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Happy World Animal Day!

Where would we be without our fluffy pets and long-time supporters waiting by the door to welcome us home each evening?

Probably in a constant state of depression and loneliness, and, god forbid, we would have to completely rely on human relationships.

So to honour our furry friends, Twitter users are sharing photos of our favourite friends giving us some greatly needed confidence boosts.

The thread has taken off and has debatably become the best thing to ever happen on social media.

I bet you didn't know that Michael D. Higgins' dog had a rags-to-riches story. How adorable!

These majestic birds can travel the world but are constantly homesick. They always come back when they're ready to settle down.

 The Takahē is my new spirit animal.

And here our some of our favourite inspirational beings:

Animals always know the right thing to say to get us feeling fierce and fabulous.

Self-confidence has never looked better coming from these cute creatures.

So, next time someone tries to tell you what to do, channel your inner Grizzly Bear and stand up for yourself.

These wild beasts give the best advice on how to live your life outside the cage.


Less of a terrorist threat and more of terribly cute overload. 

So yesterday, Adelaide airport in southern Australia, nearly got shut down yesterday due to a bomb scare.  

Police where alerted that there was an abandoned bag in the airport's toilets and immediately sent a bomb squad in. It was all very dramatic. 

They approached the bag with carefully-trained caution, until the bag started moving…. it was a rabbit. 

A very well-behaved rabbit at that. Inside the pink Lorna Jane bag, the male rabbit was wearing a red harness, but had no other ID on him. Most have left it in his other hutch. 

"We had a hutch something might be a bit bunny when the bag started moving. Turns out there was no cause fur alarm, as inside was an extremely cute but wascaly wabbit," the APF wrote on their pun-filled Facebook page

"Don’t worry, be hoppy, the bunny is in the safe care of RSPCA South Australia and is no worse fur wear. He doesn't seem to carrot all about all the fuss. Lettuce hop someone can help find out who abandoned him at the hareport." 

Give whoever wrote that post a promotion please. 

Police then alerted the  RSPCA, who picked him up and kept him over night in a lovely warm cage. According to the RSPCA, the bunny bandit was unharmed. 

"This is the first job of this kind that I've come across in my 26 years of service with the RSPCA," rescue officer Nalika Van Loenen told ABC. "The young male rabbit is clearly very-well socialised and cared for."


While waiting for the RSPCA arrived, thr police put the roaming rabbit in a box and got him some shredded carrot from Subway. 

"We treat everything in the aviation space very seriously, but our bomb appraisal officers certainly weren't expecting to find a rabbit in unattended baggage," Commander McCann, police manager, said. "Thankfully, the rabbit is safe and well and hopefully the owner will be found."

Van Loenan explained that the rabbit may have been abandoned due to a number of reasons. 

"A couple of scenarios came to mind — his owner could have been leaving the country and knew by leaving their pet in a populated area he would be found and cared for," she  said. "Or they may have been planning on smuggling him on board a plane, but backed out at the last minute.

While the RSPCA are still on the hunt for the owners, they are "hoptimistic" about Rodger Rabbit's future.


If you're having a bad day, then you'll be very happy you clicked into this article. 

Meet Buddy…the happy-go-lucky ball of fluff who has totally stolen our hearts. 


Typical  #rascal #stillcutedoe

A video posted by Buddy Dass (@buddy_dass) on

Buddy is a pure-bred golden retriever, who happens to have 22,000 followers on Instagram (casual). 


Wassup where we going? @starbucks ?! 

A photo posted by Buddy Dass (@buddy_dass) on

He has the most adorable, smiling face that could cheer up even the grumpiest of individuals. 


#tbt it's me  #baby Buddy 

A photo posted by Buddy Dass (@buddy_dass) on

If, like us, you cannot get enough of Buddy and his cuteness, head over to his Instagram for LOADS more adorable pictures.


Just a couple of guys doing #guy stuff 

A photo posted by Buddy Dass (@buddy_dass) on

You're welcome. 


Puppies and kittens are old news ladies, because we all of a sudden NEED a pet otter in our lives. 

We came to this conclusion after we spent at least 2 hours stalking the adorable Takechiyo on Instagram. 



A video posted by ayak (@ponchan918) on

Takechiyo lives in Japan with his lucky owner, who posts fabulous pictures and videos on Instgram of him every day. 



A video posted by ayako@ponchan918) on

This adorable little fella has over 200,00 followers on his Insta account… which is mega-impressive when you consider the fact that he's an otter.



A photo posted by ayako(@ponchan918) on

HOWEVER, we can totally understand his popularity, as he is the grooviest little guy ever. 

Just look at his cheeky little grin! 

The best part of this fantastic Instagram account are the videos of little Takechiyo eating, and the glorious munching sounds he makes.




A video posted by ayako (@ponchan918) on

Takechiyo also really likes swimming, and those videos are just as wonderful as the eating ones. 



A video posted by ayako (@ponchan918) on

Takechiyo is a guaranteed way to put a smile on your face, no matter how grumpy you may feel!

We want to steal him!  



We all know puppies are cute, and putting them in Christmas jumpers is somehow improving on perfection.

These pups of Instagram are getting us in the festive spirit.

We just wish our Christmas outfits were as cute as theirs. 

1. This little guy is serving up the best Christmas card we've seen all year. 


A photo posted by @tobypuff on

2. This fairy light fan looks like that 12 pubs member who wraps themselves in the twinkling strands and then doesn't get in.


A photo posted by Scheggia (@scheggiaaaaa) on

3. This pup is clearly done with this reindeer ensemble


A photo posted by Madden (@shitheadmadden) on

4. Patiently waiting for Santa to come in the fanciest frock we've ever seen.

5. Dapper enough for mass on Christmas day we think.

6. Something tells us this little guy isn't really feeling his new-found knit wear.


A photo posted by miho (@mihoul) on

7. This guy, on the other hand, seems pretty thrilled with his festive look.

8. This gorgeous greyhound looks pretty shocked by the professional set up


A photo posted by • MINDY KAYSER (@mindy_kayser) on

9. This Yorkie hasn't made much progress decorating the tree.

10. Outfit on fleek! 




'Super cute' and 'exhibition' aren't terms you'd normally put together – but when it comes to Dublin's new petography exhibit, they're perfectly matched.

On Tuesday night a host of Ireland's best known faces gathered together to look at some rather unique photos of their pets at the Petography: Secret Life of Pets Exhibition in Dublin's Temple Bar.

The display, which was created by the team from Universal Pictures Ireland to celebrate the release of The Secret Life of Pets, documents what the pets of Irish celebrities get up to when their owners aren't around.

Featuring the furry friends of international rugby player Gordon D’Arcy, TV presenters Glenda Gilson and Kathryn Thomas and models Roz Purcell, Rosanna Davison and Holly Carpenter, this launch was a cuteness overload.

The free display – which opened to the public yesterday and will run until June 28 – is being held at Filmbase in Temple Bar to help raise money for Ireland's largest animal welfare charity, the ISPCA.

In two weeks time when the event closes, the images – which were shot by celebrity photographer Lili Forberg – will be auctioned off to raise funds for the charity.

Free event – check.  Good cause – check.   Adorable animals – check. 

The Secret Life of Pets will hit Irish cinema screens on June 24, and we are PUMPED!



Behold, the spikiest, chubbiest bundle of cuteness you've ever seen. 

Jabba the hedgehog has been dubbed The Big One by staff at Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue in the UK for his larger-than-life size.

Weighing in at 4lbs – three times heavier than the average hedgehog – Jabba is the size of a standard football.

Unfortunately for Jabba though, his weight is something of an issue, as it means he can't curl into a ball to protect himself when out in the wild.

It seems the poor fella piled on more than a few 'holiday pounds' after being found and taken in last year. A diet of puppy food and mealworm meant Jabba soon began piling on the pounds – which can be just as dangerous for hedgehogs as it is for humans.

Staff at the Willtshire rescue centre took Jabba in recently, and have him on a strict diet which has already seen him drop 40g. Good man, Jabba.

While you won't see him hitting spin class any time soon, Jabba has been getting some good exercise of late thanks to smart staff who have placed his food at one end of his hutch, and his bed at the other.

Once Jabba's weight gets closer to 650g, he'll hopefulyl be allowed back into the wild.

"He needs to get on the treadmill and we have got to get him to lose weight," animal carer Darren Quires told the Daily Mail.

Best of luck Jabba!