Nothing is funnier than Margot Robbie being interviewed by her bro

There's nothing like growing up with a brother. From eye-rolls across the dinner table to those times when we just couldn't stand them, brothers made childhood that much richer.

Margot Robbie and her brother certainly seem to have that playful back-and-forth that seems like the ideal sibling relationship.

During her press interviews for Peter Rabbit, the 27-year-old was surprised to find herself in front of a very familiar interviewer for MTV Australia – her younger brother Cameron!

sexy margot robbie GIF

What ensued was, well, it could maybe be called brotherly love. Others might call it roasting. Either way, it's simply hilarious!

"It’s funny, in the film, I noticed a lot of real-life correlations between the character Flopsy. She seems quite, at times, airy and dim-witted. Do you think that was an intentional casting choice?" Cameron joked to his sister and her co-star, Elizabeth Debicki.

We won't spoil any more of it – just watch for yourselves!

Anyone else feel like calling up their brother all of a sudden?