Scarlet! Margot Robbie’s awkward teen photo was totally ALL of us


Margot Robbie is an absolute stunner, and – we'll be honest here – we might even hate her if she wasn't so damn sound.

And yet in spite of her head-turning Hollywood looks, poor ol' Margot didn't escape puberty without going through that same uber-awkward phase most of us endured.

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, the Wolf of Wall Street actress was forced to take a trip down memory lane, and we gotta say, it's absolutely made our day.

A self-confessed Harry Potter fanatic, Margot gushed over the fact her current director, David Yates, had directed a number of the Hogwarts movies.

Clearly unaware she had walked directly into Jimmy's trap, Margot was forced to recall her less – shall we say – 'polished' days.

With the cheesy grin we all produced when snapped out of nowhere as a teen, Margot looked bloody delighted to be getting her chill on with Harry and the gang, and it's made us love her all the more.

Oh, and the fact she wore glasses when she didn't even NEED them? Margot, take a bow.

Speed up to 1.31 for the golden moment…