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Former First Lady and current leader of the entire world Michelle Obama delighted her fans and celebrities alike by making a surprise appearance at the Grammys.

Obama showed up and stole the show by appearing alongside fellow female legends Lady Gaga, host Alicia Keys, Jada Pinkett Smith and J-Lo to emphasise how much music means to them.

When she first showed her dazzling face onstage, many in the audience didn't immediately register who she was, Once she began speaking however, the crowd LOST IT.

She had only declared the words, "From the Motown records I wore out on the South Side …", when she was interrupted by hysterical cheering. I mean, we'd all lose our chill if she turned up in Dublin airport.

"All right — we got a show to do," she said as she tried to dissipate the clapping, to no avail.

She referenced Beyoncé, naturally, and Motown as her influences. Could she BE more inspiring?

"From the Motown records I wore out on the South Side to the Who Run the World songs that fuelled me through this last decade, music has always helped me tell my story, and I know that's true for everybody here."

"Whether we like country or rap or rock, music helps us share ourselves, our dignity and sorrows, our hopes and joys. It allows us to hear one another, to invite each other in. Music shows us that all of it matters."

"Every story within every voice, every note within every song. Is that right, ladies?" THAT'S SO RIGHT, MICHELLE.

She later tweeted that she was "thrilled" to be present, celebrating the power of music. Never stop making surprise appearances, gal, we need you.

Feature image: GRAMMY.com


As the former President of the United States, Barack Obama seemingly can do no wrong.

He was golfing in Hawaii recently and met young mother Chelcie Edwards and her adorable seven-week-old daughter Paisleigh, and the cuddling that followed is something special to behold.

Obama takes little Paisleigh into his arms and kisses her on the forehead, and it's fair to say we would have passed out if we witnessed it in person.


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Joseph Edwards filmed the meeting and it's attracting the attention of the internet, naturally, because it's TOO DAMN CUTE. 

"I am baffled the President was holding my sweet baby girl. Ever since she entered the world our cup has overflowed with blessings," the overwhelmed father wrote on Instagram. 

Chelcie spoke to Because of them we can about the personal meaning behind the meeting, and said;

"To have the First Black President ever to initiate holding our daughter, let alone kissing her on the forehead, has to be one of the most pivotal moments of any parents life."


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"For our little girl to be in the hands of a man that is so influential, yet still so humble, and allowing her to experience something many will never get to experience is a blessing from God within itself," the mother continued.

"It’s just one of those things that’s just indescribable. This memory is one she will listen to for many years to come, as well as have for the rest of her life," she added, clearly cherishing the meeting wholeheartedly.

"As parents, we plan to share this monumental moment with our daughter through pictures, stories, and instilling in her who exactly he is and was before her time." She's certainly met some influential people for a seven-week-old.


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"These are memories for her all while being able to live in a place Barack Obama calls home, Hawaii. Furthermore, I pray one day my daughter appreciates and understands the magnitude of what she was able to experience."

The former president also revealed to Paisleigh's father Joseph that he loved his own parenting experience;

"You can’t beat having daughters!" he said.

Simply wonderful, now someone hand us a newborn baby so we can meet him too please.


Few stars are as truly likeable as Margot Robbie.

From her heartfelt dedication to beer baths to her teenage devotion to Harry Potter, the Australian actress is easily one of the most relatable in Hollywood.

But if you needed further proof of this, you need look no further than a recent anecdote she shared while appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Breaking into guffaws countless times throughout her re-telling, Margot explained how her husband Tom spent an exercise session desperately hiding his modesty in front of an equally awkward Ellen DeGeneres, Portia DeRossi and Barack Obama… while on honeymoon.

We're going to let Margot take it from here…




Jury duty is one of those niggling little annoyances we all have to deal with, but we wouldn't mind having to show up if we knew the former POTUS would be in attendance.

Former US President Barack Obama rocked up to a Chicago courthouse after being summoned to serve his civic duty.

He was not selected for duty, but not before he caused major excitement at the courthouse.

The former White House resident greeted his fellow citizens after he made his way to the court of law. 

He arrived by motorcade, with security and a frenzied media pack hot on his heels.

Despite this, Obama chatted with the other potential jurors, and autographed copies of his book which citizens hed brought for him to sign. 


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He thanked the locals for presenting themselves for jury duty, and went on his merry way a number of hours later after being dismissed for duty by random selection. 

In previous years, George W Bush also presented himself for duty after finishing his term in office. 


Barack Obama is without a doubt one of the most beloved American presidents in history. 

When it comes to his home life, he is clearly pretty loved to say the least.

Today marks the former POTUS's 25th wedding anniversary with his wife Michelle Obama. 

Michelle took to Twitter to make a public gesture to her husband on their special day. 

'Happy 25th anniversary @barackobama,' the tweet begins.

'A quarter of a century later, you're still my best friend & the most extraordinary man I know. I <3 you.' 


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The tweet comes complete with a stunning picture plucked straight from the couple's wedding album. 

No we're not crying, you are. 



For those of you who don't know, former President of the United States, Barack Obama, is celebrating his 56th birthday today.

And if you could reply on anyone to offer up a perfect throwback, it's former First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Taking to Twitter to pay tribute to the man she shares her life with, Michelle uploaded two throwback shots of the Obama family celebrating the former president's 43rd birthday.

"Another year older, but the same phenomenal guy I married nearly 25 years ago," Michelle wrote. "Happy birthday, @BarackObama — we love you so much!"

The tweet, which was uploaded less than an hour ago, has amassed more than 79,000 likes so far, with members of the public keen to share in the celebrations.

"Literally all of the relationship goals," wrote one while another added: "Happy Birthday! We miss you both. Come back. We get it. The prank is over. This story is getting old!"

We're with them on that one.


One lucky mother randomly bumped into Barack Obama in an airport this week, and we are just dying over the photos.

Jolene Jackinsky was at Anchorage International Airport on Monday, in a waiting area for private flights when she saw a man who looked like Obama.

Jolene told Associated Press, "As I got closer, I thought: Oh my God, it is Obama."

The former president then came up to Jolene and her six-month-old baby, Giselle, and said, "Who is this pretty girl?"

Giselle's father then approached, and Obama joked, "I'm taking your baby!

"It was only five minutes but it was a moment that will last forever.

"I think it's unreal and pretty exciting that I get to have a picture with him and my baby," she said.

"Not a lot of people get to meet him."

Oh, Barack.



Michelle and Barack Obama will always be some of our favourite people.

Their humour, intelligence and attentive attitudes are something we all need to look up to, and we miss them dearly being in the White House.

So, let's just say if we ever met them in person we'd retreat into complete fan-girl mode.

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Well, Bono stopped by a New York restaurant this week to grab a bite to eat with the couple, and holy GOD, how we would have loved to be in that restaurant.

According to US Weekly, the lunch consisted of fried chicken, sausage and kale pizza and bucatini cacio e pepe (which is basically just salt and pepper pasta).

A source told the publication: "Secret Service was everywhere, so the whole restaurant knew who was there. There was an air of excitement.

"When he came up the stairs on his way out, the entire restaurant stood up from their chairs and cheered for him."

One day…



A book about the Obamas? Yes, please!

And it looks like that just might happen if the rumours are to be believed.

Barack and Michelle have reportedly signed a book deal with Penguin Random House for $60 million.

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It is claimed that a "heated auction" took place over the last number of days with various publishers wanting to nab the deal.

According to The New York Times, Penguin Random House will reportedly make a "substantial" amount of money from worldwide sales.

Chief Executive of Penguin Random House, Markus Dohle, released a statement saying: "We are absolutely thrilled to continue our publishing partnership with President and Mrs. Obama.

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"With their words and their leadership, they changed the world, and every day, with the books we publish at Penguin Random House, we strive to do the same.

"Now, we are very much looking forward to working together with President and Mrs. Obama to make each of their books global publishing events of unprecedented scope and significance."

We can't wait for this.


We have so much love for these two anyway, but they really sealed that deal on being the best couple ever today.

The Obamas have always been quite open about their love for each other, but they furthered that today with beautifully sappy Valentine's Day messages.

Both sharing photos on Twitter, Barack was the first one to gush about his spouse, writing: "Happy Valentine's Day, @michelleobama! Almost 28 years with you, but it always feels new."


Michele was next, posting a picture of their feet in the sand and captioning it: "Happy Valentine's day to the love of my life and favourite island mate, @BarackObama."

It's going to be hard to beat these two in the love department.



A motion has been passed by Dublin City Council to award the Freedom of the City to former US president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

The motion was passed last night by the majority of the councillors who feel that the couple are deserving of the honour.

The award is designated for those who have made a contribution to or had an influence on the life of the city, and previous winners include politicians, artists and entertainers.

“I am not proposing that we canonise the Obamas, or declare Barack Obama’s presidency a success," said Labour Lord Mayor of Dublin Brendan Carr.

“But I do believe that Dublin City Council should seek to recognise their achievements and their vision for a better, fairer world.”

There will be an official ceremony for the award, although no invite to the Obamas has been issued yet so it is unconfirmed whether or not they will attend.

There was some opposition among city councillors about awarding Barack Obama with the honour, as they felt that some of his presidential actions disqualified him as a candidate.

However the motion passed with 30 votes for and 23 against. 



It's safe to say we all fell in love with Barack Obama during his eight years as the President of the United States.

But now, the former prez is taking some well-deserved time off – in the Virgin Islands, no less.

Yep, kicking it back right beside Richard Branson, Barack decided to let his hair down and Twitter is absolutely delighted.

Welcome, backwards hat Obama:

G'wan Barack.