This puppy page is even cuter than the Royal baby news – PROMISE

The Royal baby news is absolutely everywhere – if you've been avoiding every corner of the Internet  – Prince Harry's swimmers work and their baby is expected to arrive in Spring 2019. 

And while we are chuffed for the couple, we think we might have found something cuter than their announcement – sorry, not sorry.

Your heart is going to explode when you see quite possibly the roundest pooch you've ever had the privilege to lay eyes on.


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This is the furriest, fluffiest poodle we've ever seen – and the cuteness is just ridiculous – is it a seal? A sheep?

But how on earth did he achieve his look and how do we get our dog like that?

Before you go giving your dog a haircut, put the scissors down and leave it to the professionals.

The little circular fella's style has been created by a Japanese dog salon – and he's even cuter than you at Halloween.


A post shared by Yoriko Hamachiyo ⋆* 濱千代 頼子 (@yorikokoro) on

The Instagram page @yorikokoro is definitely one to follow, and our sheep-like friend isn't the only draw.

The salon regularly uploads a number of different dogs and their finish looks – and FYI, they're just adorable.

However, our circular little man can't be beaten for our daily injection of cuteness.