‘She’s not great’: Margot Robbie was insecure over ‘hot blonde’ role

Graduating from soap to the silver screen, it's perhaps no surprise that Margot Robbie harboured reservations ahead of her role in The Wolf of Wall Street.

Starring opposite Leonardo Di Caprio is no mean feat for any actor or actress, but it sounds like Margot had more concerns about the public's perception of her than her co-star's one.

The Australian actress opened up during a recent interview with Wonderland and revealed that her role as Naomi caused her concern due to the script's fixation with her physical appearance.

Described in the script as 'the hottest blonde ever', Margot, who was 23 during shooting, feared that she wouldn't be able to do the character of Naomi justice.

In a display of incredible humility, the stunning actress admitted that she feared audiences wouldn't consider her attractive enough to pull off the role.

"When I was playing Naomi in The Wolf of Wolf Street it was so high-tempo sexy," she began.

"I was acutely aware that the line in the screenplay was 'the hottest blonde ever', I'm clearly not the hottest blonde ever,” she opined.

Arguing that the role put pressure on her, not just from an acting perspective, Margot revealed she became insecure about the fixation on her character's appearance.

“I was just terrified that people would see the movie and think 'eugh! She's not that great.'" she admitted.

We know, we know…