10 things that will DEFINITELY happen when you move abroad

At this point almost all of know someone, or know someone who knows someone who has packed their bags and left our little emerald isle for somewhere else.

Apparently, new figures are saying that one in every six Irish-born people now live abroad. Which makes sense because we did seem to heading to a lot of ‘going away’ parties last year.

If you are living abroad, or ever have- even it was just that extended holiday you took back in 2005, then you will probably recognise some of these experiences:

You miss good tea:

You find yourself sitting near a window doing your best interpretation of any Irish tea company ad from times gone by, seriously nostalgic.

Your name will be butchered:

Caoimhes generally have the most difficult time. Although Caoilinn also suffers.

People will impersonate you:

They love the accent, but it’s perfectly acceptable to find the parroting a little annoying after a few months.

People will assume you know every Irish person they have ever met:

“I met a guy in Dublin once”- even if you’re from Kerry they will ask.

You will suddenly become fluent in Irish:

Sure look, they have no idea you’re just asking them if you can go to the bathroom, repeatedly.

The heat can be an issue:

It can take a while to become accustomed to a warmer climate.

Nobody knows what the craic is:

Explaining it is one thing, trying to find it is a completely different challenge.

You will talk about potatoes more than you ever did:

Get used to it.

You will confuse a lot of people:

Surprisingly nobody outside or Ireland knows what sucking diesel means. Sliced pans are also an issue.

You will become a GAA expert whether you played sport or not:

Go on, explain hurling in one sentence we dare you.