Science has proven that this emotionally distressing time is a legitimate phenomenomnom- sorry, phenomenon.

The truth is, when you’re hungry, your blood sugar is low so the chances of you getting a little extra feisty are going to increase very quickly.

Haven’t we all said some things when our stomach was rumbling that we just wish we could take back?

Sometimes it’s just best to throw some food in our general direction and back away slowly. We’ll be back to our cheerful selves after a quick snack. Or two…

If you’re one of the lucky people that doesn’t suffer from hanger issues, then you should be aware that these are some of the potentially relationship ending issues we face on a daily basis.

We have to apologise, a lot.

Summoning all of our patience when service is a little slow at restaurants.

The distress when your friends can’t agree on a place to eat.

Happy hour after work. Why not happy dinner? Dinner makes everyone happy!

Road trips can be extra stressful. Getting lost isn’t an issue. Getting lost and running out of snacks is a dire situation.

Better safe than sorry…