10 of the most awkward things that will ever happen


Those moments in life where you wish the ground would just swallow you up…aren't they just the worst?!

Here are some moments in life that can get verrrry awkward. Especially if you're an awkward person in general, like us!

1. Going to shake someone's hand but they go for your cheek
So you put your cheek towards them and they pull back and put out their hand. Oh the humanity! 

2. When you're in mass and that 'hand shaking' bit comes and you put your hand out, but nobody shakes it…
Hey, what's wrong with me?!

3. When a stranger is holding a door open for you but you're that little bit too far away and have to half jog…
We have to thank you for making us exercise against our will? 

4. Realising you got charged more than you should have and debating whether to queue again, interrupt the customer now being served or just accept the loss
Ah, it was only €1.50…

5. Going into a restaurant and not knowing if you should wait to be seated or just sit down somewhere free
Just tell me what to do!

6. Walking along happily when you accidentally hit a guy in the groin with your flyback hand
That will teach you not to powerwalk.

7. Getting on Dublin Bus when you're not from Dublin and not knowing whether to say where you're going or how much money you're putting in the slot
Seriously, which is it?!

8. Tripping in public by yourself and not knowing whether to laugh it off or just pretend it didn't happen
The actual worst. 

9. Saying something funny but no one heard you and they ask you to repeat it but you try to laugh it off but they insist and then nobody laughs

10. Meeting an acquaintance on the street and stopping to say hi quick only to realise after that you're going in the same direction
"Oh, ha, hey again…"