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The John Lewis Christmas advert is always one of the most magical, if not the best, festive ads and we look forward to it every single year.

No matter the competition, it always seems to come out on top. 

John Lewis has released the teaser trailer for their advert and we are way too excited about it.

In the clip, we get a glimpse at the home of Excitable Edgar, who loves all things festive- Christmas trees, Christmas food, Christmas snow, Christmas lights. 

The teaser trailer shows a small child knocking on a dragon iron knocker. As the door opens, snow falls from its head, and unveils a room with the fire on.

The clip reveals the date for this year’s John Lewis advert and we don’t have long to wait.

This year’s advert will be released on Thursday, November 14. The video teased, ‘Meet Edgar, 14.11.19’

Elton John starred in last year’s John Lewis advert, but many felt it lacked the magic of previous animated adverts. We’re hoping John Lewis go back to the old style advert like 2013’s The Bear and the Hare, which featured Lily Allen’s stunning rendition of Somewhere Only We Know.


November is here which mean it is time to prepare yourself for an influx of festive adverts. Supermarket Christmas ads never fail to turn us into blubbering messes. The power they have over us is shocking and this year is no different.

Asda’s Christmas advert has just landed and we’re struggling to stop the tears from falling. The magical advert reminds us that our siblings are always there to bring joy into our lives, especially during the holidays.

The touching advert follows siblings Tilly and Jack who are trying to capture the magic of Christmas with the help of their late grandfather.

At the beginning of the ad, Tilly sees the Northern Lights which her grandfather once referred to as ‘Santa’s left over magic’.

The little girl creates a contraption using her grandfather’s old walking stick and a glass jar and manages to collect the leftover magic.

The brother and sister watch their hometown transform into a Christmas wonderland as the magic turns homes into gingerbread houses and people into snowmen.

However, little Tilly is heartbroken when the magic runs out, but her big brother comes to the rescue by bringing the magic of Christmas into their home.

You can watch the full video here but make sure you’ve got the tissues at the ready:


One of our favourite parts of Christmas is the unveiling of the holiday John Lewis ad.

And this year’s iconic advert is simply magical.

Opening with the legendary Elton John playing the piano, his tune Your Song becomes his life soundtrack.

We watch him become younger and younger, from modern times to his dynamic youth.

Before he was the Elton John, he was just a teenager with a passion for music and for pushing melodic boundaries.

His life through the ages consisted of playing in the school recital, on the stage, and eventually, in the recording studio.

The advert ends with him as a young boy waking up on Christmas morning. He runs into the sitting room to find his mum and grandma beside the Christmas tree.

He spots a massive present wrapped up just for him and eagerly rips off the paper – it is his first piano.

He strikes a key and is transformed to the musical talent we know and love – an older Elton John.

The music fades out to a single crescendo and he eventually closes the piano.

Across the screen are the words: “Some gifts are more than just a gift”.

John Lewis has done it again, showing the powerful impact that some gifts can have on children’s lives.

What do you think? Do you like this year’s ad?



Yes, we're talking about Christmas already – but hey, it's to do with the John Lewis ad, ok?

The iconic ad is something that everyone looks forward to every year and this year looks set to be even better than ever.

It has been reported that Sir Elton has signed on the dotted line to voice the ad for a whopping £5 million.

His hit ''Your Song'' will be the soundtrack for the department store TV ad and that Elton himself will appear onscreen playing the piano.

So, what's the storyline this year?

It will reportedly follow Elton's life, with a younger version of him with his family and then through time as he grows up.

At the end of the ad, it’ll be the Elton as we know now.

According to the Mail, ''it is all very, very charming and the exciting crescendo at the end will be Elton playing his famous piano.''

This all hasn't been confirmed but a John Lewis spokesman said, ''we are lucky enough to enjoy lots of speculation around our TV ads, much of which is wildly inaccurate, and our one rule is to never comment on any aspect simply because we want to keep the magic.''

We can't wait to see it!


If there's one thing guaranteed to make us teary-eyed, it's a top-notch Christmas ad.

And if there's one thing guaranteed to tip us right over the edge, it's the power of nostalgia.

With this in mind, it's fair to say Boots have knocked it out of the park this festive season.

As part of their #ShowThemYouKnowThem campaign, the retail giant have tapped into the unique relationship women share with their sisters in an ad which shows two siblings silently take a trip down memory lane together.

"It’s about old memories and the new ones you’re yet to make," Boots reminds us. "It’s about the secrets you’ve shared and the laughs you won’t forget."

The ad, which will go live tomorrow night during X Factor, had most of sniffling into our sleeves and reminding ourselves just how much we love that sister of ours.

Take a look at this…



I think it's safe to say that we all have a special place in our hearts for that ICONIC Cornflakes Christmas ad!

Image result for cornflakes christmas ad

The best (and most adorable) part of the advertisement was, and always will be, the adorable little toddler in the pink onesie.

Her "ho ho ho" was sheer cinematic GENIUS, and we will love it forever. 

Image result for alexandra stapley

Anyway, we decided to a little bit of research into where that little blond baby has been over the past 20 years or so. 

Our first discovery was the fact that the little girl was actually played by Holly and Alexandra Stapley, a set of twins. 

The advert originally aired in 1991 (feel old yet?), and has been blessing our TV screens every Christmas since then.

While neither of the girls ended up pursuing acting as a career, they have made some very cool cameo appearances over the years. 


Alexandra had a minor role in Mean Girls (see photo below), and Holly did a bit of modelling while she was a teenager. 

Image result for alexandra stapley

Holly currently works as a full-time nurse, and got married in 2013, while Alexandra is a sales rep for Nissan in Canada.

Related image

Well, if that doesn't make you feel nostalgic I don't know what will.

Ho ho ho… 



Christmas ads are big business, and every year we look forward to the latest batch of tearjerkers.

Generally following a tried and tested formula, advertisers bring us on a journey which ultimately sees us reaching for a box of tissues before phoning friends and family to profess our love.

And while Polish online auction website, Allegro, have done much the same, it looks like their decision to drop the F-bomb in the middle of the touching commercial has done much to boost its popularity online.

Documenting an elderly man's progress with the English language, the ad shows him practicing the language by labelling household items and mimicking 'not before the watershed' lines he hears on television.

So, when he is finally given the opportunity to practice the language on family members, it's no real surprise that YouTubers feared he'd ruin the precious moment by effing and blinding all over the place,

"Oh god, i thought he was going to say "i am going to f*cking kill you" at the end," wrote one.

"Was expecting him in the end to go "I gonna f*cking kill you"," added another.

Ah lads, as if they'd end it like that…



For the 90s kid, the Coca-Cola Christmas truck is as synonymous with December 25 as Santa himself.

So, it’s little wonder that Twitter has been left saddened to see the world’s most celebrated holiday campaign tampered with in the most unnecessary of ways.

While the majority of the advert has followed the same general theme for the last 21 years, Christmas enthusiasts have noticed that missing from this year’s ad is the animated Santa Claus who winks at the little boy from the back of the Coke lorry.

Fans also discovered that the jingle at the end of the clip had been altered.

After the ad was played on UK television last night, distressed social media users raced online to discuss the changes.

What follows is just a sample of the chaos which ensued:



Moral of the story?  Don't mess with perfection.


We’ve had trampoline loving boxers, robin rescues and history reimagined around a coat, but a pair of teddy bears making their way through the airport is quickly becoming a favoured Christmas ad.

Much to the surprise and delight of holiday enthusiasts, Heathrow Airport has released its first Christmas campaign – a brief documentation of Mr and Mrs Bair’s journey home.

The video features heartwarming moments involving mistletoe, toy passport checks, a lot of paw holding and an all too real struggle with a baggage carousel.

Check it out below:  


From its statement trenches to patterned scarves, Burberry has long been synonymous with luxury.

But as the iconic brand’s newly released Christmas trailer suggests, Burberry is also a name which has survived the trials and tribulations of the 20th century.

Featuring our very own Domhnall Gleeson as brand founder Thomas Burberry and American Sniper star Sienna Miller as his wife, the label’s latest mini movie documents 160 years of fictionalised history.

In what is bound to be one of the year’s most stunning advertising campaigns, Brendan Gleeson’s son can be seen kissing the popular model, while The Wire’s Dominic West plays British explorer Ernest Shackleton and Cinderella lead Lily James channels a fictional pilot based on Betty Kirby-Green.

Get your first Christmas feels below:



When it comes to Christmas advertising, Coca-Cola are often considered the ringleaders of the perfect Christmas ad. 

The popular soft drinks company are single handedly responsible for the fact that Santa is always dressed in red. Before the Coke ads of the early twentieth century, St. Nick used to be decked out in green!

Not only did the company make festive advertising a thing, but the Coke truck that was featured in their most popular ad campaign still gets people into a frenzy. So yeah, they defo know what they are doing. 

However, it turns out that even Coca-Cola can get it wrong from time to time. 

The company has recently been forced to pull a Mexican Christmas ad after it received a barrage of negative comments on social media following its debut. 

The ad starts by stating that "81.6% of indigenous Mexicans speak an indigenous tongue and feel rejected by Mexican society." 

Then, a group of pretty, white twenty-somethings decide to selflessly make a trip into the mountains to share a coke under the tree with the indigenous people of Mexico. 

The message is topped off by the hashtag #openyourheart. 

Following the advertisement's release, various health groups got in contact with Mexico's National Council to Prevent Discrimination labelling the ad as discriminatory and "outrageous for the indigenous [people]"

And the purported reason for the outrage is that Mexico has one of the highest rates of fizzy drinks consumption in the world as well as one of the fastest growing rates of obesity. While these issues are becoming increasingly difficult for people all over the country, they pose a significant and ongoing problem for indigenous people. 

So yeah, considering the amount of sugar one Coke contains, it's no surprise that people find the ad a bit hypocritical. 

Coca-Cola quickly removed the ad stating "We appreciated you sharing your concerns. We will be sure to pass along your comments."

Best stick to the big red trucks so. 



In the past few years Christmas ads have gained huge popularity, which every major retailer trying to out-do each other. 

But it's not just the retailers anymore as tech giant Apple has pulled out all the stops for its new Christmas ad which features Stevie Wonder and soul singer Andra Day. 

The duo sing Someday At Christmas, and with both of their voices combined, the song sure is something special: