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Police in England have accused Uber of not reporting an incident in which a driver sexually assaulted a passenger, thus allowing the attacker to strike again.

The news comes after it was revealed the firm had failed to report 48 serious crimes.

Inspector Neil Billany of the Metropolitan Police's taxi and private hire team, wrote a letter to the company suggesting it put its reputation over concerns for public safety.

In the letter, he accused Uber of “allowing situations to develop that clearly affect the safety and security of the public' by keeping drivers' crimes from police — including at least six sexual assaults on passengers.”

It's reported that in at least one of these cases, the private transportation company continued to employ the driver, who was then found to have carried out another serious sexual assault on a second female passenger.

Mr Billany continued: "Had Uber notified police after the first offence, it would be right to assume the second would have been prevented."

“The victims complained to Uber and were left 'strongly under the impression' it would tell police, but it did not do so.”

He also explained how the failure to report public order cases meant it was too late to prosecute the offenders.

The letter also made suggestions that Uber was choosing which incidents to report to the authorities based on what was "less damaging to reputation over serious offences".

In reponse, a spokesperson for Uber assured customers it reports all incidents to Transport for London (TfL).

“We were surprised by this letter as in no way does it reflect the good working relationship we have with the police.”

“We advise people to report serious incidents to the police and support any subsequent investigations, but respect the rights of individuals to decide whether or not to make such reports.”



Ah, cheaters…

They may do the best they can to hide an affair, but sometimes it's the most simple thing that catches them out.

And this one man was found out with the help of Uber.

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The unfaithful man from southern France is suing the taxi-app for €45 million after it revealed he was having an affair.

He requested a taxi one day using his wife's phone… however, in the days and weeks that followed, his wife received notifications on where he was being picked up and dropped off to her phone.

But guess what? The man is claiming that Uber had a bug, and that's why his locations kept popping up on her mobile.

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Speaking to French publication, AFP, the cheater's lawyer said: "My client was the victim of a bug in an application.

"The bug has caused him problems in his private life."



While Uber has certainly made taxi hailing a hassle-free scenario, getting into its cars is generally a pretty predictable experience.

Unless you land Jonathan Gaurano’s cab, that is.

This week, the LA based taxi driver filled his car with puppies in a bid to surprise his unsuspecting customers.

In a video which was uploaded to YouTube on Monday, Do GOOD Jonathan shared his customers’ reactions as they met the dogs he had borrowed from a shelter.

Check it out below:

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While you might think Hollywood’s elite must have a fleet of limos on standby should they wish to venture past their own front doors, a new series of snaps by Kim Kardashian West has revealed that that’s not exactly the case.

As it turns out, Kim’s younger sister Kendall is as reliant on the popular taxi hailing app Uber as the rest of us, but unfortunately for the star Uber is not quite as fond of her as she is of it.

Yesterday Kim used Snapchat to complain that she had been left driving the Vogue cover girl around because Uber had banned Kendall from using its services.


While snapping from a car, Kim filmed Kendall asking Uber why they had banned her as the model displayed the failing Uber app on her phone.

Kim then said: “Yeah, she’s suspended, this is not fair…We just want to know, why was Kendall suspended?  Because she’s like a model passenger.”

With her pun fun out of the way, the mother of two then complained that she’d been forced to drive her sister around in the middle of the night which she was sure to stress was a major inconvenience because she herself had a spray tan session she just had to get to.


Uber has since told the Daily News that the young reality star “has not been banned” and that the problem was caused by “a minor account issue” which has since been resolved.

Well, thank God for that!



Kylie Jenner is used to either being chauffeured around OR driving her shiny red Rolls Royce. The perks of being a reality star, right?

Well, yesterday the 18-year-old had an unfortunate incident which meant she had to get an Uber ride home along with her boyfriend, Tyga.

After getting a flat tire on her car, Kylie and Tyga had to take the mode of transport that normal people get; and she didn't look too happy about it.

The KUWTK star first shared a snap of the botched wheel and captioned it, "I popped my tire."

She then continued to document her journey in the Uber cab and wrote, "we're ubering home. My fault."

Next, along with a filter making it look like she's pulling a sad face, she simply wrote, "sorry."

Who is she saying sorry to, though? To Tyga, for making him get a run-of-the-mill taxi? Or to her fans, for making them realise she can be just like us? SMH.



Ciara McDonnell, originally from Mullingar, is living in Toronto. On Wednesday night, she needed a lift home, so she used her taxi app Uber, and who pulled up to collect her, only Deadmau5!

Apparenly Deadmau5, AKA Joel Zimmerman, has a whole webseries called Coffee Run, which is about driving famous people to coffee shops. So perhaps all this time spent with celebrities made him yearn for the company of an average joe, and this was the reason he decided to become an UberX driver for the night – who knows!

The music producer and performer used his own car, the McLaren, to do the run too. Not too shabby, eh?

He obviously enjoyed his night as he later tweeted:

We wish someone would do this in Ireland…. Perhaps one or two of the Westlife lads are looking for a bit of extra cash?!