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The ISPCA is issuing a reminder that pets do not make good gifts and should never be bought on a whim or given as a surprise at any time of year.  

The charity have re-released a thought provoking video called #PuppyDotCon, previously issued by the Irish Pet Advertising Advisory Group (IPAAG), of which the ISPCA is a founding member, which demonstrates how easy it is to be fooled by unscrupulous dog breeders and highlights the dangers of buying a pet after responding to an online advert.

Any new puppy, kitten or even an adult pet placed in a new home during the busy festive season can find the process very stressful, especially young puppies separated from their siblings.

What any new pet really needs is a quiet, calm, safe home where routines can be established straight away so everyone has a good start and can easily adjust to new surroundings. 

During the Christmas festivities is not the best time to introduce a new pet in your home says the ISPCA.


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ISPCA Chief Executive Officer, Dr Andrew Kelly said: “Responsible pet owners understand the commitment involved in owning a pet but in the lead up to Christmas, it can be easy to give in to pressure from Children looking to get a new puppy or a kitten.

"The ISPCA is asking parents to reconsider giving a pet as a gift this Christmas as taking on a pet is a long-term commitment that can affect your life for the next 15 years so it needs to be a well thought out decision with all the family. Pets do not make good gifts and should never be given as a surprise at any time of year”.

Andrew added:  “There are a number of unscrupulous puppy breeders who cater for the Christmas market and is important to do your research and have adequate time and financial resources to care for a pet responsibly.  This year, the ISPCA is asking animal lovers to consider giving the gift of feeding a dog or puppy, a cat or kitten at one of the three ISPCA animal centres this Christmas.

"When you purchase a Thoughtful Gift from the ISPCA Shop, you will be helping many rescued animals in need this Christmas. 100% of profits from merchandise sales will go towards funding our life-saving work. You can also sign up to become an ISPCA volunteer or help out your local rescue centre this Christmas”.

"It’s not the case that on Stephen’s Day we see an influx of abandoned animals", said Andrew.  "We do see a problem later in the spring and summer months when puppies may have lost their ‘cute appeal’ when they might have started picking up bad habits due to the lack of attention, training, exercise and socialisation."

The charity recommends that you wait until after the festive season and go to the ISPCA for advice where expert staff will ensure that you and your new pet are a suitable match. Pets adopted from the ISPCA National Animal Centre will be health-checked, vaccinated, neutered or spayed and microchipped and the Centre is open to visitors Wednesday to Sunday from 11am – 4pm daily (Closed Christmas Day and New Year’s Day). 

As a charitable organisation, the ISPCA relies on public support for approximately 88% of funds which they receive through donations enabling us to continue our vital work rescuing animals that need help and rehabilitation costs are expensive. If you can this Christmas, please make a donation to support our work here.



As temperatures rise in Ireland this week, the ISPCA is sharing some tips and advice to help keep your pets safe during the hot weather.

ISPCA Public Relations Manager Carmel Murray id, ''We all love the summer sunshine but please plan in advance if you are bringing your pet anywhere with you in hot weather ensuring they won’t be left in a hot car for any length of time.

We want to protect our pets especially in warm weather – so follow these rules and keep them safe.

1. Avoid walking your dog during intense heat, early morning or evening walks is always best when it’s cooler. 

2. If the pavement is too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for their paws. 

3. Always have fresh cool water available and access to shade from the sun.

Walk when cooler (1)

Carmel said, ''If your pet is showing signs of severe overheating, move them to a cooler area immediately, spray with cool (not cold) water, and give a small drink of water and contact your vet.''

She continued, ''It is important to know the signs of overheating such as increased heart rate with excessive panting and drooling, drowsy or out of sorts, vomiting or diarrhoea”.

Don't leave dogs in hot cars. 

5. It is important to always have fresh water available for your pet; refresh and refill more often than on a normal day and leave extra if you are going out. 

Summer Pet Hazards (1)

6. Make sure they have access to shade and keep them indoors in cooler rooms when the heat becomes too extreme.

7. All caged animals, even if they are indoors, should be kept out of direct sunlight.

8. Keep an eye on aviaries or birdcages, which are near to a window.

9. Remember household chemicals and common summer foods can be toxic to pets. If using sunscreen or insect repellent, please ensure the product is labelled as safe for use on pets.

10. If you are unsure about certain products consult your vet. Alcoholic or caffeinated beverages, chocolate, coconut, grapes or raisins, onions, raw meat or excessively salty foods or foods containing the sweetener xylitol can be toxic or cause serious health issues for your pet. 

11. Keep them away from your pet during summer barbecues.

12. If you do witness an animal locked in a car on a hot day, try to establish how long the dog has been left in the car first, look for a pay and display a ticket on the dashboard. 

13. If the pet is showing signs of distress and overheating contact the local Garda station immediately or dial 999 /112 in an emergency and call our National Animal Cruelty Helpline on 1890 515 515.

Enjoy this bit of nice weather and just ask sure to keep on eye on your pets – you want them to enjoy it too. 


We will never understand how people can be so cruel to animals.

These saved dogs would melt your heart into little pieces, even though they haven't had the best start in life. 

Unfortunately, 86 dogs, including 23 puppies had to be rescued from an unlicensed dog breeder, by a Roscommon Dog Warden.

The animal's hero found them in "very poor conditions" according to the ISPCA.

One person had been caring for all 63 adult dogs and 23 puppies. 

Thankfully, the ADORABLE pooches are in the safe hands of the ISPCA

Heartbreakingly, 19 of them are being treated by the super vets for a number of conditions, including mange, eye and ear infections.

If the ISPCA didn't have enough on their plate, another 17 puppies were seized from a house on Thursday.

The pups were the consequence of irresponsible breeding by the owner. 

Understandably, the ISPCA is now calling on the public for financial donations to help care for the 100 canines, which the group have seized in just three days. 

Senior ISPCA Inspector Kevin McGinley said: “The ISPCA is grateful to have secured the removal of all dogs from this unlicensed premises." 

"With so many dogs in our care we are appealing to the public to support us financially with this challenge and by offering responsible homes for the pups and dogs. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Roscommon County Council and the county Dog Warden for their assistance.”

To relieve some of the pooch pressure, Dogs Trust stepped in and took 25 dogs, which the ISPCA "are very grateful for".

Breeds of the dogs range from Jack Russell terriers, Pugs and Shih Tzu's.-They're all just YUMMY.

The animals are all in the experienced hands of the ISPCA’s centres in Longford and Donegal. 

In light of the events, the ISPCA has called for the public to report any suspicions about unlicensed dog breeds to its National Animal Cruelty Helpline on 1890-515-515 or to their local authority.

It also asked owners to neuter their animals to avoid unwanted litters. 

If you're interesting in adopting any of the dogs, they will all be vaccinated, neutered and microchipped.

The ISPCA have a number of guidelines before you can adopt, such as a home visit to ensure that all their animals are responsibly re-homed.

If you could give one of these heart melting pups a good home, can we come over and give it a pet please? 

We will bring the cake and dog treats!


The sun has finally returned to Ireland and the temperatures are soaring. Rumour has it we could experience temperatures of 27 degrees next week. We rarely get treated to sunny weather here on the Emerald Isle, which means we certainly revel in every ounce of sun we can get.

Once the sun comes out we’ll have barbeques every other day and dust off our holiday clothes that have been hidden away in a suitcase since we got back from Spain.

The warm weather may be wonderful, but we must remember that animals may find it extremely difficult to deal with the heat.

Thankfully, the ISPCA has reminded us pet owners of the importance of minding our furry friends during the summer.

The charity stressed the importance of leaving out cold water for your dogs and cats. Make sure to put the bowl in an accessible and shaded part of your house or garden.

They also urged pet owners to provide shelter for their pets where they can take a break from the heat if they need to. Remember that animals need to cool down too, so supplying a spot in the shade from them is vital.

The ISPCA added that leaving your dog in the car is extremely dangerous.

They tweeted: “Temperatures could reach 28 degrees this weekend. The ISPCA would like to remind pet owners that leaving their dogs in the car in hot weather can be fatal in minutes, even with the windows down #dogsdieinhotcars”

Don’t neglect your pets during the heatwave.


The ISPCA is appealing for new homes for a number of cats currently in the care of the ISPCA National Animal Centre in Longford, o if you're a true cat-lover, this could be your opportunity to make a feline friend.

The cattery is now full to capacity with over 50 cats and kittens needing good homes.

So far this year, 351 cats and kittens have been responsibly rehomed from the Centre, 207 of which originated from an ex-research facility, with 144 being seized by or surrendered to our Inspectors.

50 cats remain at the ex-research facility and the ISPCA would like to be able to remove them before Christmas. 

The charity is appealing to members of the public to consider adopting one of these super friendly cats if they are considering getting a new pet. All the cats are fully vet checked, vaccinated, treated for parasites, litter trained, neutered or spayed and they will need to be re-homed as indoor cats only. 

Eva Ellis, ISPCA Centre Manager said: "These adorable cats will make wonderful pets plus they are naturally independent making them perfect companions for people with busy lifestyles."

"They love nothing more than to sit on a lap and be cuddled plus the mere act of stroking a cat has been known to release endorphins in our brain associated with well-being and happiness, linked to lowering blood pressure as well as lowering the risk of heart disease."

Eva continued: “We are however struggling to find new owners to adopt these gorgeous cats and with so many in our care, we are under pressure to find room to take in an additional 50 cats due to be removed from ex research laboratory by the end of December”.

“Despite spending their entire life living in a clinical environment with limited stimuli, these cats are all adorably interactive and love attention”.

Cats and kittens are not only puuurrrfect company but having a cat/pet also teaches children compassion and responsibility.  By understanding and respecting your cats’ needs and dignity, you’ll be passing on an important message to our younger generation.  

Once we find new homes for these adorable cats and kittens patiently waiting for new homes, it will help free up space in our cattery to help find more cats and kittens a new family to call their own.

You can visit the ISPCA National Animal Centre  Wednesday to Sunday from 11:30 to 4pm, email  info@ispca.ie or call  043 33 25035 (0) Visit the ISPCA website on http://www.ispca.ie/rehoming/cats_rehoming/ to see the many cats and kittens looking for good homes. 

 Your new best friend could be waiting!



Seven puppies have been rescued as part of a multi-agency operation tackling the illegal trade in puppies. 

The rescue mission to save the puppers took place last Thursday morning at Fishguard Port, Wales.

The animals were found dishevelled and 'filthy,' after being transported by ferry from Rosslare, Wexford in the boot of a car. 

The doggos, two foxhound type and five cocker spaniel type dogs, are now in the capable care of the ISPCA.

They had been stored in crates in the car, and the ferry journey was delayed by four hours.

The puppies, all under 10 weeks old, were subject to welfare concerns.

 'This incident again shows how some people are willing to disregard the welfare of defenceless animals and break the law purely to make a quick buck,' SPCA Chief Inspector Conor Dowling said.

'Thankfully, on this occasion, multi-agency cooperation meant that they were stopped.'

'The illegal smuggling of these puppies will now be investigated further.'

The dogs had a number of health issues when they were found, but are now being treated back in Ireland.

They are not currently available for rehoming but will be added to the rehoming page on the ISPCA website when they are ready for adoption.


Animal lovers, listen up! 

The ISPCA is bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase 'too cute for words' with the launch of its new Petmoji App.

Available for download on Apple iOS devices, this fun and exciting app allows users to support the charity's tremendous work by sharing a range of adorable Petmojis with their family and friends.

Developed in association with Banshee Apps, the ISPCA say they were delighted when the company's founder approached them with the idea.

Speaking about his desire to work with the charity, Adrian Parkes said: “With smartphones becoming almost universal and emoji’s becoming a second language, it’s very much part of our day-to-day digital conversations.  I admire the work of the ISPCA and I wanted to help out in a fun and creative way.”

ISPCA Ambassador Holly White and Fair City actress Aoibheann McCaul called on all animal lovers to support such a worthy cause.

The ISPCA rely heavily on fundraising to keep their services up and running, with 88 per cent of the charity's funding coming from public donations.

Banshee Apps hope to raise €10,000 for the ISPCA through 10,000 downloads of the Petmoji App.

The basic model will cost €1.99 per app downloaded and the ISPCA will receive €1 from every sale.

The app is now available for iOS users and can be downloaded from the link on the ISPCA online shop 



67 dogs and 23 puppies have been rescued from a puppy farm by the ISPCA and Dogs Trust after they were reportedly found caked in their own faeces.

The dogs – which include Maltese, Bichon Frise, Shih Tzu, Pomeranian and Jack Russell breeds – were found to be living in bare concrete runs.

A number of the animals were suffering from serious skin conditions as well as eye and teeth problems which required immediate veterinary attention.

All of the dogs involved were less than three-years-old and were passed into the care of the ISPCA and Dogs Trust through the relevant local authority.

According to an ISPCA press release, the dogs were removed from the premises after the establishment failed to meet upgrades previously outlined by the local authority.

The CEO of the ISPCA Dr Andrew Kelly has thanked the local authority involved in the case for taking action and said “these dogs will now receive the care they deserve and will be rehomed over the coming months when they are ready”.

“Dogs are not cattle or sheep and have very different welfare needs including the need for socialisation and the company of humans. They simply do not get that in these large scale puppy farms,” he continued.

People with information about rogue breeders or suspected animal abuse cases have been asked to contact the ISPCA National Animal Cruelty Helpline in confidence on 1890 515 515 or make a report online through the ISPCA website.



Twenty beautiful puppies of various breeds are currently being cared for by the ISPCA after they were seized from the boot of a car in Cairnryan ferry port in Scotland recently.

The puppies, which were aged between four and eight-weeks-old, had been travelling in the boot of a car from Ireland before they were discovered by officials.

In addition to being too young to travel and without the proper documentation, the puppies were not registered on an approved database – a requirement under the Microchipping of Dogs Regulations.

Commenting on the heartwrenching case, ISPCA CEO Dr Andrew Kelly said: ”This was a horrific way to transport these vulnerable puppies and the person they were seized from had no regard for their welfare.”

“We do not know exactly where these puppies originated from in Ireland but our investigations are continuing,” he added.

Commenting on the severity of the situation, he continued: “The ISPCA believes it is time for a crackdown on illegal behaviour by dog breeders in Ireland and is calling on all local authorities to enforce the DBE legislation robustly and to take action where breeders fail to comply.”

Weighing in on the discussion, an undercover inspector for the Scottish SPCA confirmed: "Unfortunately the puppy trade is big business in Scotland, with thousands of dogs being brought into the country each year, from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in particular.”

“In the case of the puppies being smuggled into Scotland in the boot of a car, we were able to get these poor animals signed over to the ISPCA who can now find them loving new homes,” he added.

The puppies, which include Shih Tzu’s, Bichon Frise, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Pugs and Cocker Spaniels, were given a full veterinary examination in the ISPCA’s National Animal Centre in Co Longford after being returned to Ireland.

Once old enough, the ISPCA have confirmed that each individual puppy will be spayed or neutered before being re-homed in the near future.

The puppies were seized by the Scottish SPCA as part of Operation Delphin.



'Super cute' and 'exhibition' aren't terms you'd normally put together – but when it comes to Dublin's new petography exhibit, they're perfectly matched.

On Tuesday night a host of Ireland's best known faces gathered together to look at some rather unique photos of their pets at the Petography: Secret Life of Pets Exhibition in Dublin's Temple Bar.

The display, which was created by the team from Universal Pictures Ireland to celebrate the release of The Secret Life of Pets, documents what the pets of Irish celebrities get up to when their owners aren't around.

Featuring the furry friends of international rugby player Gordon D’Arcy, TV presenters Glenda Gilson and Kathryn Thomas and models Roz Purcell, Rosanna Davison and Holly Carpenter, this launch was a cuteness overload.

The free display – which opened to the public yesterday and will run until June 28 – is being held at Filmbase in Temple Bar to help raise money for Ireland's largest animal welfare charity, the ISPCA.

In two weeks time when the event closes, the images – which were shot by celebrity photographer Lili Forberg – will be auctioned off to raise funds for the charity.

Free event – check.  Good cause – check.   Adorable animals – check. 

The Secret Life of Pets will hit Irish cinema screens on June 24, and we are PUMPED!