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Ah, The Met Gala. Nobody really knows what exactly happens at it, except Anna Wintour being passive aggressive.

From Lady Gaga changing outfits four times in 15 minutes to Shawn Mendes carrying Jared Leto's imitation head, with a theme like 'camp'; how could there not be hilarious moments?

Here are our top tweets to give you a giggle on fashion's most royal day of the year. 

red carpet good job GIF by Robert E Blackmon

1. Fenty Beauty backing up Bad Gal RiRi's absence:

2. Zendaya KILLIN' the Cinderella trope, even down to the glass slipper:

3. Miley Cyrus didn't cause the stir that most people expect of her…

4. Celine Dion being Celine Dion:

5. What even is 'camp' anyway? 

6. The heteros not making enough effort on the runway:

7. Tan France and his 'make an effort' meme:

8. Lady Gaga SHUTTING SH*T DOWN and evoking some…interesting…responses:

9. Rihanna's absence? She's busy with indie boys:

10. Never forget Jason Derulo's fall:

11. The gays were up in arms over the level of camp brought:

12. Invisibility is the new camp: 

13. The disappointment…camp heroes turned down the camp on the ONE DAY they needed to turn it up?

14. High School Musical cast be killin' the game:

15.  Oh Shawn, you tried your best honey:

16.  He's wearing grey sweatpants? The neck:

17. Your only true enemy is yourself:

The hilarity is still ongoing, and we are so grateful to the Met Gala for bringing some absolutely outrageous outfits each year. If only for us to have a good laugh at.

Feature image credit: Instagram/@la_cuarta_pared


DC fans have woken up to a MASSIVE treat, thanks to the gift that is Margot Robbie.

The Suicide Squad star has posted the first look at Harley Quinn in the new flick, Birds of Prey. She's sporting the character's icy blonde hair, only shorter with a sharp fringe, with her classic bright red lips.

She uploaded the stunning selfie to her Instagram, cheekily captioning it: "Miss me?" Um, YAS.


A post shared by @margotrobbie on

We're also drooling over that tassled jacket she's wearing, which is sure to spawn a load of knock-off versions. Knock-off versions that we will obviously be buying…

It's a definite change compared to the pink and blue-haired, baseball bat wielding Harley that we know and love, but we're going to embrace the change.

The 28-year-old actress shared the lewk from the solo film set, which is set to produce the film for a 2020 release.


A post shared by @margotrobbie on

In the newest flick, Harley Quinn will join forces with Black Canary and Huntress to save the life of Cassandra Cain from Gotham City crime lord, Black Mask.

We're also ADORING the fact that the movie has a female director- Cathy Yan. The look is definitely Japanese-inspired, but we're here for it. Gwen Stefani also has a clear influence, style icon that she is.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is playing the role of Huntress, and Jurnee Smollett is acting as Black Canary, so it's a female-centred plot THANK GOD. Jared Leto took way too much credit away from Robbie in the last outing.

Harley deserves far more attention, she's an absolute BO$$.



When Ellen recently challenged Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Dax Shepherd and Kirstin Bell to a game of Never Have I Ever, we were all over it, but we didn't realise how tame it was until we laid eyes on her latest offering.

Stepping up to the plate this time around is award-winning actor, Jared Leto, and Hotline Bling singer, Drake, who are confronted with a series of questions from Ellen which has these Hollywood heavy-hitters squirming in their chairs.

With one revealing he has hooked up with a fan while on tour to the other admitting he has sent dirty texts to the wrong person, this particular round of the cringe-worthy party game has got to be one of the best yet.

And yes, as you can expect, Jared is the more raunchy of the two.

Check this out, ladies.




Ah the humble photobomb. 

One moment of comedic spontaneity captured on film for us to all laugh at forever

Photobombs are hilarious at the best of times and an unintentional photobomb is even better, but we never get tired of seeing our fave celebrities deciding to photobomb eachother.

That stuff is priceless. 

So here we have the definitive ranking of the best celebrity photobombs of the entire year. 

8. Hilary Clinton gets photobombed by Kim and Kanye

There was no way that Kim Kardashian was going to continue living without a selfie with the next potential leader of the free world. 

And there was no way that Kanye was not going to photobomb it. 

7. Naomi Campbell and Fifty Cent get photobombed by Leonardo di Caprio

This endlessly enjoyable snap could have just been photobombed by a very creepy looking and hairy stranger but this pic is infinitely funnier because it's Leonardo di Caprio. 

6. Diane Kruger gets photobombed by Jared Leto

"Who is this blazen-haired, satin-wearing stranger destroying my carefully crafted pap shots? 

"Oh. it's just you Jared. Carry on."

5. Blake Lively and Taylor Swift get photobombed by a kangaroo 

Winner of the cutest photobomb ever by a country mile. 

4. Jennifer Lopez gets photobombed by Jennifer Aniston 

Because sometimes you have to destroy that too perfect selfie. 

3. The entire cast of Game of Thrones gets photobombed by Amy Schumer 

This just gives us life. 

2. Beyonce and Jay-Z get photobombed by a slice of pizza 

What is that even doing there? 

1. Kim and Kanye gets photobombed by Amy Schumer 

We think this photobomb will go down in history. 

No one can steal Amy's thunder, NO ONE. 


It was only a couple of days ago that TMZ leaked a video of Jared Leto listening to Taylor Swift's 1989, and let's just say, he was less than complimentary. 

He seemed to be kinda into Blank Space but had zero-love for Welcome to New York. He is even heard at the end of the video saying, "F**k her."

Since then though, Jared took to Twitter to apologise to Tay and her fans saying, "The truth is I think @taylorswift13 is amazing + an incredible example of what's possible.

"If I hurt her or her fans my sincerest apologies."

But now, the Hollywood Reporter has published a statement from Jared describing his motivations to file a lawsuit against TMZ for leaking the footage. 

Jared's company Sisyphus Touring filed the lawsuit against the Warner Bros-owned gossip site, alleging copyright infringement.

Jared claims that the video was stolen and he contacted the TMZ team before it went up to urge them not to publish it. 

"Jared's lawsuit alleges the video was shot on Sept. 8 by a camerman he hired, who then gave the video to TMZ after being promised $2,000 for it.

"According to Jared's lawsuit, the videographer later asked TMZ to not publish the video, telling them he did not own the footage," reports HR

 "They chose to post it anyway," Jared said in his statement. "Let's be clear. This was stolen footage. This was an invasion of privacy. And it was both legally and morally wrong." 


Up until now, Jared Leto has stolen most of the limelight for his creepy Suicide Squad costume. He shocked the Internet with the scary Joker get-up and majorly morphed into someone we wouldn't even recognise.

Yes, it seems that no one could look more horrifying than Jared, but now Cara Delevingne stepped into the game and debuted her movie look last night.

Ms Delevingne – who plays Enchantress in the film – went through a HUGE make-over for the movie.

The first image of Cara in her supervillian look has just been unveiled on Empire's latest magazine cover… and let us tell you, it is truly something: 

Basically the stuff of nightmares, Ms Delevingne is seen covered in a rusty grey hue, with black hair, terrifying make-up, chains and mysterious tattoos. 

We don't know about you, but we think Suicide Squad is going to be one seriously freaky movie. We'll just have to wait and see what the other supervillians will look like now.



From Jack Nicholson to the late Heath Ledger, there have been some incredibly memorable performances of infamous Batman villain The Joker, but it looks as if Jared Leto might be about to take the character to another level.

That is, if the first official photo of him from the upcoming Suicide Squad movie is anything to go by.

The movie’s writer, David Ayer, took to social media this weekend to share the first sneak peek at what we can expect from Leto as The Joker, and it is everything we hoped for and feared.

“The Suicide Squad wishes you a Happy Anniversary Mr J!” wrote Ayer, posting a photo of a near-unrecognisable Leto with Joker’s trademark green hair and purple glove.

Inked-up with ‘ha ha ha’ tattoos, with ‘damaged’ emblazoned across his forehead, it’s the Oscar-winning actor’s crazed expression that has sent chills down our spines today.

Suicide Squad is set for release in August of next year and features a stellar cast of Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney and Leto.

If this first look at The Joker is anything to go by, this movie is going to be pretty epic.



First Kim Kardashian went platinum blonde, and now Jared Leto's at it too… talk about stealing her thunder!

The internet went into mourning yesterday when it was revealed that the Dallas Buyers Club star was about to chop off his long ombre locks for his new movie Suicide Squad:

We have to admit though, his new look is equally jaw-dropping. Jared obviously wasn't about to resist going all-out fabulous for his new 'do, and he really didn't disappoint.

The actor posed for the cameras after today's Balmain show at Paris Fashion Week (where Kim debuted her new look too… coincidence much?!) and showed off an incredible bleached and slicked back new style:

Amazing… but he looks SO different!

Twitter has been going into overdrive with so many new platinum blonde celebs to mock – as you could have guessed, there have been many, many comparisons to Draco Malfoy:

Yup, we can see the resemblance!



So, Jared Leto has just about broken the internet.

The actor and singer was performing in Toronto recently with his band 30 Seconds to Mars when he treated fans to a little something extra! The video, filmed in late August, went viral today due to one certain clip.

While singing End of Days during the gig, Jared "casually" grabbed his crotch, showing a bulge that was, shall we say, of above average size!

Wow. Did someone just turn on the heating in here, or…?

Fans took to Twitter to express their excitement – well that's one word for how they were feeling anyway!

We have to say Jared, we weren't expecting it!

Watch the full video here (or skip to 1:45 for the good bit):



Oh, this is too funny.

What happens when you are famous and upload a really funny photo of yourself on to the internet?

It turns into a meme, of course!

That is exactly what happened to Jared Leto when he uploaded a photo of himself hugging a tree to his Instagram account earlier this month.

Since then, the photo has been around the world – literally!

Jared can now be seen, thanks to photoshop, clinging onto Angelina Jolie’s famous leg, Barack Obama’s face and the Empire State Building.

The actor clearly loves the meme as he has posted three of the photoshopped images to his Instagram account.


SHEmazing! TV is here to deliver your round-up of all the Showbiz News.

Today’s highlights include:

  • Are James Franco and Lana Del Rey an item?
  • The latest celebrity to post a bootiful belfie.
  • Jared Leto has sent the internet crazy!
  • Ellie Goulding involved in a catfight with fans.
  • Josh Duhamel just can’t get any cuter than this!

Niamh Geaney reports.



Reports have been circulating today that Oscar winning actor Jared Leto, has been dating former Made in Chelsea star, Amber Atherton.

It seems the socialite and jewellery company owner has been dating the 42-year-old actor, for quite some time.

A friend of the former reality star said: “Amber’s secretly been dating Jared for a while now. Every time he comes to London, which is often, they see each other.”

Apparently, Jared has been pursuing Amber for a long time and has even taken the former Made in Chelsea star to dinner a lot in Mayfair.

“He’s been pursuing her for a long time so he’s over the moon. They love going for dinner at Mayfair’s Arts Club.”

They apparently met in 2010, but “drifted apart” after Amber became engaged to Doddington Hall Heir, George Birch.

Apparently, as soon as Jared heard Amber was single, he flew over to London to try and win the 23-year-old over.

If the rumours are true, this is definitely the oddest celebrity pairing, we’ve seen for quite some time.