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There's not much that Miley Cyrus can't pull off, fashion-wise.

Miley along with Mark Ronson belted out 'Nothing Breaks Like a Heart' on SNL last night.

Although her vocals were fire, it was her outfit choice that had Twitter on the edge of their seats.

Opting for a stunning silver trouser and unzipped jacket combo, Miley daringly went nude underneath her jacket and totally owned it. 

Her fashion choice garnered huge attention on Twitter and here are some of the best responses.

The 26-year-old looked absolutely incredible and we do want to know what magical spell she used not to slip a nip.

If there's a secret boob tape we haven't heard of before, please share it gal. 

Although you won't catch us pulling off this look anytime soon – it's too bloody cold.


A photograph taken of our Lord and Saviour Queen Bey and arguably the world's current most popular singer-songwriter has sparked a MAJOR debate online about gender and an artists' 'brand'.

Why? Well, mainly because Ed was dressed like he was popping down to the local Spar to grab a one litre carton of milk, while Beyoncé was dressed, I mean, like BEYONCÉ. Fierce, fiesty and fabulous.

A few Twitter users have claimed that this displays an attitude towards gender norms, showing the expectations which women have on their shoulders to look stunning 24 hours a day, while men can wear whatever they damn well please.

The two global superstars performed together in Johannesburg, South Africa last weekend to celebrate the Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100. 

The duo paid homage to the late Nelson Mandela, who Beyoncé claims has hugely impacted on her parenting principles with her three children; Blue Ivy, Rumi and Sir.

Of course, the pair simply had to perform the gift of their huge worldwide hit, Perfect, which the crowd essentially sang louder than them. Yet their choice of clothing has grabbed nearly the entirety of the focus.

Beyoncé has always worn the most EXTRA outfits in the business because it's part of her essence, her brand and her overall look.

She is a massive lover of fashion, even designing her own lines, while Sheeran has always been open about stripping back everything so that only his musical talent is on display. 

Singer-songwriters always perform with the hope that their stories within the songs are what is focused on, whereas Beyoncé is a performer.


A post shared by The Mode Mistress (@themodemistress) on

She uses choreography, graphics, lighting, backing vocals, political statements, her own music AND fashion to make her statements.

Lest we forget, her iconic Coachella performance was famed for the fashion choice as well as it's artistic mastery. Her On the Run tour outfits have changed the GAME of musical attire, her Formation hats especially grabbing the attention.

They exacerbate her talent, but we all know that if we strip Queen Bey of her dress choice, her choreography and her light show and graphic background, she would still deliver an incredible performance.

Yet numerous Twitter users argue that male artists can stand on their talent alone, whereas women must always have a more-than-presentable appearance, they must always have something else for their audience.

Ed Sheeran could wear a pin-striped suit if he so desired, but this would not run parallel with the branding behind his music. His image is the fact that he has no image; it's all about his own chill, laid-back vibe.

He has gained notoriety especially in the States for his appearance, or seeming lack of effort, yet this normal attitude towards fame is what allowed him to stand out in the first place.

He wasn't trying to get attention, he simply became a phenomenon for his musical gift alone. He was relatable, a man of simple taste with a great voice and immense penchant for songwriting. Artists should be able to decide their own looks and style, without their labels, the media or even their fans interfering.

Other humorous online statements are simply trying to dispel all the tension…

Do their outfits say more than we think?

Plenty of female singer-songwriters wear less elaborate, glamorous clothing, such as our new best friend Sigrid, who noticeably wears zero make-up onstage and sports only a plain white t-shirt and jeans.

Perhaps it would be best if we simply allowed artists, not to mention the general society at large, to wear whatever they please without having to worry about the incessant judgement of fans and random Twitter users.

Just a thought?



Panicking about what to wear to Pride tonight? 

Never fear, town is usually a mere bus route away, so here's a few bits that are in stores at the moment to rescue your night out ensemble. 

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Forbidden Fruit is kicking off festival season next weekend, and we're kind of panicking about what we're going to wear.

Luckily, there is still time to order online, and ASOS has just dropped a whole host of fantastic festival finds.

Whether it's a sequined kimono or a printed crop top you're after, we've got you covered. 

 Left to right: Pom pom headband €8.11

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Mermaid jacket €60.81


It's that time of year again – wedding season!

Some love it and some loath it, but either way, whether it's your BFF, your cousin or your brother's girlfriend's sister, you're bound to be a guest at one or two ceremonies over the coming months.

So, if you have no idea what to wear and need a little bit of inspo, here are 7 outfits to see you through:

The jumpsuit

Tamra Multi Printed Satin Culotte Jumpsuit Image 1



The suit




The lady in red

​Miss Guided






The pastel



Miss Guided



The print



From dishing dirt on their exs to taking down Honey G, Little Mix are dominating this week’s headlines.

But just because they’re one of the world’s most popular girl bands, doesn’t mean they’ve escaped the criticism of Twitter’s infamous trolls.

After performing their latest release, Shout Out To My Ex, on The X Factor over the weekend, the girls were hit with a barrage of abuse online for their outfits of choice.


#ShoutOutToMyExOUTNOW  xjadex

A photo posted by Little Mix (@littlemix) on


Commenting on the band’s mix of leotards, crop tops and thigh-high boots, social media users asked: “Why do Little Mix have to give in/conform and go for the prostitute look?”

Others suggested that the group “have turned into strippers”.


It felt so good to be home tonight… Where it all started! Thank you @thexfactor as always

A photo posted by @jesymix14 on

When quizzed about the comments on The One Show last night, band member Jesy Nelson defended the stars’ style.

She said: “Our mums are all for it and I think it’s nice that we’re four young girls who are confident in our bodies and want to go out there and rock it.”

“We don’t get told what to wear,” she continued.  “If we want to wear something, we’ll wear it.  And the thing is…no one moans when Beyoncé comes out in a leotard, so what’s the difference with us?”

Leigh-Anne Pinnock suggested that because the girls first entered the entertainment world in their teens, the public sometimes forget that they are now adults.

She said: “Obviously on The X Factor five years ago we looked so young, we didn’t know what we were doing…Now our fashion’s evolved and we’re a bit more daring and we’re very confident in ourselves.  That’s a good thing, no?”   

If it’s good enough for Beyoncé, it’s good enough for us.



If you're planning your party outfits already, you have no doubt come across the sparkles and sequins dilemma. 

Yes, they look great (especially for Christmas time), but there's a fine line between looking chic and looking like you crawled out of a 7-year-old's wardrobes. 

So, to avoid any style disasters, follow this handy guide to grown-up sparkles:

1. Go for sophisticated styles

It's not all about the sparkle here, and one way to really avoid looking childish is to don an unusual and sophisticated outfit.

Tap into different decades, like Fei Fei Sun did here wearing Michael Kors. The Forties-meets-Eighties dress is a PERFECT base to show off gold sequins. 


2. If unsure, wear on just ONE piece of clothing

Yes, we can all doubt our outfit choices sometimes, and they best way to be confident (in this regard) is to stick with something low-key. Agyness Deyn displayed this perfectly by only wearing sequins on the arms of her jacket/dress. 

It's chic enough to stand out from the crowd, but also paired-back enough to be comfortable.  


3. Opt for vertical lines

If you really want to show off your figure, go for sequins that fall in a vertical line rather than horizontal as it will give you a more slimline shape.

As seen on Kate, the dress flatters her in all the right places and the light catches off the sequins for a really elegant look.


4. How to make it sexy

If you want a more glamorous, sexy look, the mini is the way to go. As seen on this Michael Kors (he really has a thing for sparkle this season) dress, the shorter the better.

A slouchy fit and not showing too much skin up top is a great way to add just the right amount of hotness to your outfit. Showing too much skin could be a little OTT. 



Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has gone viral after the outfit she wore on last night’s X Factor was ridiculed online. 

But who does she have to blame for the mocking? None other than Simon Cowell – who else?!

Wearing a green dress with a ruffled shoulder, Simon branded the Geordie stunner ‘Kermit’, as in the green frog, which you can see at 4.16 in the video below. 

Although Cheryl took the jibe in her stride and laughed it off, Twitter (as always) took things to a whole new and hilarious level with some brilliant creations you can only admire:


Poor #cherylkermit…!

We actually quite liked the dress! 


'The Style Show' delivers your daily dose of fabulous fashion! In today's segment, "Style Trial" our resident fashion expert James Butler and entertainment reporter Niamh Geaney give you the lowdown on some of the week's major fashion moments. This week we're checking out all the best (and worst) looks from the past seven days. Watch the video above to get all the gossip.

Ciara O' Doherty reports. 



There have been some pretty nasty comments floating around online today about Kate Middleton’s recent choice of outfit.

The Duchess stepped out in an outfit she’d previously been snapped in as she officially opened the Tour de France Yorkshire leg.

So what?!

Joined by hubby Prince William and Prince Harry, Kate looked absolutely stunning in a zip-through Erdem coat-dress as she cut the ribbon at the big event in Leeds.

Shockingly, some eagle-eyed tweeters noticed that Kate had wore the same outfit on her Australian and New Zealand tour, along with her nude LK Bennett courts.

“Dusting off the cobwebs Kate?” said one Twitter user.

“You think she could afford a new outfit!” said another.

Well, if it ain’t broke…




Tulisa was in court this morning over allegations she offered to introduce an undercover journalist to an alleged drug dealer.

The star is pleading not guilty to the charge of being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs, and while her X-Factor friends were busy picking outfits for the auditions, Tulisa was preparing a respectable outfit for court – not really as much fun, don’t you think?

She did a good job though, opting for a white skirt and a monochrome jacket. What do you think of her look?




Khloe Kardashian’s latest wardrobe choice has really not gone down well with her fans.

The reality star wore a traditional Native American headdress at little North West’s ‘Kidchella’ themed first birthday celebrations, and the snaps were posted to Instagram.

“Ray of clouds. Chirping of birds. Gurgling of water. Granting desire. One with water. #Kidchella my first Coachella!!!” Khloe captioned the photo that shows her sitting cross-legged next to a small teepee.

Little sis Kylie Jenner posted another snap with Khloe in the headdress.

And then the backlash began!

“NO KHLOE NO. Take 30 seconds to Google whom and WHY someone would wear this headdress. 30 seconds,” one follower wrote.

“Insensitive much?! And racist! Not cool Khloe,” wrote another.

In the Native American culture,  the headdress or feathered war bonnet is reserved for honoured Plains Indians men. In the past, the war bonnets were worn into battle, but today are worn mainly for ceremonial occasions.

This isn’t the first time Khloe has gotten into hot water over her choice of costume.

She first posted a photo wearing a similar headpiece in 2011 and captioned it, “I love playing dress up.”

One follower seemed to remember this and wrote, “This is the 2nd time she’s done this! And it was explained to her the 1st time it is disrespectful and hurtful so this is flat out racism!”