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Dozens of puppies have reportedly been seized at Dublin Port.

According to 98FM, Gardaí believe the pups were being smuggled out of the country illegally, since none of the animals had a pet passport.

They were all Labrador/Collie cross breeds and aged at just 10 weeks old.

All of the puppies are now in the care of the DSPCA, and will be available for adoption within the next week.

In this year alone, Gardaí have seized almost 500 dogs.



According to emerging reports, a woman has been stopped at Dublin Port after officials discovered she was carrying four pugaleer-type puppies in her hand luggage.

The woman, with an address in Scotland, was boarding a ferry bound for Holyhead when she was stopped in the capital.

Unable to produce any documentation for the animals, the woman, who explained that she had bought the dogs from an online seller, was forced to place the puppies in the care of the DSPCA.

As it stands, Irish and UK law state that any dogs being transported between Irish and the UK must possess an up-to-date Pet Passport with records of vaccinations, microchips and veterinary certificate.

It has been established that the DSCPA are investigating the incident, and have advised the public that the animals are not up for adoption as of yet.

Taking to their Facebook page, the organisation highlighted the incident with the public, writing: "This seizure brings to light once again the issues surrounding the sale and origins of puppies bought in the Republic of Ireland."

"The DSPCA strongly believe that the origin of all puppies and dogs should be declared and be verifiable," they added in a post which contained photographs of the four animals at the centre of the incident.



According to the DSPCA, 59 puppies were seized at Dublin Port over the course of two nights this week.

On Tuesday evening, five puppies were seized by authorities while the following night a staggering 54 were discovered by the DSPCA , Customs Officers and Gardai.

It is understood the first five puppies had been concealed in a horse box while the other 54 had been hidden in a van.

According to the DSPCA’s Facebook page, both shipments were seized under the Pet Passport Regulations of the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013.

Over the last two months, authorities have recorded seven incidents of puppy smuggling bringing the total number of animals seized by officials to 150.

Commenting on the Facebook post, members of the public have expressed their distress over the recurring incidents.

“This will continue to happen until the Irish judicial system takes these crimes seriously and imposes proper sentences of imprisonment on these people and their associates,” wrote one Facebook user.

“Well done to all concerned in saving these beautiful pups thus allowing them find the best homes possible,” added another.

This week’s seizure, which consists of a mixture of small and medium breeds, are currently under the care of the DSPCA and receiving veterinary care.



If you love Disney, have ever been to Disneyland, or are simply just the smallest Mickey Mouse fan, then you need to see the GIGANTIC Disney cruise ship that arrived in Dublin this morning. GAH.

Carrying nearly 4,000 people, the Disney Magic Cruiseliner stopped in Dublin at 5.30am as it's making its way from Port Canaveral in Florida to Dover in the UK.

The ship is absolutely massive. Huge. It has 11 decks on board and is 300m long, making it the perfect size to comfortably enter and turn around in the River Liffey.

Passengers on the cruise were given Cruise Dublin Visitor passes this morning so they could enjoy the city before departing at 5.30pm this evening.

They were also greeted by what Dublin Port described as a "Game of Thrones inspired entertainment spectacle."

Images: Conor McCabe