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You can walk down down these days without seeing signs for fidget spinners in every shop window. 

The new toy is the latest craze for the kids these days, and while we may be beyond out prime fidget spinning years, we're still well aware of the trend thanks to the amount of kids we see with them on a day-to-day basis.

It seems that the obsession has officially peaked, as an edible version of the toy is now a thing. 


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 Clearly Cookies, a well-known Dallas bakery is responsible for the confectionery carnation of the kinetic toy. 

The cookie store just posted a photo and video of its fidget spinner cookies to Instagram, and it went viral almost immediately. 


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'It's all the rage right now. Introducing the first edible (and kid friendly) #FidgetSpinner,' reads the caption.

'For sure to keep your attention and relieve your hunger! It even SPINS too!'

We need to get some of these over to the Emerald Isle pronto!


We have to admit, we all love a good KFC here in Shemazing! HQ from time to time, but this new item just sounds BIZARRE.

The food chain is taking finger lickin' good to a whole new level by introducing nail polish to its menu.

Yes, nail polish.

According to AdWeek, the chicken stop is launching two limited edition, flavoured nail polishes for its food campaign in Hong Kong. 

Combining the venture with the company that makes their secret chicken spice mix, McCormick, KFC has created two shades of nail polish inspired by their two most popular recipes: Original and Hot & Spicy.

The Original colour is a light nude sahde, and the Hot & Spicy is a bright orange-red tone. They also both appear to have flecks of glitter mixed in… Fancy.

Oh, and did we mention its edible? We'll just leave you with that thought there…


Soon your parents could not only be ordering you to clean your plate, but eat it too. That’s if LOLIWARE has their way.

The company has developed a line of fully edible and biodegradable tableware as a solution to overflowing landfills.

Made using plant-based gelatine (vegan friendly!), LOLIWARE cups come in a range of flavours and textures. When you’re finished your drink you can either eat it, or break it down in seconds using boiling water.

Anything left over can be composted, making it one of the most eco-friendly products around.

There are bad points however. One downside is cost. At the moment a pack of four cups costs nearly $12, a bit prohibitive for your average barbecue. They also don’t ship outside the US, so it could be a while before you can try them for yourself.

LOLIWARE is a new company and has a few teething problems, but as it expands production these should be solved. Most importantly they have launched a new, creative and delicious way to deal with pollution and waste.

If more companies follow their example our diet could take a big change for the functional.


If you’re having a party or a barbecue this summer and you really want to impress your friends with your creative abilities, why not make your own edible flower ice cubes? They look really pretty and you friends will be really impressed!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. First thing’s first – get some edible flowers. You can find these in your local garden centre, herb shop or online.
  2. Fill an ice tray half way with water, place the flowers inside and put in the freezer
  3. Once frozen, fill the remaining space with water and freeze again.

Voila! You’ve got some ridiculously pretty ice cubes. The perfect addition to any summer party!