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We all know at least one person who goes into full panic mode during a flight if the slightest bit of turbulence occurs. If you don't know anyone in your friend group, it's probably you…

Nervous flyers are pretty common, considering you're putting your entire trust in two people you've never met before in a cockpit.

The actual process of flying can cause huge amounts of discomfort, be it from the taking off aspect, the turbulence during or the landing. One flight attendant has revealed the best seat for anxious flyers;

"If you’re a nervous flyer or feel uneasy with turbulence, then sit as close to the front of the plane as possible. If you like turbulence and feeling everything then sit near the back of the plane," the former flight attendant named Matt, told The Mirror.

The ex-Easy Jet employee also revealed which seats have the most leg room, which we're fairly sure everyone already knows but nevertheless. It's nice to have an actual flight attendant's word for it.

"If you like extra legroom, the first row or emergency exit rows are good but be prepared to not have anything on the floor where you’re sat as you’re only allowed stuff in the overhead lockers. The floor has to be clear in case an emergency evacuation is needed."

The pilot is likely to avoid any turbulence from the front of the plane, so if you sit near the cockpit you'll probably avoid the experience too.

The front row or an emergency exit row is the ideal spot for those long-legged people (we're envious of you). If you're getting sweaty palms at the thought of the plane shaking, definitely don't sit at the back.

The back of the plane is the worst place to be anyway, seeing as the bathrooms are usually mid-way up the plane or at the front. You've got to have priorities, so book the front seat and pay the fee if you need comfort.

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Blue Monday is seriously getting us down, and 

In an effort to uplift the spirit of our good nation on the most depressing day of the year, Ryanair have announced a sale.

However, you've got to act fast because it ends at midnight.

'It’s officially the most depressing day of the year and there is no better way to help beat those winter blues than by booking a getaway,' said Ryanair's Robin Kiely. 

'We’ve launched a huge Blue Monday sale with up to 20% off a million seats across our entire European network.'

'This incredible offer will end at midnight (24:00hrs) tonight, so customers should log on quickly and bag a bargain pick-me-up today.'

Flights to locations like London, Newcastle, Hamburg, Faro, Edinburgh and Brussels are currently listed for less than €20.00. 

Nab some winter sun in Milan, Madrid, Bologna, Cyprus, Malaga, Rome or Barcelona for under €30.00. 

Ladies, we know what we're doing at lunchtime.



Sitting at your desk in work staring at the screen right now, dying to get away?

Then this news is bound to put a smile on your face – Ryanair is having a flash seat sale, so your back to work blues could be banished. 

Look forward to 2019 with a holiday for yourself, you and your partner, or you and the gals on the cheap.

The Summer Seat Sale is in full swing – with loads of destinations available for €21.55 or less.

London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris, Ibiza, Warsaw and La Rochelle included. 

For €24.49, you could hit up Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid, Porto, Budapest, or Prague. 

For under thirty quid, at €28.41, you can visit Valencia, Malta, Alicante, Malaga, or Bratislava. 

At the higher end of the scale, for less than €50, head to Pisa, AThens, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Venice, Krakow or Bordeux.

The sale includes flights between now and April 2019, so get booking. 



Longing to get away from the dreary winter weather we're having?

Then this news is bound to put a smile on your face – Ryanair is having a flash seat sale.

Look forward to 2019 with a holiday for yourself, you and your partner, or you and the gals. 

Ryanair's 2019 Early Bird Deal Seat Sale kicks off today, with deals on holiday destinations from €9.99.

Get booking fast, as the offer is only on until Sunday. 

Sunshine destinations like Faro, Gran Canaria, Malaga and Lanzarote are all up for grabs. 

Feeling more like a city break?

London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris and Amsterdam are all included in the sale. 

Happy holiday shopping.  



Longing to get away from the dreary winter weather we're having?

Then this news is bound to put a smile on your face – Ryanair is having a flash seat sale.

Fly to destinations like Paris, Edinburgh, London, Hamburg (and many more) from just €9.99.

Other destinations, including Paris, Berlin, Santander, Amsterdam, Milan, Nice and Athens, come with a ticket price of under twenty quid. 

The budget airline tweeted about their sale, and while some were delighted to hear of the cheap seats, others brought up a racism controversy the airline is currently caught up in. 

Over the weekend, footage emerged of a male Ryanair flight passenger verbally abusing a fellow passenger. 

In the footage, a man in a window seat refused to sit next to an elderly woman of colour seated in an aisle seat.

The man hurled insults at the woman, told her he would push he out of her seat if she did not move seats, and called her an 'ugly black b*stard' before the flight took off. 

When the woman spoke to him he responded, 'Don't talk to me in a f*cking foreign language, you stupid, ugly cow.'

When pressed for a statement to the footage, Ryanair tweeted that they had reported the matter to the police. 



Make sure to hurry up and book that last minute holiday to Spain, Bali, or wherever you can soak up the last bits of summer sunshine.

It seems the Ryanair strikes are finally over!

Which means we can finally fly somewhere without the possibility of cancelled flights looming over us.

Yesterday, after months of pilots’ disputes, the airline company reached an agreement with the trade union Fórsa, according to The Irish Times.

But it wasn’t easy for the two parties to find a settlement that satisfied the union pilots and the low-cost airline.

It took long nights, copious amounts of caffeine, and compromise from both sides.

And finally, after 22 hours of negotiation from Wednesday to Thursday morning, they found a way to end the ongoing disputes.

The verbal deal is not quite set in stone yet, for it is set to go to ballot where it will be voted on by about 100 Dublin-based, Ryanair pilots.

Nevertheless, the company seems confident the agreement will be passed as it will be backed by both the pilots and Fórsa representatives.

Due to the pilots' hectic travel schedule, the ballot is predicted to take two weeks to organise.

Both Ryanair and Fórsa have been instructed not to discuss the details of the reached proposal until the ballot is over.

The Ryanair strikes have resulted in five days of strike action by about 100 Dublin-based pilots.

Ryanair pilots in Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands also took part in the strikes, resulting in the largest walkout for the airline ever.

We are so glad that an agreement has been reached that works for both the pilots and the airline.

Now, we can book those last minute holidays and enjoy the little while of summer we have left. 


If you're headed to the airport, you may want to look away now.

Ryanair pilots in Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands are staging a 24-hour strike over pay and conditions.

The industrial action taken by the five European countries has been described as the largest walkout for the airline.

Consequently, around 15 percent of Ryanair's flight schedule has experienced disruptions. 

Ryanair said they were forced to cancel 250 flights to and from Germany, on Friday, August 10.

However, there is good news for those flying in and out of the Netherlands.

The low-cost airline said their schedule for August 10 will operate as normal. 

In a morning tweet update, the airline stated that 2,000 flights will take off and will carry almost 400,000 passengers today.

AFP is reporting that a total of around 400 flights have been cancelled throughout Europe.

This means an estimated 55,000 passengers will be impacted, according to the news agency.

Understandably, passengers who are bearing the brunt of the cancellations have expressed their grievances on Twitter.

One user wrote: "Hi Ryanair my flight from Rome Ciampino to London Stansted has been cancelled. There's no information and no staff to be seen at the airport. I'm stuck at the gate. Some information (food and compensation) would be great!"

Another Twitter account posted a video of a number of people awaiting delayed luggage in the early hours of the morning.

The user tweeted "Can you explain [to] all of us (people from seven different flights) why, after a two hour plus delay, we have been waiting for another hour and a half for our luggage? At 2 am? Are you serious?" 

Ryanair have been attempting to manage pilot strikes throughout Europe since early July.

The airline has requested striking unions to "continue negotiations."

We hope if you're flying with Ryanair, you get to go on your holibobs.

A good cocktail and some sunshine will soon make you forget your travel stress.

If you're one of the unlucky ones – enjoy your wine, angry tweets and a good cry. 


More bad news for anyone planning on flying with Ryanair this Friday.

The airline have just announced the cancellation of 24 flights today, which will affect thousands of passengers.

This decision comes after a pilot union refused to postpone its planned strike action for this Friday.

Ryanair had invited representatives of trade union Fórsa, who are behind the upcoming strike, to discuss the ongoing row over how transfers, holidays and promotions are allocated among their pilots.

Ryanair said that unless the pilots postponed their strike by 5pm yesterday, the airline would be forced to cancel 24 flights today, mainly between Ireland and the UK, for this Friday, July 20th. 

According to The Independent, a spokesperson for the trade union confirmed  that this deadline was not met.

“We needed more notice than what they had asked. We’re in the business of solving an industrial dispute. The earliest we can meet them is on either Wednesday or Thursday,” they said. 

Eddie Wilson, chief people officer at Ryanair, said many of the proposals made by Fórsa at a meeting with airline management last week were “contradictory and work to the disadvantage of Irish pilots and our business model.''

Passengers are understandably  upset at this further disruption with many taking to social media to vent their frustration. 

One wrote, ''Why does anyone still book with that joke of an airline?'' while others showed their support for the pilots striking, saying, ''absolutely no one gives up a days pay without good reason. Ryanair pilots are changing the game for all staff in the company and deserve nothing but support.''

Keep on eye out for any updates and fingers crossed that you're not affected!


Holidaymakers don't fear!

Industrial action for Ryanair pilots is underway this morning.

Despite the strike, the majority flights are still going ahead. (YASSS)

An agreement between trade union representatives couldn't be thrashed out after seven hours of talks.

Check your phone: Ryanair has said any customers affected by the 30 of 290 flights cancelled, have been notified. 

Don't worry if you haven't received an alert, you will be sipping cocktails in no time, as you should continue with your travel plans as usual. 

Yesterday, the airline took to Twitter and posted a letter detailing the discussions.

It read: "Ryanair pilot union talks conclude without agreement.

"Ryanair expects a strike by 27% of Irish pilots to proceed tomorrow."

Last week, the union representing the pilots indicated that 99 percent of their members were in favour of seeking industrial action after a ballot.

Ryanair tweeted this morning, that they 'regret the decision' taken by a quarter of their Irish pilots to strike. 

They said they believe that the pilots should "take up our offer of working groups" to come to a solution. 

Spare us a thought when you're pool-side, the Irish summer is back. (Cue internal crying.)



It has been confirmed that Ryanair will cancel up to 30 Irish flights this Thursday, 12 July due to strike action by pilots.

Pilots will strike for 24 hours on Thursday. The strike will begin at 1am  and end at 1am the next day.

They are taking action following a conflict over management’s approach to the transferring of pilots between it's African and European bases.

Ryanair said only some services will be affected by the strike. Flights from Ireland to Europe will continue as normal.

The airline has issued a statement following the strike announcement. They said they tried their best to avert this disruption, but it will go ahead on Thursday.
"All customers on these flights have received text and email notification of these cancellations earlier today and our Customer Service teams are assisting them with refunds, free transfers to alternative flights on Thursday, or Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

"For customers travelling to the UK we will also be assisting them with alternative transport on comparable operators (both flights & ferries) where there is some limited space available."



An impending strike action from Ryanair is the LAST thing we want to think about as we pack our bags, preparing to run to the beach, but it could become a reality later this month. 

Before you go changing any plans, breathe. There's still time to potentially rearrange a few things and look at getting some potential compensation, should your flight get cancelled.

HolidayGuru.ie have compiled a set of tips to follow, which may be helpful, should you be affected.   

Here's what you need to know: 

Can I claim compensation due to a strike?

This depends on whether the airline is legally obliged to provide compensation if the flight is affected due to reasons beyond their control e.g volcanic eruption, a strike, extreme weather.

Depending on who is striking you may be able to claim up to approximately €530 in compensation from your airline.

  • With Ryanair, you may be eligible to claim monetary compensation if your flight was delayed more than 3 hours on arrival or cancelled within 14 days of departure.

  • They say “If the delay or cancellation was unexpected and therefore outside of our control (extraordinary circumstances) no monetary compensation is due under EU Regulation 261/2004.”

What am I entitled to if my flight is cancelled?

Under EU regulation you are entitled to:

  • A full refund of the cost of the ticket within 7 days (fees may apply)

  • A substitute flight to your destination from another airport (additional travel costs will be covered by the airline)

  • A replacement flight outside the strike duration (usually limited to a 12-month period)

Fill out the Ryanair Claim form

If your flight is cancelled and you have to make temporary arrangements in a different city, make sure that you keep your spending costs low and keep the receipts. You can claim a reimbursement from the airline when you return home.

Ryanair has a claim form which can be found on their “Contact us” page. To claim your expenses, you have to provide the flight number, date of the delay or cancelled flight and proof of your expenses such as photos of receipts, PDFs etc.

What happens if the airline rejects your claim?

  • Use an adjudicator or regulator to take the claim further.

  • Take the claim to court: If the airline still reject your claim or you are unhappy with the outcome of your claim then you can take them to court. The court may refuse claims if they date back more than 6 years in England, Northern Ireland and Wales (five years in Scotland) so be sure to keep this in mind.

  • Your insurer may be able to help. Check the terms and conditions of your insurance policy to see what situations it will cover. You may also receive payment to cover hotel costs or alternative transport you require; the airlines should provide this by law, however, as previously stated.


If you are heading on your holidays, let's hope it isn't on July 12.

Ryanair cabin crew have signalled that they are joining pilots in their strike action. 

Earlier this week, Ryanair was served a notice of industrial action on behalf of Ryanair pilots by Irish Airline Pilots’ Association (IALPA).

The union revealed that 99 percent of their member supported the ballot calling for the action.

The results of Tuesday's ballot confirmed that a 24-hour strike would take place on Thursday, July 12, at 1 am. 

Cabin crew have now announced they will accompany pilots in their work stoppage if their demands are not met.

The Ryanair staff penned their requirements which covered pay, work rotates, annual leave, pensions and compensation.

Last night it was submitted to management.

The move to create a list of demands was branded "pointless" by Ryanair.

Commenting on the development, union official Oliver Richardson said:

"We are a federation. We don't call strike action… strike action is called by our affiliates.

"As a federation, would we support as best as we could those affiliates in taking that action? Of course, we would."

The airline has stated talks are already underway with unions to negotiate the issues raised.

Fingers and toes crossed it gets sorted!