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If you're headed to the airport, you may want to look away now.

Ryanair pilots in Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands are staging a 24-hour strike over pay and conditions.

The industrial action taken by the five European countries has been described as the largest walkout for the airline.

Consequently, around 15 percent of Ryanair's flight schedule has experienced disruptions. 

Ryanair said they were forced to cancel 250 flights to and from Germany, on Friday, August 10.

However, there is good news for those flying in and out of the Netherlands.

The low-cost airline said their schedule for August 10 will operate as normal. 

In a morning tweet update, the airline stated that 2,000 flights will take off and will carry almost 400,000 passengers today.

AFP is reporting that a total of around 400 flights have been cancelled throughout Europe.

This means an estimated 55,000 passengers will be impacted, according to the news agency.

Understandably, passengers who are bearing the brunt of the cancellations have expressed their grievances on Twitter.

One user wrote: "Hi Ryanair my flight from Rome Ciampino to London Stansted has been cancelled. There's no information and no staff to be seen at the airport. I'm stuck at the gate. Some information (food and compensation) would be great!"

Another Twitter account posted a video of a number of people awaiting delayed luggage in the early hours of the morning.

The user tweeted "Can you explain [to] all of us (people from seven different flights) why, after a two hour plus delay, we have been waiting for another hour and a half for our luggage? At 2 am? Are you serious?" 

Ryanair have been attempting to manage pilot strikes throughout Europe since early July.

The airline has requested striking unions to "continue negotiations."

We hope if you're flying with Ryanair, you get to go on your holibobs.

A good cocktail and some sunshine will soon make you forget your travel stress.

If you're one of the unlucky ones – enjoy your wine, angry tweets and a good cry. 


Holidaymakers don't fear!

Industrial action for Ryanair pilots is underway this morning.

Despite the strike, the majority flights are still going ahead. (YASSS)

An agreement between trade union representatives couldn't be thrashed out after seven hours of talks.

Check your phone: Ryanair has said any customers affected by the 30 of 290 flights cancelled, have been notified. 

Don't worry if you haven't received an alert, you will be sipping cocktails in no time, as you should continue with your travel plans as usual. 

Yesterday, the airline took to Twitter and posted a letter detailing the discussions.

It read: "Ryanair pilot union talks conclude without agreement.

"Ryanair expects a strike by 27% of Irish pilots to proceed tomorrow."

Last week, the union representing the pilots indicated that 99 percent of their members were in favour of seeking industrial action after a ballot.

Ryanair tweeted this morning, that they 'regret the decision' taken by a quarter of their Irish pilots to strike. 

They said they believe that the pilots should "take up our offer of working groups" to come to a solution. 

Spare us a thought when you're pool-side, the Irish summer is back. (Cue internal crying.)


If you are heading on your holidays, let's hope it isn't on July 12.

Ryanair cabin crew have signalled that they are joining pilots in their strike action. 

Earlier this week, Ryanair was served a notice of industrial action on behalf of Ryanair pilots by Irish Airline Pilots’ Association (IALPA).

The union revealed that 99 percent of their member supported the ballot calling for the action.

The results of Tuesday's ballot confirmed that a 24-hour strike would take place on Thursday, July 12, at 1 am. 

Cabin crew have now announced they will accompany pilots in their work stoppage if their demands are not met.

The Ryanair staff penned their requirements which covered pay, work rotates, annual leave, pensions and compensation.

Last night it was submitted to management.

The move to create a list of demands was branded "pointless" by Ryanair.

Commenting on the development, union official Oliver Richardson said:

"We are a federation. We don't call strike action… strike action is called by our affiliates.

"As a federation, would we support as best as we could those affiliates in taking that action? Of course, we would."

The airline has stated talks are already underway with unions to negotiate the issues raised.

Fingers and toes crossed it gets sorted!


Less of a terrorist threat and more of terribly cute overload. 

So yesterday, Adelaide airport in southern Australia, nearly got shut down yesterday due to a bomb scare.  

Police where alerted that there was an abandoned bag in the airport's toilets and immediately sent a bomb squad in. It was all very dramatic. 

They approached the bag with carefully-trained caution, until the bag started moving…. it was a rabbit. 

A very well-behaved rabbit at that. Inside the pink Lorna Jane bag, the male rabbit was wearing a red harness, but had no other ID on him. Most have left it in his other hutch. 

"We had a hutch something might be a bit bunny when the bag started moving. Turns out there was no cause fur alarm, as inside was an extremely cute but wascaly wabbit," the APF wrote on their pun-filled Facebook page

"Don’t worry, be hoppy, the bunny is in the safe care of RSPCA South Australia and is no worse fur wear. He doesn't seem to carrot all about all the fuss. Lettuce hop someone can help find out who abandoned him at the hareport." 

Give whoever wrote that post a promotion please. 

Police then alerted the  RSPCA, who picked him up and kept him over night in a lovely warm cage. According to the RSPCA, the bunny bandit was unharmed. 

"This is the first job of this kind that I've come across in my 26 years of service with the RSPCA," rescue officer Nalika Van Loenen told ABC. "The young male rabbit is clearly very-well socialised and cared for."


While waiting for the RSPCA arrived, thr police put the roaming rabbit in a box and got him some shredded carrot from Subway. 

"We treat everything in the aviation space very seriously, but our bomb appraisal officers certainly weren't expecting to find a rabbit in unattended baggage," Commander McCann, police manager, said. "Thankfully, the rabbit is safe and well and hopefully the owner will be found."

Van Loenan explained that the rabbit may have been abandoned due to a number of reasons. 

"A couple of scenarios came to mind — his owner could have been leaving the country and knew by leaving their pet in a populated area he would be found and cared for," she  said. "Or they may have been planning on smuggling him on board a plane, but backed out at the last minute.

While the RSPCA are still on the hunt for the owners, they are "hoptimistic" about Rodger Rabbit's future.


Valentine’s Day is only a matter of weeks away, and we’re sure many proposals have been prepared for the romantic day.

However, for those of you who plan on jetting off with your other half, there is one thing that may ruin the special moment- airport security.

You don't want your partner to see the ring prematurely when your bags are searched at the airport, it'd completely ruin the proposal.

Luckily, one airport in the United Kingdom has your back. They have invented a secret code for those lovebirds who want to sneak the ring past their other half.

The East Midland Airport has informed couples that all you have to do is contact them to get the special code.

When you’re passing through airport security the staff will send you to a special lane, away from your other half, so you can keep the ring out of their view.

'It would put a big damper on someone’s meticulously planned romantic trip if their big surprise was revealed even before they’ve boarded the plane,' said East Midlands Airport’s Head of Security, Matthew Quinney.

He joked, 'Arguably, there are more romantic places to be proposed to than in our security hall.'

The team hope this new code will make their customers feel more reassured.

'Out of courtesy to those who have been planning this moment for weeks or months, we have put in measures to ensure we’re not the cause of failed marriage proposals.'

'After all, we want customers to return again and again,' shared Matthew.

This new code will certainly make people feel a tad less nervous about popping the question.


Anxious flyer?

Well, this US airport has just come up with THE best way to calm down it's nervous passengers. 

Miniature horses.  


Cincinnati/Northern Ohio Airport has introduced a bimonthly visit from 34 therapy miniature horses, in a bid to ease the worries of it's stressed out passengers.

According to The Independent, the airport had originally looked into starting a dog therapy programme, but when they heard about these little cuties, the knew they were on to something special.

The horses have been specially trained to deal with the airport's stressful environment and are already so popular that passengers are even scheduling flight around their visits.   

Speaking to NRP, airport worker, Airport worker Wendi Orlando said, ''It's just to ease anxiety levels, put smiles on faces. Clearly that's working''

“When you look at the passengers walking by, it just never gets old. They love seeing the horses.”

Horse owner, Lisa Moad, told NPR that the response from passenger was unbelievable: “A lot of them thank us for being there at that time because they needed that little bit of support before they get on the plane.” 

We know where we're going on our next holiday anyway. 



We’ve had trampoline loving boxers, robin rescues and history reimagined around a coat, but a pair of teddy bears making their way through the airport is quickly becoming a favoured Christmas ad.

Much to the surprise and delight of holiday enthusiasts, Heathrow Airport has released its first Christmas campaign – a brief documentation of Mr and Mrs Bair’s journey home.

The video features heartwarming moments involving mistletoe, toy passport checks, a lot of paw holding and an all too real struggle with a baggage carousel.

Check it out below:  


We've been a fan of Bryan Cranston since his Malcolm in the Middle days, so it's safe to say if we came across this in the airport, we'd legit go crazy.

Makenna Enfinger was waiting for a flight in Love Field Airport in the US and was browsing in the Duty Free.

She came across Bryan's new autobiography with a note saying "Open Me" on the front cover. Makenna then found a message from Bryan himself.

It read: "Hi. Hey, thanks for taking a gander at my book. Take this book for yourself FREE! Really. I just bought it – see the receipt.

"I hope you enjoy the read. Have a nice day." Bryan then signed it: "Bryan Cranston, Dallas Airport, Oct 19 2016, 9.45 am."

Imagine picking that up! We have even more love for Bryan now!



Unless you're happy to shell out for a space in the short – or indeed long-term carpark – while living it up abroad, the vast majority of us opt to get the bus to and from the airport.

So, the news that Dublin Bus have launched a second airport route will be met with delight from jet-setters in the capital today.

According to the Irish Independent, the new route will start at Camden Street, and will serve multiple stops including St Stephens Green, Merrion Square, the Docklands (Silicon Dock) and the IFSC, before ultimately taking the Port Tunnel route to the airport.

The 757 route, which acts as a competitor to Aircoach, will cost €6 one-way and €10 return –  a difference of €1 and €2 respectively in comparison to Aircoach fares.

The announcement will not only be welcomed by air passengers, but also signalled good news for the economy, with Dublin Bus confirming that both the new route and an extension to the old one has created 40 new jobs.



Panicked and on the verge of a weekend away, all too many times before we've dropped a serious wad of cash on travel-sized toiletries.

Mad, blind dash around Boots the night before our flight? Yup, that'll be us. Shovelling items into our trolley as we navigate Tesco fours hours before the gate closes? Guilty as charged. 

And while this GORGEOUS new range from Lidl might not help you get any more organised, it's certainly a lot easier on your holiday pocket.

The supermarket's mini provitamin shampoo is a mere 79c for 50ml. A mini toothpaste is 49c and a 100ml volume hairspray is 89c. For the lads, there is a 75ml shaving foam for 79c and a 50ml 2-in-1 sports shower gel also for 79c.

Airport security-friendly body lotion, hand cream, lipbalm and deodorant is all available too and nothing costs more than a euro.

The range has already landed in select Lidl stores, but it's being rolled out nationwide shortly. 



As Kerry Katona made her way to Gran Canaria this morning, she sure put on a show for other holiday makers.

The former singer was seen arriving at an airport in Gran Canaria, and while families were making their way on to holiday coaches, Kerry lay down outside the airport and proceeded to shout and take her trousers off.

Videos and pictures of the mother were caught on camera, and one holiday maker said, "she didn't care who was watching her."

Her flight was 7am, at which time she shared a photo on Instagram of her drinking a glass full of champagne, and by the time she landed at 11am, it's apparent she drank much more.

A passenger on board Kerry's flight who took photos, told The Mirror: “She was in a state on the flight and the air steward had to warn her about her behaviour.

“She was absolutely hammered.”

This doesn't look good at all…


A man who fell ill on an Aer Lingus flight became “extremely violent” before falling unconscious and dying on board the plane.

The Lisbon-Dublin flight EI 485 had to be diverted to Cork when the dead man, aged 24 and a Brazilian national, bit a fellow passenger who was attempting to restrain him.

A 44-year-old Portuguese woman onboard the same plane has now also been arrested. It is believed that she was travelling with the dead man. 

©RTE News


Gardai allegedly found 2kg of a powdered substance in her luggage and she is currently being detained under the Drug Trafficking Act, according to RTE News.

The Irish Mirror reports that the crew yesterday evening broadcast an emergency Pan Pan message three times in quick succession and advised air traffic controllers of an incident on board the Airbus A320-200.

The pilot requested clearance to divert and land at Cork Airport, telling controllers that there was a man “running amok” and that he had “injured one or two passengers”.

It is also understood there was a doctor and two nurses on board who tried to assist the restrained passenger.

In an astonishingly account, John Leonard, who was also on the plane, told Cork's 96fm that the Brazilian man was "on the ground shaking violently".

He went on to explain: "The noise he was making was like something I have never heard before. It's not something you'd hear everyday. It was like deep anguish is the best way I could describe it, very, very troubled.

"Not screaming in a sense, you know if you'd hurt yourself or something, just very guttural, from deep within him."

Mr Leonard furthermore said that it was a "very violent end". He stated: "To die that way in the back of an aeroplane, it's not right. It was not very pleasant at all."

All 168 passengers and six crew members were removed from the plane in Cork while gardai, airport paramedics and an ambulance rushed to the scene.

The passenger who suffered from the bite was also taken to hospital as a precaution.

The Irish Mirror adds that although the dead man wasn't Irish he “may have been studying in the country”.

Describing the incident as a “medical emergency,” Aer Lingus said last night in a statement: “Flight EI 485 Lisbon to Dublin diverted into Cork due to a medical emergency on board.

“There were 168 guests and six crew members on board. The flight landed safely at 17.40 local time.”