For many of us, going to a spa is just not an option. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t relax in the same kind of atmosphere at home! Here are five ways to turn your bathroom into a spa retreat!

Towels and baskets
Hide all those worn out old towels in the hotpress and replace them with fluffy white towels – they may not be as good for drying yourself, but they look much prettier! Roll them up and put them in a nice wicker basket if you have one. Spas love their wicker baskets!

The colour scheme
If you’re giving your bathroom a complete make-over, paint it in neutral colours, so that your senses aren’t assaulted with a bright orange or pink when you’re trying to relax in the tub.

But of course! Every spa needs a few candles. Dot them around the room to create a truly relaxing atmosphere.

De-personalise your lotions and potions by storing them in simplistic containers like these. It looks nicer – and also means you can keep your miracle face cream a secret from nosey visitors!

Ahhh, the ultimate atmosphere creator. Get your hands on some relaxing instrumental music, lock the door, and let all the worries of the day fall away….

images via Pinterest