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The mineral cosmetics industry has been steadily growing for over 20 years, but as it grows in popularity, so too does the amount of misconceptions about mineral make-up.

We’ve put together a step-by-step guide illuminating how to dispel some of these myths in order to get the best products that suit each person perfectly.

It’s time to set the record straight, and we’ve chosen Irish owned cosmetic company Fuschia to assist us on our mineral masterpiece.

Fuschia’s award-winning mineral cosmetics are renowned for their long-lasting durability, and their natural ingredients as well as cruelty-free produce.

The first thing to note is that everyone’s skin is different, and each person has their own unique needs.

Some of us have to moisturise constantly to try and battle their dry skin frustrations, others try everything possible to reduce their oily shine.

Prioritise showing off your natural look, a healthy glow is what will allow you to really stand out from the crowd. This guide to navigating the myths and maxims of mineral cosmetics will be your new foundation Bible.

God bless Fuschia.

Myth 1: You don’t need to prepare your skin for applying make-up

WRONG! Prep and prime to the nines, gals. Always.

Apply primer to cleansed and fully moisturised skin for the best foundation results. You want the smoothest possible effect, trying priming the skin with Fuschia D20 Hydrating Mist (€25), a non-silicone based mattifying primer.

Foundation only ever looks natural if it’s applied correctly.

Myth 2: The more make-up applied, the better the outcome

Gurl, less is ALWAYS more. Especially when it comes to foundation.

Tap a small amount of Loose Mineral Foundation (5g-€28.50) into the lid, but don’t be overly generous… you can always add more. Your foundation lid can be your new best friend.

You’ll also be saving yourself some cash by sparingly using the product, and your face won’t be weighed down by too many layers of make-up.

how off your beautiful face, foundation is only meant to give you a small layer of coverage.

Myth 3: Mineral make-up is best for sensitive skin

Not true, ladies. Everyone’s complexion concerns are singular and distinct only to themselves.

Mineral make-up is often marketed as an ‘all-natural’ product because it’s free from additives, chemicals, oil, parabens, the works.

However, there’s an unmistakeably inorganic chemical compound called bismuth oxychloride in the majority of mineral products.

This chemical has the purpose of creating a glowing quality on the skin, with an ingredient named crystalline which can actually lodge itself in pores and cause itchiness and irritation.

Anyone who has acne or various skin dilemmas should actually stick to a nurturing formula such as a BB cream to soothe the skin.

Myth 4: Brushes are ineffective in spreading powder

False… you’ve just got to learn the right method: tapping.

We recommend using the Fuschia Jumbo Buffer Brush (€19.50) for the best application.

Simply press the tips of the bristles lightly into the Loose Mineral Powder to lift a small amount of product, then turn the brush so the bristles are up right and tap the handle on a hard surface or on the palm of your hand to allow the powder to fall further into the bristles.

You can now spread the powder evenly throughout your face with the right amount of mineral powder on your buffer brush. Powder perfect in no time at all.

Myth 5: There is no right way to buff powder.

We totally disagree, and here’s why; we’ve got the moves.

Use small circular motions to begin buffing the powder into the skin. Mineral is all about buildable coverage, so build as you see fit to suit your individual look and style.

One layer gives soft natural coverage; two layers gives medium coverage, three gives full coverage. Work from the outside of the face and gradually buffing towards the t-zone, applying in coats until you achieve the perfect chic coverage for you.

Finish off with the gift that is Fuschia Correct and Perfect Mineral Concealer (€16.95) using the 112 Airbrush Conceal Brush (€7.50).

Myth 6: Mineral make-up doesn’t have staying power

Untrue: if you lightly brush on some Mineral Rice Powder (5g- €24) to the t-zone to set the base and lock in any oils for the duration of the day, we promise.

Make sure to keep your sifter closed when it’s not in use, always open your pot upside down to reduce spillages.

Myth 7: Everybody who suffers from acne should only use mineral cosmetics

Wrong, wrong, wrong. So many people who bear the tribulations of acne tend to avoid all products containing oil to prevent adding fuel to the fire, so to speak.

Most mineral make-up creates a dry, powdery finish which can lead to your skin producing more oil in return.

The oils then mix with your powdered mineral make-up, causing caking and heaviness, which actually draws more attention to any blemishes which you were trying to cover in the first place.

Oils and silicone’s aren’t always harmful for acne-prone skin, it can actually be very helpful.

Myth 8: Natural products are good for you

This isn’t always fact-based, many preservatives can actually be beneficial for you. There are so many ‘natural’ things out there that actually aren’t even nourishing for your skin at all.

It’s a mistake to assume any natural additives are immediately wholesome to you. Products labelled “hypoallergenic”, though they are free of the most common allergens, by no means are they allergen free.

Always get tested for allergies by your doctor if you are concerned about reactions to specific ingredients.

Our fave skin ingredients are “non-comedogenic,” which means that they don’t block pores or cause breakouts.

Myth 9: Mineral make-up has the dual purpose of sunscreen

This myth actually applies to any type of foundation. Make-up is usually based in pigments that refract light, which leads to the general belief that foundations provide an SPF.

While this may be true for some, you’d need to apply a massively thick later in order to get enough protection, which just isn’t practical.

The whole point of mineral make-up is to gain a sheer, natural finish to your look, but your best form of sun defence with make-up is to use moisturiser paralleled with a BB cream, both containing SPF.

Titanium dioxide, or zinc oxide are the key SPF ingredients, which also have anti-inflammatory properties.

Myth 10: Mineral make-up is ideal for the more ‘natural’ lewk

Hell nah. Mineral make-up is based on an opaque white compound, so it can flash out on camera and cause skin to appear extremely pale in photos, the bane of a selfie obsessed gal’s life.

Try mist the face with a finishing spray after blending the powder in properly on both your face and neck. Powder has a habit of sitting on top of the skin, hindering it from hiding the problem areas with uneven textures.

Other skincare products by Fuschia are needed to blur and correct skin texture imperfections and fill in minor lines and smooth skin.

Those are our 10 myth-busters for mineral make-up, powder in peace gals.

Fuchsia is available from stockists nationwide, for full list and online purchases, visit www.fuschia.ie



Listen, we all have those days (and nights) where we absolutely plaster on the makeup to make ourselves feel glamorous. 

However, most of the time we just want to look fresh, dewy and like we have no makeup on at all, right?!

Thankfully, the gorgeous folks at M.A.C cosmetics are releasing a new line of foundation, that will make you look like you have an Instagram filter on at all times. 

Image result for mac next to nothing

The genius new foundation range balances sheer coverage, a dewy glow, and a texture that makes your skin feel like it's naked – but you'll look flawless.

The foundation is aptly named Next to Nothing, and is being released in both liquid and powder form. 

The liquid, Next to Nothing Face Colour, feels similar to a BB cream or a slightly richer tinted moisturiser – it feels weightless on the skin, and will leave you hydrated, rather than that chalky feeling of typical foundations. 

Image result for flawless gif

The powder, Next to Nothing Pressed Powder, is soft and silky, with an almost iridescent quality – imagine your normal powder's sexy cousin, and you have this fabulous product. 

The two glorious new products are launching in April, just in time for summer and will cost €30 for the liquid, and €26 for the powder. 

We cannot wait to try this! 

Image: BeautyGrail



There seems to be a certain feeling of joy when you get your hands on a new lipstick or that mascara that makes your lashes look killer.

And to be honest, we don't really want to throw away our make-up until we scrape every last little bit out. Right?

Wrong. We should, because the truth is that everything we put on our face must be clean and fresh or else some nasty germs could clog up your beautiful complexion. UGH.

And if you haven't a clueee when you need to throw your make-up out, no worries. Grazia spoke to Bobbi Brown pro make-up artist Hannah Martin and she gave us all the inside scoop to when we need to clear out our make-up bags.

Once you open a product, liquid and cream based make-up "are best used within a year and powder products within two years."

But Hannah said to watch yourself with mascara as it's "one of the exceptions and really is at its best for the first two months and should be replaced after three months."

As a general rule, "longwear shadows and liners are also at their best for the first six months but powder products "such as face powder, bronzer, blush and eye shadow will last longer that liquid products," so they're good for a couple of years (if they last that long). 

The most important thing is to read the guidelines on the products and do regular clean-outs of your make-up bag and make-up brushes. You'll be sorted in no time!


Every woman will have a beauty crisis at least once a week. Whether it's your lipstick breaking, your nail polish sticking together or your powder falling and smashing ALL OVER the place (we all hate that one), it can be a kick in the teeth, especially when we've spent all of our hard earned cash on these items.

But fear not, because Cosmopolitan has made a video of insanely easy beauty hacks that will have you back on your beauty A-game in no time.

Watch and be amazed: 



We all know that picking the best make up and skin products can be hard sometimes, especially when there are SO MANY brands and types to choose from.

Well, now there's a new website on the scene that does all the hard work for you!

Powder is a site that gives expect advice on what items you should be using and where to get them. Just go on to their website, type in a few personal details, (like your skin type and your beauty routine) and – viola! – the experts will tell you the best product to use to suit your skin type.

What's more, the site also covers a range of products from moisturisers to cleansers, foundations to mascaras and even lipstick and eye liners. 

You can filter your results too depending on your budget; just tell them how much you'd like to spend and they will stick to that number.

This is actually the first beauty site that is completely tailored to you so you can get bespoke advice right in your own home. The website is produced in collaboration with magazines such as Marie Claire, InStyle, Woman & Home, and Look so you know the experts giving you advice are the best there is.

They will also give you handy tips and tricks on the best way to apply your make up and skin care.