Jacqueline Arguello's dog, Mocca, recently fell in love and had a litter of ADORABLE little puppies.  

However, it has not been plain sailing since the birth of her babies. 

Mocca recently gave birth to a litter of adorable, healthy pups. However, Arguello and her family were confused when one after another, the puppies came out with different, dark shades of fur.

Mocca is a small, white poodle, as was her baby-daddy. 

The litter of puppies were born with dark brown fur, and the entire internet is calling for a paternity test.

Arguello said she and her parents started speculating if Mocca had snuck out and bred with another dog somehow. As far as the Arguellos knew, the poodle whom Mocca met and fell in love with* was the first dog she's ever had contact with.

Jacqueline spoke to Buzzfeed, where she explained that “he was the only dog we let her be around, so we knew he was the baby-daddy.”

The people of Twitter have called upon Jeremy Kyle and Maury to test the dogs' "pupternity" (LOL). 

The proud (and confused) owner tweeted various images of Mocca and the pups, and Twitter responded accordingly! 

"I'm tired of the lies," wrote one follower, while another said, "You are NOT the father!"

The original tweet, which was sent out last week, has been liked over 87,000 times, and retweeted more than 50,000 times. 

This gave us a right giggle.