Panicked and on the verge of a weekend away, all too many times before we've dropped a serious wad of cash on travel-sized toiletries.

Mad, blind dash around Boots the night before our flight? Yup, that'll be us. Shovelling items into our trolley as we navigate Tesco fours hours before the gate closes? Guilty as charged. 

And while this GORGEOUS new range from Lidl might not help you get any more organised, it's certainly a lot easier on your holiday pocket.

The supermarket's mini provitamin shampoo is a mere 79c for 50ml. A mini toothpaste is 49c and a 100ml volume hairspray is 89c. For the lads, there is a 75ml shaving foam for 79c and a 50ml 2-in-1 sports shower gel also for 79c.

Airport security-friendly body lotion, hand cream, lipbalm and deodorant is all available too and nothing costs more than a euro.

The range has already landed in select Lidl stores, but it's being rolled out nationwide shortly.