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Aer Lingus has finally copped on to the fact that it's 2019 and ditched some outdated rules.

The airline has announced that their cabin crew are no longer required to wear make-up at work.

Yes, the ''trolly dolly'' standards that they're known for (and that belong in the 1950s) have been banished. 

The company confirmed to The Times that until now all its female staff had no choice but to wear slap as part of their work uniform.

We feel for them, the actual EFFORT of it . 

We're doing well if we throw on some foundation for the office. 

However, now Aer Lingus said that new guidelines would not include mandatory use for the first time EVER.

Not a moment too soon, huh? 


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As well as make-up, female employees will soon be allowed to wear trousers, instead of the previously obligatory skirts. 

Yeah you read that right, obligatory skirts. 

Aer Lingus are following in the footsteps of Virgin Atlantic, who announced this week it was allowing female members of the  cabin crew to scrap the make-up if they wanted.

We're delighted for those women, who are surely chuffed that they'll get an extra few minutes in bed now. 


If you are heading on your holidays, let's hope it isn't on July 12.

Ryanair cabin crew have signalled that they are joining pilots in their strike action. 

Earlier this week, Ryanair was served a notice of industrial action on behalf of Ryanair pilots by Irish Airline Pilots’ Association (IALPA).

The union revealed that 99 percent of their member supported the ballot calling for the action.

The results of Tuesday's ballot confirmed that a 24-hour strike would take place on Thursday, July 12, at 1 am. 

Cabin crew have now announced they will accompany pilots in their work stoppage if their demands are not met.

The Ryanair staff penned their requirements which covered pay, work rotates, annual leave, pensions and compensation.

Last night it was submitted to management.

The move to create a list of demands was branded "pointless" by Ryanair.

Commenting on the development, union official Oliver Richardson said:

"We are a federation. We don't call strike action… strike action is called by our affiliates.

"As a federation, would we support as best as we could those affiliates in taking that action? Of course, we would."

The airline has stated talks are already underway with unions to negotiate the issues raised.

Fingers and toes crossed it gets sorted!


Look, we all know airline food is hardly the most sought-after cuisine on the planet.

And yet, the vast majority of us have tucked in to the cellophane-covered trays on countless occasions while travelling abroad.

You're hungry, you're tired, and you're teetering perilously close to a  food mood, so you tuck into the meal with little regard for the process behind its creation, right?

Well, one flight attendant is here to school you.

Contributing to a Quora thread, Shreyas P gave an insight into mile-high meals, and now we kind of wished we hadn't stumbled across this particular conversation.

"The food on your tray is prepared not in the galley but in the aircraft catering which is often done 12 hours before and even days before the aircraft departure,” Shreyas tells Quora users.

“Now, how many such industries do you know where the hot or cold meal was made days before you consume it?"

She has a point.

So, with timing aside, let's talk ingredients.

"The scrambled egg or the omelette that you just had was not only egg but can be a mix of egg and other substitute." she explained. "That cut fruit which is on your tray still looks fresh and how is that possible when it was cut hours before the departure, have you ever wondered?"

Yes, but frankly, we're often too hungry to care. There, we said it.

Air travel often restricts our palates meaning the food we consume is often seasoned within an inch of its life in order to satisfy hungry passengers.

"[Air pressure] causes our taste buds and sense of smell to go partially numb, compared to on ground. This has major impact on how food tastes and smells," she explains.

"This makes it super bland. So airline catering in recent years has really pumped up the spices, salts, and fats – all to make your mouth happy.”

If you want to show people you know your stuff, do like the cabin crew do and pack your own meals as Shreya says: "A passenger bringing his own food shows a lot of awareness.”



Why is it that when we’re getting off an airplane, we look about ten times worse than we did when we got on it, but the cabin crew still look the same?

We decided that if they can manage to maintain their look throughout a four hour flight, then we need to find out what they’re doing so that we can apply it to our everyday routine. So, we caught up with Suzanne Donaghy, a member of cabin crew, to ask her how on earth they do it.

“I tend to use MAC products,” Suzanne explains, “such as the studio fix foundation and their bronzing powder. I like to go a shade darker than my normal foundation tone so that the uniform and the cabin lights doesn't make you look washed out”.

Ah, so that’s why we instantly feel ten times pastier than usual as soon as we step on the plane. And there we were thinking it was just the fear of being the palest person on the beach kicking in early!

Suzanne also says that eye make-up is a really important part of the cabin crew look: “I love the first Naked eye shadow pallet by Urban Decay because of the variety of shades that you can mix and match.”

Before you get down to doing that though, you need to look after the base. Suzanne explains: “A good base primer such as Smashbox or Two Faced helps to keep my make-up in place while flying long hours. It also helps my foundation to glide on and look even.”

The next piece of advice Suzanne offers may put an end to your airport bevvies, as she says the key to looking good is to keep hydrated: “Water is essential for the role of cabin crew. You would be surprised with how dehydrated you get from working up in the sky. I also use Nuxe Oil for my body, face and hair. It rehydrates the skin and also smells delicious…like summer holidays!”

Last but not least – the lips. We love a bit of colour on our lips, but sometimes wonder why we bother when it disappears within an hour. However, Suzanne says the lipstick she uses is pretty stubborn – in a good way: “Maybelline 12hr stay is great for keeping that fresh look colour on my lips. It's stubborn to get off and the end of the working day, but does a fantastic job with minimal application.”

Sounds good to us!