10 of the realest things Khloé Kardashian has ever said


We all know that Scott and Kourtney are the undisputed underdogs of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but that doesn’t mean Khloé hasn’t had her fun too…

Mostly what these quotes have taught is that Khloé is much meaner to her mom and Kim than anyone else in the family!

Here are the 10 realest things KoKo has ever said:

“Don’t go into the ocean while on your period because a shark is going to attack you”
We’re not sure it works like that but we admire the logic…

[On Kim] “You know why she’s the most googled person? Because she was googling herself.”
It all makes sense now

“If I sweat on Oprah, I’m gonna just die”
Understandable people, it’s OPRAH!

[On golf] “I could maybe hit it better if they were black balls”
Well, don’ t hold back, Khlo

[On Kris Jenner] “I hear the pitter patter of a dinosaur”
She really does get a hard time, poor Kris!

“Sometimes, you have no idea what I think in my head that I wanna do to you, and if I did them, I would go to jail for so many years”
You’d think the same if you grew up with Kim Kardashian, to be fair…

“The first day of your period is literally like there’s a little alien inside of you beating the f**k out of your uterus”
Preach it, sista

[On writing Kim’s pre-nup] She’ll thank us later when she still has a place to live”
Wise woman

[To Kim] “A little bun in the oven Your ass is gonna be so big”
Comforting words!

[Answering phone to Kris] “Hi Satan”
We’d get a serious clip ‘round the ear for that one!