Six people you’ll find in the gym every January


Ah, the gym. It's like Marmite; if you love it you cannot get enough, if you hate it the smell is enough to make you puke. 

Notoriously, gyms in January are ten times busier than normal as people's New Year's resolutions kick into gear. 

Not all of these gym-goers will make it to February:

1. The pre-work professional
Always in before six in a suit and runners, these people mean business. They hop on the treadmill do a solid two hours and off they go to work for another 34. 

Catchphrase: "Can't talk, gotta run – so late for a meeting with my CEO byeeeee"

2. The relaxed yogi
Always barefoot and pleasantly calm, the yogis will make you feel zen even when 'leg guy' is grunting while squatting in the corner. 

Catchphrase: "Would you like some nettle and liquorice tea?"

3. Leg guy
Yes, he was always going to be next.  Drinking a protein smoothie while lifting ten of thousands of kg, the natural habitat of leg guy is in front of the mirror. 

Catchphrase: "Do you even lift, bra?"

4. The Bridget Jones
This is us to be honest. Not a regular gym-goer but always striving to get fitter. 

Catchphrase: "HOW has it only been fifteen minutes since I got here?"

5. The Insta-snapper
Gym-gear? Check. Two-hour intense workout done? Check. Make-up still miraculously perfectly? Check. Mirror? Check. Snap, snap, snap! Inadvertently makes The Bridget Jones never want to come back to the gym. 

6. The fit mom
She's had HOW many kids?! Hope I'm like that one day….

Catchphrase: "The gym is my 'me-time'"