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Less of a terrorist threat and more of terribly cute overload. 

So yesterday, Adelaide airport in southern Australia, nearly got shut down yesterday due to a bomb scare.  

Police where alerted that there was an abandoned bag in the airport's toilets and immediately sent a bomb squad in. It was all very dramatic. 

They approached the bag with carefully-trained caution, until the bag started moving…. it was a rabbit. 

A very well-behaved rabbit at that. Inside the pink Lorna Jane bag, the male rabbit was wearing a red harness, but had no other ID on him. Most have left it in his other hutch. 

"We had a hutch something might be a bit bunny when the bag started moving. Turns out there was no cause fur alarm, as inside was an extremely cute but wascaly wabbit," the APF wrote on their pun-filled Facebook page

"Don’t worry, be hoppy, the bunny is in the safe care of RSPCA South Australia and is no worse fur wear. He doesn't seem to carrot all about all the fuss. Lettuce hop someone can help find out who abandoned him at the hareport." 

Give whoever wrote that post a promotion please. 

Police then alerted the  RSPCA, who picked him up and kept him over night in a lovely warm cage. According to the RSPCA, the bunny bandit was unharmed. 

"This is the first job of this kind that I've come across in my 26 years of service with the RSPCA," rescue officer Nalika Van Loenen told ABC. "The young male rabbit is clearly very-well socialised and cared for."


While waiting for the RSPCA arrived, thr police put the roaming rabbit in a box and got him some shredded carrot from Subway. 

"We treat everything in the aviation space very seriously, but our bomb appraisal officers certainly weren't expecting to find a rabbit in unattended baggage," Commander McCann, police manager, said. "Thankfully, the rabbit is safe and well and hopefully the owner will be found."

Van Loenan explained that the rabbit may have been abandoned due to a number of reasons. 

"A couple of scenarios came to mind — his owner could have been leaving the country and knew by leaving their pet in a populated area he would be found and cared for," she  said. "Or they may have been planning on smuggling him on board a plane, but backed out at the last minute.

While the RSPCA are still on the hunt for the owners, they are "hoptimistic" about Rodger Rabbit's future.



An Irish firefighter, who was pictured giving a "singed" rabbit water has received huge praise online for the kind deed.

Tom Collins, a firefighter situated in Cork, was pictured online holding a tiny rabbit while feeding it water from a bottle.

Since then, he has received loads of positive feedback, which he says is "hugely unexpected."

"It's hard to explain, I put up a simple post with the picture that my colleague Adrian Collins took, and to get such a positive reaction on Facebook is really humbling," he told Breaking News.

Tom explained that he normally wouldn't come across many wild animals while fire fighting, but this little rabbit actually came up to him.

"We were dealing with the fire when the rabbit actually approached us, he looked a little worse for wear and his fur was singed," Tom said.

"I gave him a wash and a drink of water and he was happy to go off on his own again."

The picture has obviously touched many, with it receiving nearly 1,200 reactions on social media.

We can't help but smile at the kindness of this fireman.



Meet Walter and Betsy. They are your new source of knitwear inspiration, and they are rabbits. Flemish giant rabbits to be exact, which means they're massive. 

But they aren't just there to help you with your fashion choices, or make you coo in awe at their cuteness. 

The pair are certified therapy bunnies, who travel around visiting universities, nursing homes, and hospitals to provide emotional support to anyone who needs it.

See? Not just fashion icons. They've got big hearts too.

And when they're not making people feel better, they like to just take it handy with their owner, Jenn Eckert. 

Jenn adopted Betsy from the Wisconsin Humane Society back in 2013. 

She told The Dodo that she chose Betsy as her hubby didn't want her to get a cat or dog, "so the next option was a rabbit."

"I went with the largest one I could find."

A few months later, Jenn returned to the same sanctuary to adopt Walter, and luckily, Walter and Betsy quickly bonded and became best friends.

And it just so happened that they wore the same size…

So Jenn started dressing the little dudes in coordinating outfits.

Sometimes matching.

Always in colours that compliment each other.

As well as a seriously funky wardrobe, the pair have their own special pram to travel around in style.

They're little bunny heroes, basically. And they're squeezably cute. 

And one final one…

You can follow the adventures of Betsy and Walter over on the Rabbitat for Humanity Facebook page.


When a rabbit decided to wander through the giraffe enclosure at Dublin Zoo, our long-necked friends wanted a closer look.

Trying to see what on earth has just bounded into its home, the giraffe leans down and pokes the bunny with its nose, revealing the bravest rabbit we've ever seen!