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17 embarrassing things that happen everyday

There things that happen to all of us on an everyday basis that can be brutally embarrassing…but that’s life!

 1. Secretly Trying To Take A Picture Of Someone
… When the flash on your phone is on.

2. Waving At Someone
Who doesn’t see you. Also, when someone waves at someone else but you think they’re waving at you, and so you wave back.

3. Trying To Get Your Teacher’s Attention In Primary School
Then accidentally calling them Mummy or Daddy.

embarrassed animated GIF

4. Texting One Of Your Friends
About a certain person, before sending it to that person by mistake.

5. Trying To Walk By Someone
But you go the same way as they do, and this happens a few times before you eventually get by each other.

6. Spilling Your Drink All Over Yourself
Missing your mouth, spilling it all over your new top. The darker the liquid and the lighter the shirt, the more embarrassing the incident.

7. Going To Open A Door…
… By pulling it when it clearly ‘push’, or vice versa.

8. Tripping In Public
Hole. You. Now.  Before trying to act casual, as if it never happened. Or in a supermarket when you LEAST expect it, those in-store accidents can creep up on you out of nowhere.

9. Sitting In The Wrong Lecture
Well, it was such a issue actually getting this seat, you may as well stay and learn something new.

10. Walking down the Street In Wrong Direction
And then being convinced the person who was near you when you turned thinks you’re following them

11. Tummy Rumbling In Class
*Cough Cough*

12. Creeping On Someone’s Facebook And Accidentally Liking A Photo From Three Years Ago
No, no, noooooooo!

once upon a time gif animated GIF

13. Laughing At Something While Alone
People slowly start to back away…

14. Holding A Hand Rail On The Bus Or Train And Touching Someone’s Hand
Ick, ick, ick!

15. Asking Someone To Repeat Themselves, Still Don’t Hear
Nod and smile, nod and smile.

16. Going To Pay For Something With Your Laser Card And It’s Rejected
“Can I just take the Curly Wurly please?”

17. Waiting For A Door To Open Automatically But It Doesn’t
It’s like when Bart sold his soul. No door for you.



Those moments in life where you wish the ground would just swallow you up…aren't they just the worst?!

Here are some moments in life that can get verrrry awkward. Especially if you're an awkward person in general, like us!

1. Going to shake someone's hand but they go for your cheek
So you put your cheek towards them and they pull back and put out their hand. Oh the humanity! 

2. When you're in mass and that 'hand shaking' bit comes and you put your hand out, but nobody shakes it…
Hey, what's wrong with me?!

3. When a stranger is holding a door open for you but you're that little bit too far away and have to half jog…
We have to thank you for making us exercise against our will? 

4. Realising you got charged more than you should have and debating whether to queue again, interrupt the customer now being served or just accept the loss
Ah, it was only €1.50…

5. Going into a restaurant and not knowing if you should wait to be seated or just sit down somewhere free
Just tell me what to do!

6. Walking along happily when you accidentally hit a guy in the groin with your flyback hand
That will teach you not to powerwalk.

7. Getting on Dublin Bus when you're not from Dublin and not knowing whether to say where you're going or how much money you're putting in the slot
Seriously, which is it?!

8. Tripping in public by yourself and not knowing whether to laugh it off or just pretend it didn't happen
The actual worst. 

9. Saying something funny but no one heard you and they ask you to repeat it but you try to laugh it off but they insist and then nobody laughs

10. Meeting an acquaintance on the street and stopping to say hi quick only to realise after that you're going in the same direction
"Oh, ha, hey again…"



It's been one hell of a year – there's been lots of weird and wonderful things happening. Naturally the Internet is to blame for most of these. 

1. The three-boobed woman
This was revealed as a hoax, but it certainly entertained us for a week!

2. The man who has a phobia of the Kardashians
​Can't say we blame him

3. When the world found out Hello Kitty is NOT a cat

4. A guy got stuck in a Waterstone's and Twitter went crazy

5. The man in Australia who bought the very first iPhone 6 and then dropped it on camera

6. Ed Sheeran dueted with…Wayne Rooney (?!)
Footballer turned singer

7. Michelle Obama danced with a turnip…for real
She's down with the kids

8. Jaden and Willow Smith conducted the most bizarre interview of all time
"There’s no novels that I like to read so I write my own novels, and then I read them again, and it’s the best thing"

9. Russell Brand inadvertently became a member of Blur


10. Nicki Minaj's video Anaconda got 19.6 million views in one day. One. Day.
We just can't work out why… 




It's time to start getting excited about this weekend's X Factor finale! 

To celebrate another winner, we had a look back at some of our favourite moments! It was so hard to choose but hopefully some of your most memorable bits are in here:

1. Ablisa have a serious BFF showdown on stage
Wonder if they are still pals? 

2. Ant and Seb take on Peter Andre
The only cover of Mysterious Girl you'll ever need

3. The infamous water scene
To be fair, he deserved it!

4. Ariel…
Was anyone else terrified she was going to come through the TV?!

5. Rylan's ridiculous reaction
Oh, come on!

6. That time Harry Styles was a very naughty boy…
Think of all the WHAT he is going to get?! Bold. 

7. Sharon bashes her head against the door

8. Fag ash breath
Smokers are jokers Tulisa

9. That time Cheryl trolled this poor woman!
"You'd be a great preacher"

10. When Sharon actually realised what Busted's lyrics were saying




These milestones may seem trivial, or even downright disgusting. But it’s all in the name of true love.

1. Being Sick In Front Of Them


2. Seeing Them Naked In A Non Sexual Scenario


3. Meeting Their Friends


4. Having Them Meet Your Friends 


5. Showering Together



6. Having Them Over To Your Place 


7. Being Blackout Drunk In Front Of Them


8. The No Make-Up Look


9. Cooking Together 


10. Dancing Together 


11. Farting In Front Of Them


12. Pooing At Their House For The First Time 


13. Getting In A Fight


14. Crying In Front Of Them


15. Going On Holiday Together


16. Introducing Them to Your Family


17. Telling Them How You Really Feel

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