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Depop is one of the greatest tools in your arsenal when it comes to buying and selling items of clothing.

The legendary buy-and-sell app is getting increasingly popular by the day, especially with the rise of sustainable fashion and ethical shopping.

Buying pre-owned and pre-loved styles will hopefully keep on rising in popularity, otherwise the planet may just burn to shreds at an even faster rate (not even joking!?).

Depop has many lovable traits. The search bar allows you to find gorgeous vintage pieces within Ireland for an incredibly affordable price, and you can also extend your search party worldwide if you're willing to pay for shipping costs.

A seller can also make a pretty penny from selling your old clothes that you NEVER wear anymore (we've sold about 34 dresses we haven't even seen since our Wezz days for a great profit).

The explore page when you first enter the app also has top picks based on your likes and preferences, and also the Depop app's own favourite shops they've got their eye on. 

Beverly Hills 90210 Fashion GIF by CBS All Access

Without further fashion ado, here are our Depop top picks for today. Nab them before they're sold:

1. Vintage deadstock 1990s flare jeans
    Size 6, Price: £30 (€32)

Image: Depop/@lochrian

2. Vintage pink pastel mini-dress  
    Size 10, Price: £39 (€42.55)

Image: Depop/@kaohinani

3. Early 1990s vintage designer mesh dress by Betsey Johnson
    Size XS, Price: £150 (€164)

Image: Depop/@eleanorehly

4. Faux fur cow jacket
    Size 8-10, Price: £50 (€54.60)

Image: Depop/@whatthefluff_

5. Baby blue plaid Nike Air Force 1
    Size: Womens 8.5, Price: $100 (€90)

Image: Depop/@yslej

6. Vintage Jane Norman chainmail shoulder bag
 £20 (€21.80)

Image: Depop/@hazzledazzled

7. Vintage Karen Millen baby pink suit
    UK size 8, Price: £45 (€49)

Image: Depop/@shannoncastro

8. Vintage patchwork frayed denim jeans
    Size UK 10, Price: £95 (€103.60)


Image: Depop/@siandrakard

 9. Upcycled linen Topshop midi dress
     Size: UK 12, Price: £27.50 (€30)


10. Hippy style Miss Sixty flare jeans
      Size: UK 8-10, Price: £110 (€120)


11. Rare 1980s vintage Adidas originals sweatshirt in purple and turquoise
      Size: M, Price: £75 (€81)


12. Vintage Richards bolt blouse with stunning button details
      Size: 8-10, Price: £35 (€37.90)


Shop to your heart's content knowing that you aren't causing damage to the environment by adding to the textiles industry, it's a good feeling.

Feature image: Instagram/@depop



Mark our words, 2017 will forever been know as the year when fashion just lost its way a little bit – and this latest offering from ASOS is here to prove it.

The online retailer has been getting a bit of a slagging over its latest WTF fashion item, and to be honest, it's not hard to see why.

Introducing the 'Full-body Trousers' – or the 'Minimal Jumpsuit' as ASOS like to call it.

Now, we're all about taking risks when it comes to style, but in this case we can't help but think the design would have been better off left on the drawing board.

The bizarre garment was first brought to our attention when Holby City actress Niamh Walsh tweeted a picture saying: “I see you ASOS this is just big trousers.”

We couldn't agree more.

Needless to say, the 'minimal jumpsuit' has sparked quite the conversation online with many Twitter users suggesting their own theories on the inspiration behind the piece

If you fancy getting your hands on your very own trouser/ jumpsuit/ 'what even are those?' click here


Vanessa Hudgens pretty much has the best boho style in Hollywood.

Whether she steps out on the red carpet, at a Halloween party or just pops down to the local coffee shops, she looks so effortlessly cool and chic.

ESC: Vanessa Hudgens

And her latest outfit is no different. Vanessa stepped out this weekend to get a cuppa Joe, and wore these deadly Aztec trousers with a green bomber jacket.

The printed trousers are from Volcom and are perfect for off-duty style.

Better still, Volcom deliver to Ireland so you can get these beauties for 30 quid right to your door.

Happy shopping!


This morning, Kate Middleton and Prince William visited Cornwall in the UK and while there, stopped off at the Eden Project.

Since it was a rainy day, Kate opted to ditch her usual knee-length dresses and wore a pair of stylish trousers instead.

Stylish, high-street trousers that have now SOLD out online since the Duchess was pictured wearing them less than a few hours ago.

However, you can still buy a pair that have a near identical design to Kate's right here.

Just be quick, it looks like they'll be all sold out soon!


Fans at a charity football match got more then they bargained for on Monday, when Harry Styles started to pull pants down. Watch the video for more!