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Ever since her engagement to Prince Harry was confirmed by Kensington Palace, Meghan Markle has embraced her new life as a member of the British Royal Family. 

From social media bans and fashion guidelines to a strict 'no shellfish' policy (em?), the new Duchess has a long list of rules to get used to. 

However, there is one royal tradition we can ALL get on board with. 

Members of the Royal Family are forbidden to wear dark nail colours in public as they are considers 'vulgar' by Queen Elizabeth, who instead favours a more natural look. 

Keen to please her new grandmother-in-law, Meghan opted to wear the Queen's favourite shade on her wedding day – and it's surprisingly affordable. 

Essie's 'Ballet Slippers' is the perfect shade of princess pink and sells for a mere €9.99

According to Beauty Crew, in 1989 the Queen's hairdresser wrote to Essie requesting a bottle of the classic pink shade for her royal client and ever since then her majesty has favoured the neutral shade ever. 

Kate Middleton opted for a similar colour on her wedding day, choosing Essie's pale pink 'Allure'. 

We ran a competition over on the @shemazingie Instagram, where five lucky followers could win a bottle of this sold out shade.

Did you enter? If so, head over to our Instagram page right now to see if you're one of them, as the competition is now CLOSED. 



Like choosing a lip colour, a lot of thought goes into picking out a shade for your nails.

We're pretty much obsessed with a good manicure here in SHEmazing! HQ, and scour the likes of Instagram and Pinterest for the perfect nail hue.

However, according to Pinterest, the colour below is the most popular for this summer season; and you probably already have it in your make up case.

Image result for essie's topless and barefoot pinterest

Yep, the hottest colour in town at the mo has been described as a 'pinky-mauve', with the perfect example coming from Essie.

Essie's Topless and Barefoot is "perfect for an effortlessly beautiful, beachy look."

The "soft beige-pink" nail colour is taking the top spot, unlike the neon pops of colour from summers past.



We are girls and we love make-up. SHOCKER. And we will therefore take any opportunity to discuss make-up in detail because make up what makes us happy. 

Whether you are all about the packaging or swear by your go-to foundation, we all have our favourite brands for many, usually very specific, reasons. 

But how did MAC become MAC? And what benefit is there to be had from Benefit? Oh and just WHO is the Essie behind Essie?

Do we have you wondering? Well wonder no more. 


NYX Round Case Lipstick in Electra, €xx


The glorious Nyx was named after the Greek goddess of the night. Nyx (the goddess that is) symbolises beauty and power (of course).

Touché, Nyx.


Essie Nail Polish in Play Date, €9.99, Boots


The Essie behind Essie is none other than the company’s founder, Essie Weingarten. Having set up her company in 1981, Essie is a pretty impressive business woman.

Essie cosmetics was sold to L'Oréal ensuring business success for the foreseeable future.

You go girl.

​Maybelline New York

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, €11.99, Boots


In 1915, Mabel Williams mixed coal and Vaseline together and applied her concoction to her lashes and brows, making them look fuller and darker.

Yep, you guessed it! She was one of the first people to create mascara as we know it.

Inspired by her creation, her brother set up Maybell Laboratories and eventually changed the name to Maybelline.


MAC Studio Finish Concealer Due, €31.50 


MAC was founded in Canada in the eighties and was originally intended to be marketed solely towards make up professionals.

As a result, MAC simply stands for Makeup Art Cosmetics


Lancôme Soothing Moisturising Cream, €52.50 


This cosmetics brand was named after… a castle?

The founder of the company named his new venture after a French castle called the Château de Lancosme that he had visited on his holiers.

Yellow flowers that were seen growing in the castles gardens served as the inspiration for the brands' iconic flower emblem.


Shiseido Perfect Mascara Full Definition, €27, Boots


​Shiseido is one of the longest running cosmetics brands in the world having been founded in 1872.

The name comes from a Chinese book entitled I Ching (that’s the Book of Changes to you and me). This ancient and historic manual is one of the oldest of the Chinese classics.

The word shiseido itself comes from a passage in the text that means: "Praise the virtues of the great Earth, which nurtures new life and brings forth new values."


Benefit Benetint Lip and Cheek Colour, €34.50 


Benefit cosmetics started out as a beauty boutique called The Face Place which was opened by the Ford sisters in the seventies.

As the store originally focused solely on make up products that would tackle common problems and blemishes, it would make sense that the brand eventually became Benefit

As in beneficial cosmetics, geddit?! 



When you're faced with a whole wall of colours at your local nail salon, and finally pick the shade you want, you're not just making a style choice – you're making a personal statement. 

As it turns out. the hue you go for represents your personality, without you even knowing it. 

Essie's celebrity manicurist Michelle Saunders spoke to Cosmopolitan and she gave us a complete polish personality breakdown:


"A crimson manicure is classic and timeless, and wearing a scarlet mani means you're elegant and effortlessly chic," said Michelle. 



"Equal parts edgy and complex, a black mani exudes confidence. Consider it a #GirlBoss must."



"Because neon lacquer is so bright and bold, there's no denying it will get you noticed. If you're wearing it, chances are you're outgoing and adventurous," Michelle explained.



"Wearing an of-the-moment white manicure adds a youthful and modern element to your look. On your nails, it signals that you're trendy and cool."



"With so many varying depths, blue is super-versatile and experimental, and suggests that you're creative and forward-thinking."



"Barely there nudes are perfect for every occasion and the colour is super-forgiving when it comes to DIY applications. A nude mani reads low-maintence and unfussy."



"If your go-to hue is pink, you're fun, flirty, ultra-feminine, and love being a girly-girl," said Michelle. 



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