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Tributes have been pouring in all across Ireland since news of Gay Byrne’s death broke earlier today. The RTÉ broadcaster died at the age of 85 after a lengthy battle with cancer.

A special live edition of The Late Late Show in tribute to Gay Byrne will air tomorrow night, RTÉ confirmed. The moving live show will air on RTÉ One at 9.35pm.

The former host of The Late Late Show has been honoured by the show’s current host, Ryan Tubridy.

Ryan paid tribute to his mentor and fellow Late Late host in an emotional statement.


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He wrote, “It is with enormous and profound sadness that I heard of the passing of my friend and mentor, Gay Byrne. 

“He was the master, a once off and the likes of which we will never see again. I watched him as a child, worked alongside him as a young man and he guided me as I grew older and I will forever be indebted to him.”


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He added, “We in RTÉ have lost a friend, a family have lost a father and a husband and the country has lost an icon. May he rest in peace."

Gay Byrne was the first ever host of The Late Late Show. In the late 1960’s, he returned to Ireland as presenter and producer of The Late Late Show. The programme went on to become the world’s longest running chat show.

Gay Byrne presented his final daily radio show in 1998 and his final Late Late Show the following summer.

Gay is survived by his wife Kathleen, their daughters Crona and Suzy, and their families.

The special live edition of The Late Late Show in tribute to Gay Byrne airs tomorrow, Tuesday night at 9.35pm on RTÉ One.


Saoirse Ronan is one of Ireland's BIGGEST ever stars, so we cherish any moment when the Carlow actress lands on Irish soil.

Fresh from her presenting gig at the Golden Globes in Los Angeles, Ronan returns to Dublin to lead the all-star line-up of tomorrow night's The Late Late Show on RTÉ.

The 24-year-old already has three Oscar nominations under belt, and now there's talk of Mary, Queen of Scots finally earning her the coveted golden statue.


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Saoirse joins Ryan Tubridy to have a chat about working with Margot Robbie on the new movie, and her journey from The Clinic and Proof all the way to working with Margot Robbie in Hollywood.

We can't wait to hear the goss about life on set, the Oscars buzz and what stars she wants to work with in the future.

She's making the Irish look DAMN GOOD, and we're proud of the gal. She's had an illustrious career already at a young age, but she's just getting started.


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Ronan will be joined on The Late Late Show by hilarious actor John C. Reilly and comic Steve Coogan, who stop by for a chat about their new Laurel and Hardy biopic, Stan and Ollie.

Padraig Harrington also joins the panel of celebrity guests on the couch, and will no doubt converse with Ryan about the 2020 Ryder Cup.

Last but not least, four of Ireland's most successful young people will visit Tubridy; boxer Michael Conlon, Irish actor and BAFTA Rising Star nominee Barry Keoghan (Dunkirk, The Killing of a Sacred Deer), journalist Ellen Coyne and influencer Rosie Connolly.

Music from indie-rockers The Academic and spoken word poems from Natalya O'Flaherty round up the evening, catch it tomorrow night at 9:35pm on RTÉ One.


Viewers all over the country were glued to the screens on Friday night, with The Late Late Toy Show totally taking over everyone's television schedules, and for good reason.

A record amount of viewers from over 100 countries all over the world tuned into RTÉ Player to catch a glimpse of the infamous Irish show, with a total of 1.5 million watching it on RTÉ One over the weekend.

This makes it officially the most watched programme on Irish TV in 2018, and cements it's place as the nation's television event of the year. 1.3 million viewers watched this year, making it an increase of 200,000 people.


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The show excelled itself this year, especially with their chosen theme of The Greatest Showman, which was hugely popular with both viewers, participants and host Ryan Tubridy.

1.3 million people watched the show live, which was an incredible 74 percent share of the TV audience during this time period.  The hashtag #LateLateToyShow even trended worldwide on Twitter.

The show had a total reach on RTÉ One of over 1.8 million viewers who tuned in for a minute or more on Friday night, some viewers on the Player logged on from Myanmar, Haiti, Mongolia and Burundi.

Ryan Tubridy gushed about the evening, saying: "I am blown away every single year at the reaction we get to The Late Late Toy Show."

"As a team, we are so honoured that people open their arms and welcome us in for such a magical night, and I sincerely hope it was as much fun for our viewers as it was for me on Friday."

"The production team and the children are what make the Toy Show special and memorable and I want to thank everyone involved, from little star Michael to our heroes Grace and Scott, to the set and costume designers. I’m delighted viewers loved it as much as we did."


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They truly outdid themselves this year, the kids just get cuter and cuter every year.

We can't wait to see what they do for 2019.



As the controversy surrounding George Hook continues to intensify, Pat Kenny has appeared to defend his colleague, by insisting the rugby pundit is genuinely contrite.

"I listened to his apology and he meant it, he is genuinely contrite. He is devastated by this. He realises what he said didn't come out right and accepts that some people were hurt," Kenny reasoned.

While insisting he wasn't defending the comments made by Hook, Pat argued that they were not a fair reflection of the radio host.

"The comments are not reflective of him. He is a decent man with children and was musing over a topic," Pat argued.

"He has entertained people for 13 years and it would be sad that people would take his mis-speaking on the radio as the real representation of George the man."

Earlier this week, while appearing on The Hard Shoulder with Ivan Yates, Irish singer, Mary Coughlan, protested against Yates' colleague by walking out of the interview.

The folk singer was being interviewed by Ivan about her upcoming tour when she chose to cut the interview short in response to Hook's recent remarks about rape.

The 61-year-old singer told Ivan that her decision to suspend the interview was nothing personal, but a response to his Newstalk colleague's controversial comments.

Commenting on her decision to terminate her appearance on the show, Mary told The Independent insisted the veteran broadcaster should be dismissed by the station.

"This isn’t the first time Hook has made comments such as these. The comments have absolutely no respect for the victims of abuse in this country."

"His comments were completely disparaging and there are even some comments in his book which I find similar,” she said. "He should be fired for God’s sake."

Yesterday it was reported that up to 20 members of Newstalk staff have drafted a letter of protest and are calling for him to be taken off air, though it's believed it was not formally handed to management.



Remember how hideous it was when a middle-aged teacher would utter words like ‘orgasm’ or ‘ejaculation’ when attempting to educate you and your class on the wonder that is the human reproductive system?

While we all made it out of those particular Biology classes alive (only just, mind), the hideous memories came flooding back this week when we heard Pat Kenny throwing the word ‘gee’ around on national radio like nobody’s business.

Assuming the much-loved broadcaster had momentarily lost his mind and forgotten the mike was switched on, we soon realised good ol’ Pat was simply trying to get to grips with a butter-like product known as ghee.

Inviting what we can only assume is a ghee expert to join him in the studio for a crash course on the aforementioned product, she and Pat indulged in numerous innuendo with wild abandon.

And listeners all over Ireland instantly regretted ever purchasing a radio.

We mean, did he really need to use the word over and over? And did she really need to invite him to smell her ghee? And did he really need to ask her how she uses her ghee?

No they didn’t, but now we all know…. and there's nothing any of us can do about it.



Congratulations are in order for Pat Kenny, he is about to be honoured with a lifetime achievement award.

The broadcaster worked with RTÉ for 41 years, and recently moved to TV3 to host a current affairs programme.

The award will be presented to the Dubliner next month along with President Michael D Higgins, Gay Byrne, the late Maureen O'Hara, Liam Neeson and Brendan O'Carroll, who will also receive awards at the event.

“I am humbled to be acknowledged by the academy alongside broadcasters such a Gay Byrne and Cathal O’Shannon, who paved the way for broadcasters such as myself,” Pat said in a statement.

“To be recognised by my peers in this way, and to follow in the footsteps of such an illustrious group of people who have previously received this award is an absolute honour for me.”

The IFTAs will take place on October 7.