The Irish Dogs Trusts’ Christmas campaign is giving us all the feels


Everyone knows that puppies aren’t just for Christmas, yet every festive season puppy farms get ready to do a roaring trade.

While unwanted puppies are always a problem come January, one issue all year round is the mothers of these puppies, who are mere “breeding machines” to the people in charge.

“Forced to have litter after litter of puppies until their bodies are exhausted,” the new Dogs Trust Ireland campaign focuses on ending the mistreatment and cruelty faced by both Mum and pup.

The #StopKeepingMum campaign encourages people to make a commitment to see the living conditions of the mother every time they’re thinking of purchasing a pup.

The hashtag, which is currently the number one trending Irish Twitter topic, is accompanied by an absolute tear jerker of an advert, which highlights how these dogs are treated like manufacturing machines.

“We have to highlight what happens behind the distressing puppy farming trade in Ireland, and, in particular shine a light on the appalling injustice to the Mums who are forced to live in these horrific conditions,” Mark Beazley, Dogs Trust Executive Director, explained.

“We are therefore asking members of the public to stop and think about where the puppies that they are buying actually come from and ‘always ask to see the Mum’ and the puppy interacting each other and to always be concerned if excuses are made as to why you cannot.”

If you’re still thinking about getting a dog this December, here are a few things that Dogs Trust begs you to consider.

Owning a dog is a massive commitment. With the average pups life spanning 13 years, make sure you can foresee yourself caring for a dog that far into the future.

Dogs are also expensive creatures. Between food, veterinary care and making your home and garden secure for an animal, the costs can rack up to over €10,000. Be sure your bank account is ready.

The campaign is receiving massive support on Twitter, with hundreds of people pledging to #StopKeepingMum and take a stand against puppy farming for good.