not to mention totally OTT fur coats) there's little doubt that two-and-a-half year North West is already one serious fashionista.

Now it seems that the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is also experimenting with make-up.

And while most toddlers manage to raid a make-up bag at some point – Miss West has gone one better: creating the killer contour effect that her mum is famous for. 

In a revealing snap shared by the Kardashian's famed cosmetics guru Mario Dedivanovic (who along with Kim is definitely responsible for popularising the contouring trend), the little girl shows off an array of light and dark foundation stripes. 


When #North steals your contour palette omg

A photo posted by Mario Dedivanovic (@makeupbymario) on

"When North steals your makeup palette," Mario wrote to his more than 2million followers.

The image, which has now notched up some 55,000 likes, went down a storm with his fans too, with many of them commenting on her cuteness. 

North turns three this summer and has now been joined by a baby brother, Saint, whom the Kardashian-West family welcomed in December. 


It's by no-means a brand-new beauty technique. Still, when Kim Kardashian revealed that she relied on contouring to achieve her perfect red-carpet makeup look, just about everyone started similarly highlighting, toning and sculpting.

But while the Kardashian-Jenner clan remain firm-fans of the practice to this day – one makeup mogul strongly disagrees with its popularity. 

“When I see contouring on people’s faces it looks like dirt,” Bobbi Brown told the New York Post.

“As a beauty expert, I believe in individual beauty, and it’s just not my aesthetic. We don’t need to be contouring like the Kardashians.”

Instead, the 58-year-old Chicago-native champions a natural, healthy and fresh face: she says we should all be highlighting our natural cheekbones with a creamy rouge, or else a moisturiser that gives a subtle glow.

“The contouring trend is so wrong because it tells women there’s something wrong with their face,” Ms Brown added. “There’s beauty in a full face, so I don’t like to paint in a cheekbone that doesn’t exist.”

That's not all: Bobbi went on to dismiss the big-lip look that Kim's little sister, Kylie Jenner, has made so famous. 

“Lip-plumping and fillers never work,” she says. “We’re not all born with Angelina Jolie lips… and whoever said small lips aren’t beautiful?”

Ms Brown suggests lining lips with a soft purplish pencil – like the €22.50 Bobbi Brown lip liner in Bobbi, a shade she designed for herself – for a faint enhancement.


We just a handle on strobing, but now for the next phase in contouring madness, we think we might need a much more steady hand.

This new method may or may not require you to have an art portfolio, but it definitely looks like the work of some people with serious skills.

A makeup/henna artist from Pakistan, Sahur Sleim has changed the game for everyone at this point with her incredibly intricate henna patterns used to map her face for highlighting and contouring.

Usually, henna dye is made from the natural dye that comes from a Henna tree. Instead Sahur uses foundation and concealer with a super thin paint brush. She uses her usual make up sponge to blend the patterns together to get some incredible definition.

"Face painting, henna and makeup have always been dear to me and I saw an opportunity to tie them together and grabbed it instantly," she wrote in an Instagram post.

Her account is currently of major interest after Huda Kattan, a Dubai based blogger, reposted her images to share Sahur’s henna contour with her 6 million followers.

Sahur talked to Marie Claire about the process and how she came up with the technique. She said that when she was practising the clown contouring method with a friend, the idea came to her.

“I practice henna and I have a pretty good understanding of patterns and how to pair them so they look fluid and can fit into certain spaces and end at a certain spot,” she explains that while she has the experience, it’s mostly “intuition and practice.”

She counts Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic as one of her role models, along with Fyza Ali: “All the work they do, especially with contouring is so flawless.”



“Will it ever end?” We hear your cries as yet another contouring development is brought before us all.

The answer seems to be, for now anyway, a resounding no. Contouring is the way of the future, people have been saying this for a quite a while now so we might as well all just climb on board. Teen Vogue are the latest to praise the trend, and they only trust Cocoa Brown with their contour.

The next phase in the contouring cycle is: ‘tontouring’.

Developed by none other than Marissa Carter of Cocoa Brown, tontouring is “the opportunity to wake up looking naturally, perfectly contoured,” the beauty mogul explains to Teen Vogue.

Yes, Cocoa Brown is not just for us and a certain Kardashian-Jenner sister, Teen Vogue are huge fans too.


Love my @cocoabrowntan from @marissacarter when I want a fast tan #SelfTan #CocoaBrown #1HourTan

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

This approach to contouring uses make up brushes and different shades of tan (Marissa suggests the mousse formula to avoid clogged pores) to create “dimension.”

Using a foundation brush and tan to create a base glow, she then uses a darker shade and a contour brush under the cheek bones to make them appear higher and more defined.

According to Marissa the biggest perk of using fake tan as a contouring tool is that you only need to do it once a week, the tan lasts longer than your usual make up.

As the magazine points out though, if you are going to try the tontouring approach you should probably take some time and do it right for the first application:

“Self-tanner is not always the easiest formula to work with.”

Indeed, nobody enjoys having streaky fake tan anywhere, especially not on your face. We do love our Cocoa Brown though. We really want to trust that it would never let us down.


Hair contouring – yes, you heard that right. Hair contouring is the new beauty craze that loads of stylists have grabbed on to in recent weeks.

As we all know, contouring is an outline to bound and change the shape of something else. Gone are they days of using contouring on your face (that's so last year) as we see a new method which could change your face shape without even having to wear make up!

This optical illusion, which we can thank Kimmy Kay for, took the world by storm as every girl and woman tried their hand on highlighting and bronzing specific areas of their face to make them appear slimmer. All we have to change up is our bronzers for lowlights and shimmers for highlights.

The creator of the hair contouring method, hair stylist Marc Trinder, recently spoke to Harper's Bazaar about what it actually is and how to achieve it.

Marc said: "by using light and dark tones to create shadow and depth to the face, as well as applying colour in specific areas of the hair, you can completely alter either an entire face shape or specific areas".  

So if you want to try the new trend here's a how-to guide on what suits various types of faces.


Round faces: Most round faces have really good bone structure so light tones are applied from ear to ear and around the hairline. Darker pieces are placed at the bottom of the ears and lower ends of the hair.

Square facesUsually square faces have wider facial features so to slim that down multi-tonal layers of light and dark are applied to the corners and around the jaw line and temples.

Oval faces: Oval faces are one size fits all as they suit most styles and colours. So ovals, go crazy with your hair! You can accentuate it even more by adding depth with darker colour, thick texture and shine.

Heart faces: This face shape can sometimes look like an inverted triangle so to soften the overall shape lighter pieces are woven around the jaw line and ears.

And there you go! If you want to achieve a more chiselled and defined face, maybe it's time to opt for hair contouring.

You're guaranteed to have a completely bespoke style that no one can copy, so it's a win-win from us!