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The Food Safety Authority of Ireland have recalled four Miss Fit Skinny tea and coffee products over 'misleading labelling'.

Miss Fit Skinny Tea 14 Day Skinny Tea, Miss Fit Skinny Tea Max, Miss Fit Slimming Coffee 14 Day Fat Burning Instant Coffee and Miss Fit Skinny Coffee Max are the products which will be recalled.

The FSAI released a statement on the matter, saying; "All batches of the above four Miss Fit products are being recalled due to incorrect, misleading and ambiguous labelling."

"Amongst the labelling breaches are health claims which are not authorised and are therefore misleading to the consumer."


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Products from the brand have been asked to be removed from the market. Shops have been ordered to remove the detox products from the shelves and display point-of-sale notices to correctly inform customers.

There has been a huge amount of backlash in recent months to 'quick fix' weight loss brands such as these, with the head doctor of the NHS condemning weight-loss advertisements and Jameela Jamil fronting a campaign against them.

After rapper Cardi B endorsed the teas, which contain ingredients akin to laxatives, Jamil wrote on Twitter: "If you want to “curb your appetite” eat some damn green vegetables or have some nutritious natural vegetable soup."

"Don’t drink these “detox” teas. You need fibre! Not something that honestly just makes you have diarrhoea the day you take it and constipates you in the long run…"

They were recalled due to the misinformed labelling, and it can't be a negative thing for young women and their mental health that action is finally being taken against them.

Hazel Wallace, better known as The Food Medic, claims that;

"Some of these detoxes are really dangerous and not healthy at all, especially some of the skinny teas," said Hazel, who is a junior doctor and a certified personal trainer. and therefore has healthcare and nutrition experience.

"Although they claim they are natural many drugs are actually from nature but it doesn’t make them naturally good for you. Your liver does the detoxing for your body you don’t need a green tea to detox,’ she said.


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Wallace also commented on senna leaves, a laxative which leads to dehydration;

"Some of these skinny teas have laxatives which we actually use as doctors to prescribe to people who are severely constipated, so clearly you are going to lose weight if you not absorbing any of the nutrients and its just passing through your system."

"This can cause so much damage to your digestive system, you lose water, you lose nutrients and you can damage the gut lining."

A petition from Jamil has been signed 138,000 times already, asking for celebrities to be banned from endorsing weight loss products.


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The Kardashians especially have endorsed numerous weight-loss products, gaining huge criticism from Jameela Jamil especially as well as healthcare professionals. Many have even claimed that they encourage body dysmorphia.

Detox teas have previously faced backlash after a string of unplanned pregnancies happened when the effectiveness of the contraceptive pill was reduced due to the laxative effects in the detox teas.

Be extremely wary of what you're consuming in terms of nutrition, weight-loss is about health, exercise and a balanced diet, not running to the loo every ten minutes.

Keep an eye out for valid healthcare professionals' advice on the matter, and make sure your emotional and mental health is also prioritised.


We are a nation of tea drinkers.

In fact, we are mad for the stuff; a Euromonitor study found that Ireland is one of the biggest per capita consumers of tea in the world.

Ranked in at second to consume most of the sweet liquid, we were only pipped to the top spot by Turkey.

However, what if we told you, you can have your tea and reap incredible health benefits? – Sounds too good to be true, right?


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Well, you're mistaken – introducing Chi Fit Tea.

Now before you go saying green tea is too bitter, these Dublin master blenders have tailored this new tea to the taste buds of the Irish.

Spending months in their kitchen, the creators of the Chi Fit Tea only unleashed this beast when they felt the recipe was perfection.  

So, what are the benefits?​​​​​​

Each cup is enriched with energy-boosting, anti-inflammatory, relaxing and antioxidant properties – to name a few.

But what exactly does that mean for your body?

Well it's ideal for gym bunnies who want a boost before hitting a workout, or shift workers who need a bit of a pick-me-up during the day.

Additionally, if your schedule has you going like the clappers and you need some extra fuel – this tea was made for you.

And we can't forget those health gurus among us – this tea will help relax the body and get everything back on track.


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The tea stands out from the competition as it is crafted using 10 specialised ingredients. 

The Chi Fit Tea experts selected the ingredients from Yunnan, China. – And they know a thing or two about good tea, as the city is the oldest tea region in the country.

Chi Fit Tea actually use whole and loose leaf tea to pack in that minty, refreshing flavour. 

And as you sip your tea, you'll get beautiful notes of rose petal, hibiscus, and lotus leaf.

If you've ever been interested in giving energy teas a try, this tea is an excellent place to start.

The attention to detail when it comes to ensuring your brew tastes great, means you really can't go wrong. 


Reading this at work? – You might want to put down the cuppa before we go any further.

So, it's no secret that office workers all over the country consume an impressive, albeit slightly worrying, amount of tea on a daily basis.

Whether your looking for an excuse to take a sneaky break, or simply just in desperate need of a pick-me-up, it's amazing how a little stroll to the kitchen can make the working day feel just a tad bit more bearable.

However, it's looks like we might need to find a new way to break up the day, because a worrying new study has found that office teabags can carry up to 17 times more germs than a toilet seat.

Research carried out by the Initial Washroom Hygiene revealed that the average bacterial reading of an office teabag was 3,785, compared to just 220, for a toilet seat.

And as if that wasn't enough to turn you off ever stepping foot inside the office kitchen ever again, other common equipment also ranked high on the gross scale.

Bacterial readings of the average kettle handles were 2,483, while fridge doors came in at 1,592.

Dr Peter Barratt of Initial Washroom Hygiene says we all need to be more aware of the potential dangers that lie in our communal eating spaces.

“If you stop to think about the number of different hands that touch things such as the kettle handle, tea bag box lid, mugs, and so on, the potential for cross contamination really adds up,” he explains.

“Using anti-bacterial wipes on kitchen surfaces and regularly cleaning your mug can pay huge dividends in terms of maintaining a healthy workforce.”

If anyone's looking for us we'll be eating our lunches in the bathroom stalls.


It would seem as though every week we are faced with a new (and amazing) product offering from the wonderful world of Penneys.

We are in their debt for all the Disney greatness they've been providing recently – and it has not stopped. 

*Drum roll please*

We can happily confirm that Penneys are now selling fully functional Mrs Potts teapots, and we couldn't be happier.

The porcelain teapot, which costs €10, is part of their new Beauty And The Beast homeware collection, and is expected to be in high demand (we all remember Chip mug gate, right?)

Facebook user, Miss Ellamay, discovered the beautiful teapot in Swords yesterday, so we know it is officially on the SHELVES.

Go, go, GO.

Tea not really your thing? Don;t worry, just mix your Gin and Tonic in the pot, and pout to your heart's content. 

Oh, and if you get your hands on one – send us a picture, and let us know where you got it!

Please and thank you. 


We all know a sick individual who likes their tea as white and milky as the Irish complexion, along with a mad b****** who doesn't take milk in their tea at all.

As a land of tea drinkers, there is a wide array of preferences when it comes to assessing what makes the perfect cuppa. 

From great debates over the right amount of sugar and whether a saucer is necessary, tea can divide a nation.

One thing that really gets people riled up is the correct colour of tea. 

This delicate decision, whether you want it the colour of a nicely varnished floor or the shade of a Digestive biscuit, is all down to the amount of milk used.

Twitter user @Yorkshireprobs uploaded a key chart to identify the most popular tea shade.

Personally, 2C looks about right, but the comments section is wild with disagreement.

Some have even admitted to enjoying 4D, which, as was pointed out in responses, must be like drinking a cup of tepid milk. 

Others have suggested printing out the chart to hand in offices worldwide, so that the tea debate can rage on while also educating the masses about one anothers tea choices. 

Now we're gasping for a cuppa…


We love our tea and probably drink over ten five cups every day.

But, do you ever wonder why sometimes your cuppa tastes different?

Your mug in the morning might taste different to the one you have in work or in the local cafe.

Portrait of Young Woman Drinking Coffee at Home

Well, according to a documentary which aired on BBC2, Inside The Factory, there's a specific science to making a good brew.

And it all has to do with the amount of time you leave the teabag stewing in your cup.

Dr Stuart Farrimond suggest that leaving the bag in for five minutes exactly is how to get the most out of your cuppa, and depending on how long you leave it in for, it will taste different each and every time.

blur, breakfast, caffeine

And apparently, Dr Stuart says that the colour of your mug or cup can also impact the way we taste tea.

The documentary noted that people who have a sweet tooth tend to go for a red or pink cup, while fans of savoury food like white or blue mugs because it brings out the *saltiness* of a cuppa.

We think we need to go boil the kettle now…


Us Irish can be quite picky when it comes to travelling.

According to the latest national survey by Red C for Travel Counsellors Ireland, there's a few things that we just can't live without on holiday.

There's also a few things we wish we could have…

1. The Celeb

When it comes to a travel companion, Irish comedian Graham Norton won the top spot, with the majority of participants choosing him as a holiday BFF.

However, the funnyman proved to be more popular with women, with 50 per cent of them choosing him as a holiday companion compared to only one in three men.

Kim Kardashian was also a popular choice, but more so with males as 18 per cent chose her as their sun buddy, compared to only four per cent of females.

The SHEmazing gals however would love Kimmy K as a holiday BFF (imagine all the secrets she'd tell us!).

Next in line was chart-topper Adele, with 27 per cent of the vote over all, while one in five people chose Michael Fassbender to head away with them.

Related image

2. The Beverage

When we head away on holiday, it's safe to say they only thing on our minds is relaxing with a tasty cocktail.

But it looks like the rest of the population can't live without one certain beverage, and it's far from boozy.

You can probably guess what the beverage of choice is, right? *Drumroll* it's tea!

One in ten people surveyed said that they need some Irish tea on holiday, and many pack it along with their sun lotion!

Tea Poured in White Ceramic Cup

3. The Essentials

So, one of the essentials we need on holiday is our smartphones (because we all need that perfect Instagram picture, right?).

One in three said having their phones with them is a priority when travelling, however, they're more important to single people, with 40 per cent of singletons saying they could not part with their phones, compared to only 25 per cent of married people.

The survey also revealed 31 per cent of Irish people prefer having a tailor-made holiday, while 21 per cent said it was more important to have a holiday financially protected.

hand, iphone, macro

How do you like your holiday? 


You can't beat a good cuppa tea.

Whether you bring tea bags away on holiday with you (guilty), or just love a good catch-up over a cuppa in the office, there's nothing better than sitting back with that toasty cup in your hand.

Now, we know we're a nation obsessed with tea, so supermarket chain Tesco decided to conduct a survey to find out which province in Ireland likes it the most.

Black Ceramic Cup With Smoke Above


Well, Connaught took the top spot, with 82 per cent of residents stating they are obsessed, and to further that, one-third of these said that they drink more than five cups everyday.

In second place is Ulster, with 78 per cent pledging their allegiance to the beverage, while Munster came in third with 73 per cent.

dishcloth, red, tea cup

Leinster (excluding Dublin) also came in at 73 per cent, and we were pretty disappointed to hear that Dublin came last, with only 65 per cent of us admitting to loving a good cuppa.

Well, there you have it. Now, all this talk about tea has made us thirsty…


If you have an early-morning flight it might be a bit too much to lash down the vino before 9am.

Therefore, you (begrudgingly) ask for a tea or coffee when the air hostess comes around.

airplane, airport, flying

However, anyone who has tasted coffee on an airplane will know that it's no barista style americano…

According to Travel & Leisure, the reason tea and coffee tastes so different (i.e. rank) on planes is because of the water they use – and it can't be avoided.

adult, beverage, blue

It's understandable that the water in the tanks on board isn't the purest, but the publication reports that "an EPA report found that 12 percent of commercial airplane water tested positive for coliform bacteria, which usually indicates other gut-rocking bugs like E.coli are present."


Well, there's one more reason to stick to the prosecco when flying…

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!



Ah, another day, another person telling us we're doing things wrong.

And in this case, we're all apparently making tea wrong.

The cheek of someone telling us Irish how to make tea… pfft.

I know it's a completely frivolous thing, but it really grinds my gears.

Person Holding Silver Pitcher

We're living in an age where people have the tools (hello, Internet) to voice their numerous opinions, and while this can be a fantastic thing, it also lends itself to utter sh*te.

Twitter users, who have no beauty expertise, are telling us how to wash our hair, and Instagram fans are giving out to mothers who give their kids a peck on the cheek – and it comes to a point when it's just so tiring and ridiculous.

And the latest in a long line of 'experts' is William Gorman, of the UK's Tea and Infusions Association, who has come out today to say that we're all ruining our beverages by reboiling the water.

He obviously hasn't heard of the water charges over here in Ireland…

Person Holding White Ceramic Coffee Cup Leaning on Brown Wooden Table

But in all honestly, 1) we probably knew this in the first place and 2) do we really care?

William told The Telegraph: "Usually when people’s tea goes cold they reboil the kettle and make another cup. But doing this you are guaranteed to give yourself a dull cup of tea.

"You need freshly drawn water for a good cup because reboiling it takes out all the oxygen and nitrogen out of it."

When Cosmo commented on Will's views, they quipped "WHO KNEW," but we're giving the right old stance of 'who gives a f*ck'.

Image result for tea gif

So, from now on, we're going to stop listening to all these 'experts' telling us that we're living our lives wrong, because guess what? We're going to live our lives the way we want to.

#RantOver… I'm going to reboil the kettle.

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here! 


So, we are definitely excited for the upcoming live-action edition of Beauty and the Beast, which hit cinemas on March 17.

While we love a good helping of cinema popcorn, there is nothing better than sipping on a hot cup of tea while settling into a great film.

Drinking tea is a national pastime, and now there is a special Beauty and the Beast brew that is giving us all the Disney feels. 

Pic: Twinings

Tea company Twinings is collaborating with the Disney flick to create the perfect hot beverage.

We're especially obsessed with the Camomile, Honey and Vanilla Herbal Tea that features Belle in her dazzling yellow ball gown.

Mrs. Potts and Chip would be proud!

"Twinings is delighted to offer this special edition design that celebrates Disney’s Beauty and the Beast cinematic event," reads the Twinings site.

 "So, be our guest and enjoy these four great-tasting herbal blends to suit your every mood."

While we would love to be their guest and sip on a Belle-inspired brew, the site currently doesn't ship outside the US, so if you are a major Beauty and the Beast fan, you may have to get a Stateside pal of yours to post it over to you. 

Hopefully some will appear on eBay soon. 



Cleaning our beauty blenders definitely isn't the most enjoyable task, so leaving the little sponges to soak in some hot water while we clean the rest of our brushes seems like a pretty good idea.

Niamh McManus decided to complete this very task, and left her beauty blender in a mug to draw out the foundation within.

Unfortunately, she didn't mention this to her brother, who spotted the mug sitting on the countertop and started to drink the substance, assuming it was tea.

Niamh shared her GAS anecdote on Twitter, and it quickly went viral.

The mistake was pretty understandable when looking at the photographic evidence provided; after all, the foundation shade is freakishly close to the hue of a milky cuppa.

While the thought of drinking old foundation water makes us sick, we can't help thinking he may have deserved the fright for trying to rob Niamh's perceived cup of tea.