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The New Year is here and with that come many, many promises we make ourselves. While we may manage to keep some, let’s be honest, many we do not! Here are the expectations and realities of making those resolutions! 

1. Eating healthy

Expectation: “I am going to eat salad all day and look like a VS Angel by summer”

Reality: “There’s only like five Roses left, sure I may as well finish the box and get it OUT of the house”

2. Being Organised

Expectation: “I am going to keep my room spotless and write everything in my new diary”

Reality: “WHERE is my stupid red dress *rummaging through piles of clothes on the floor*?! How is it that time already?! Oh Gawwwd”

3. Getting Fit

Expectation: “I am going to run 3 miles every single day”

Reality: “I might just walk actually and do it every second night”

4. Broadening horizons

Expectation: “I am going to join a book club and meet lots of new people”

Reality: “Oh CRAP it’s Thursday already?! Quick open the Wikipedia page for Jane Eyre!”

5. Financial maturity

Expectation: “I am going to start saving so much this year. I do not need frivolous things”

Reality: “I’ve been thinking about this for a whole three hours now and…those shoes would be an investment for my career. And nights out"



Happy New Year, ladies!

Sorry. Too loud? Yeah, we feel you.

If you're anything like us, you're currently nursing a mammoth hangover, and bear little to no resemblance to the woman who sashayed about your living room last night, feeling like an absolute queen. What a way to start the new year, eh?

But don't worry, if you managed to check off the following six points, we guarantee you that today and tomorrow will be a whole lot easier to deal with.

1. Shower

And we mean right now. Seriously, do not leave it until later tonight.

Everyone knows you can never underestimate the power of a shower, but for some reason, climbing in seems akin to climbing Everest when you're grappling with a headache and queasy stomach.

Just bite the bullet, pull last night's clothes over your head and let the water do the rest.

2. Get fresh air

OK, now that you're out of the shower and resemble a human again, it's time to pull on your runners, a warm coat and go get a coffee.

Aimless wandering isn't for the hungover, but a slow stroll with coffee as the main goal definitely is. Aim to spend at least 30 minutes in the fresh air and do your level best to take in a few deep breaths.

Not only will it do wonders for that hideous sense of grogginess, but it will help alleviate your headache and aid a better night's sleep later.

3. Prepare clothes and breakfast

Look at you! Showered, coffeed-up, and sporting adorable rosy cheeks from your stroll outside. Sure, you're claiming this day back, no bother!

Now, it's time to (momentarily) look to the future, and consider your first day back at work. Sorry, but you're doing so well, so try to stick with us here.

No one is expecting miracles, but your employers will expect to see you in clean clothes, so spend 20 minutes laying out every item you need for the morning.

And if you can handle the sight of food, make sure every item you need fot breakfast is packed in Tupperware and ready to pop in your bag in the morning and prepare in the office.

4. Watch a feel-good film

Now it's time to properly relax, because let's face it, you've played a blinder, and you deserve it.

Take your mind off that pitiful text you sent last night and that hideous workload you need to tackle tomorrow by watching your favourite feel-good film.

As long as it makes you chuckle, and transports you to somewhere outside your current reality, you're onto a winner.

5. Eat (relatively) well

OK, believe us, we know we're pushing it a little here, but you'll thank us tomorrow.

No, we're not expecting you to spend the day blitzing soups and downing smoothies, but try your best to keep your meals as balanced as possible.

If you're planning a takeaway for dinner, try get some fruit into you at lunch-time. If your breakfast was a left-over Dominos, then opt for a slightly healthier meal for dinner.

6. Go to bed early

Yes, we know you're envisioning yourself laying there all night long while The Fear sets in, and the horrors of January settle, but honestly, an early night is the only thing for you.

Spend 10 minutes straightening your bed, and making it comfortable before sinking into it for a solid eight hour rest.

Do whatever it is that helps you to relax before sleeping; listen to a podcast, do some meditation, jot some notes in your journal, and then after 15 minutes, turn off the light and wish yourself a Happy New Year…



If you’re giving up or reducing your coffee intake for your New Year’s resolutions – my deepest sympathies go out to you.

If you’re thinking about cutting the caffeine – listen up, I’ve already done the hard work and went cold turkey for one long week and here’s how I got on.

I must confess that on a good day I will have one or two cups of coffee and on a bad one, that number will creep to three, maybe even four.

So kicking the habit, I knew might be a little bit of a challenge, but I didn’t think it would make a massive difference – oh, those famous last words…

Day one was relatively easy. I had three coffees the day before which might explain the ease of which I got through the day.

However, the next day was an entirely different story. My mood was so low and I was experiencing palpitations.

This was only made worse when I dined out as usually I would order an espresso to round up the meal as it helps digestion.

Of course, my little shot of heaven was forbidden, but lucky enough for me, my fellow dinner guests weren’t interested in ordering any teas or coffees, so I didn’t feel like I was completely missing out.

Day three, I watched my mother add cream to the expensive coffee I treated the household too. I did everything to distract my brain whilst she expressed just how delicious her coffee was – it was torture.

Our day was scheduled to stop in a coffee shop, but again, I was given a lifeline as thanks to the festive period, they were closed.

Day four was a challenge. I did a coffee run with my mother and I finally caved and had a decaffeinated coffee.

I was hoping the placebo effect would kick in and I would get some sort of buzz – I have no idea why I thought it would work as obviously without the caffeine, coffee quickly loses its appeal and energy boosting properties.

I knocked down the warm brown liquid with a sulky look on my face.

I really thought the reactions people experienced from giving up caffeine were fake. I have since learnt that they are all too real.

Day five was a day I had been dreading the whole week. I was working and I usually rely on coffee to give me my morning energy to get into the office.

I knew my coffee crutch would be very hard to ignore, so I made myself a deal. I wouldn’t go near the kitchen until my shift was finished.

This way my hunger would outweigh my desire for caffeine. Although it’s a method I wouldn’t recommend, it did work and I survived the day without having a breakdown.

Day six and I was STILL experiencing palpations, particularly at night time when they’d come thick and fast. My tactic to get through the day was to constantly distract myself, knowing the experiment wouldn’t last much longer.

One thing I certainly didn’t expect to experience is how much I thought about coffee – not being allowed to have it, made it so much more tempting.

Day seven and I was back working. I kept my head down and powered through the day. Lucky enough for me, a lot of my symptoms had begun to subside and I didn’t feel like total crap. However, I was very much looking forward to finishing the experiment and going back to my relationship with coffee.

The morning had finally arrived and I am not messing – I actually got up earlier to enjoy my cup of coffee AND even treated the family to a coffee run – (though this was mainly out of guilt for being so moody over the week, sorry mum).

It was divine and there’s no way I am ever going back, life is too short not to enjoy at least one coffee a day.

Since giving the challenge a go, I’ve reduced my intake and have been more aware of how much caffeine I am consuming.

Before embarking on a lifestyle change, please contact your doctor first.


A New Year has begun, yet our obsession with Kylie Jenner continues.

Debuting a brand new look to kick off 2019 in style, Kylie went for a big and bold change.

We are starting to believe that no matter what Kylie does with her hair, she still looks BOMB. 


A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Opting for an icy blue colour, the 21-year-old looked flawless.

Celebrating the night with bestie Jordyn Woods, she simply captioned the picture: "To 2019, please…"

In her Instagram stories, Kylie wished everyone a happy New Year in a different outfit.

In the video, Kylie sported an oversized white jacket with pink heels.

Her blue hair was styled up but it still stands out. 

We have to admit we adore the hair transformation – there's nothing she can't pull off.



New Year's Festival Dublin have announced ticket details for their spectacular Liffey Lights Midnight Moment event taking place on New Year's Eve at the Custom House from 11.30pm.  

FREE tickets for dazzling lighting display will be available from Ticketmaster this Monday at 9am.

Celebrate the final moments of 2018 with a bang under a canopy of sparks as the Liffey Lights Midnight Moment signals the end of 2018 and the arrival of the New Year. This dazzling lighting spectacle will be performed against the backdrop of the Custom House and features a thrilling choreography of lasers and aqua beams.

You'll be amazed as live DJs and percussionists perform on the water in perfect harmony with hundreds of lasers and lights as they illuminate the midnight sky over Dublin City. The free event will start at 11.30pm with excitement building to a crescendo as the clock strikes midnight. This performance is not to be missed.

Dublin City will light up with excitement as the family-friendly Liffey Lights Midnight Moment – Matinee makes a highly anticipated return this year with a brand new early countdown spectacle set to amaze audiences. Families and friends of all ages can ring in the New Year together with entertainment starting at 6 pm leading to the earlier countdown spectacle at 7 pm. 

Tickets are on sale now for the 3Countdown Concert at Custom House Quay. Get ready for a New Year's Eve night to remember as platinum selling artist Gavin James will headline the 3Countdown Concert with special guests Hudson Taylor, Wild Youth and Inhaler.

Tickets (which include entry to the Liffey Lights Midnight Moment event) priced €29.90 including booking fee are on sale now from Ticketmaster outlets nationwide and www.ticketmaster.ie

For additional information on all other NYF Dublin events please visit www.NYFDublin.com. Keep up to date with news about all upcoming events by using the hashtag #NYFDublin and following @NYFDublin on Twitter and Instagram.


We know Selena has an incredible end to 2015, with her new songs, her new beaus and her new confidence, so it's no wonder she posted a snap like this on Instagram.

Taking to the social media site yesterday, Selena shared a picture of her and some friends, enjoying the New Year in a very exotic location.

And we have to admit, Ms Gomez is sizzling in her blue bikini.

She captioned the pic, "Left my phone behind to be present! I am so grateful for the people I've met this year but more importantly for the people who have been consistent and by my side through thick and thin. That'd be YOU. Thank you for another year! Love you guys!"

We love you too, Selena.


Now that the New Year is upon us, most of us have gone into overdrive trying to organise our lives.

But of course, it's easier said than done and sometimes we wish we could have a personal assistant by our side to remind us how to operate (because we forgot sometimes). 

Well, now it may be simpler than before as there are personal assistant apps to help you out. Just imagine a little Lloyd from Entourage in your life:


1. Google Now

According to the app store, Google Now is the "intelligent personal assistant". This app organises just about everything you can imagine and will give you assistance all day, everyday. 

Your info is organised into personalised cards that will provide you with just about everything you need, without you having to spend time searching. 


2. Quip

If Mark Zuckerberg uses it, then we might as well use it too. Quip is known to be one of the best apps out there and is pretty much the virtual office used by Facebook and Instagram. It allows users to collaborate with others on various documents, spreadsheets and checklists. 

This is especially handy if your New Years Resolution is to get more organised in work. 


3. Wunderlist

If you love lists or simply need something to organise your thoughts, then Wunderlist is for you. The app organises your productivity and sets out classic to-do lists for each day/week. 

You can also share lists with others, which is handy for organising nights out, family dinners, etc. 


4. Speaktoit

Speaktoit is pretty much Siri after she has been promoted. The app lets you make calls, send texts and search the web, all the while remembering everything from your favourites. All you have to do is, you've guessed it, speak to it. 

It will answer all of your questions, perform tasks while your busy and even give you social media updates. 


5. 24me

If you're a forgetful person, then this app will work as your second brain. It generates reminders for everything like important work meetings, girls nights out and even paying bills. 

24me combines your calendar, to-do lists and notes all in one handy place. It also syncs with social media apps to send messages to your friends or give you reminders for important birthdays. 


We all know the deal; every New Year we try to make these promises to ourselves and by January 10, they're ALL gone out the window. 

We know the usual resolutions are to get in shape, eat healthier and work harder but sometimes there are other resolutions that can be life-changing. 

So, if you want a promise that you can actually stick to this year, here's a list of things that will actually make a BIG difference: 

1. Stop procrastinating

This is probably one of the biggest barriers that keep people from reaching their goals and once you get into a habit of procrastinating, it can be hard to snap out of it. 

There are a few life hacks to keep you from putting things off, but once the procrastination barrier is out of the way, getting into shape or whatever you want to do will become much easier. 


2. Meet new people

Most of us will go through stages of being stuck in a little rut and we usually end up staying at home a lot. 

But meeting new people can be majorly beneficial to your well-being and it can even help you in your career. You never know who is just around the corner!


3. Reduce Stress

They say that stress is one of the biggest killers out there; it can have a destructive effect on your relationships and indeed, your life. 

It may be one of the unavoidable features of life, but if you manage it well, everything will become SO much easier. 


4. Get more sleep

Sleep is something many of us are deprived of, even though we need it to function. 

But with smart TVs, social media and all sorts of gadgets glowing our way, it's hard to get enough shut-eye at night. You should be trying to hit eight hours of sleep every night, but if you can't shut off, try these simple tricks


5. Spend more time with people that matter

It seems like everyone is always busy, and this can cut into time being spent with family and friends. 

Try to organise more bonding time with the people that matter and don't let anything pass you by. 


6. Learn to let go of grudges and stop moaning

This is easier said than done. It takes a lot to overcome diversity, but sitting around a moaning is just counterproductive. 

If you have a big fight with someone over a small issue, try to work it out. Forgiveness is much healthier than being bitter and angry. 


7. Turn your hobby into your job

If you're tired of working in a job you hate, then it may be time for change. Starting new is never easy, but if you're passionate about something and have the drive to make it a reality, it'll work out and you'll never regret it. 


If you're somebody who doesn't or can't drink, you probably know the struggle of trying to keep up with your plastered mates on New Years. 

You can go to the pub or club with them, but ultimately you'll either lose them or grow bored of their drunken antics. 

But for those who want to socialise, soberly, on New Years this year, there is another option. 

The Funky Seomra is an alcohol-free nightclub that has been running for the past seven years, yet mainly goes unnoticed. 

However, this year it's planning to be bigger and better than ever. 

The group is hosting an event at Filmbase in the heart of Dublin's Temple Bar. The night will begin at 9pm and run until 2.30am, with tickets going for €15 or €12 from here

There will be two dancefloors, three DJs, a smoothie bar and an organic cafe from The Happy Pear… Which sounds absolutely deadly, right?! 

David Mooney, the club organiser, said that these features will make the event unlike any other.

"Having massages, musicians, cafes, all makes it a very, very different atmosphere," he told The Journal

“New Year’s Eve is our busiest night. The people who come before know what to expect, but other people are a bit unaware.

“But you’re all in it together because you’re in the middle of Temple Bar but you’re the only place with no drink.”