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We had NO idea that Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Meghan Markle were linked in any way, but the Carters' tribute to the Duchess of Sussex took everyone by surprise.

The married power couple were honoured at the 2019 Brit Awards, winning the prize for Best International Group, which Beyoncé won alongside Destiny's Child in 2002.

Though they weren't actually in attendance at the O2 in London, they graciously accepted their trophy with a surprising video message, and a surprise for Meghan.

At the beginning, Beyoncé and JAY-Z recreate their iconic Louvre museum music video for APESH*T, where they pose in front of Leonardo da Vinci’s infamous Mona Lisa. 

This time, in the world-famous painting’s place is a portrait of Meghan Markle herself donning a sparkling tiara and pearl necklaces.

“Thank you so much to the Brit awards for this incredible honour,” Beyoncé quotes to the camera. “You guys have always been so supportive. Everything is love. Thank you.”


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The rapper then replies to Beyoncé's thank you message, cheekily saying, “You’re welcome,” and then the unreal duo turn to look at the portrait.

Beyoncé later shared an image to Instagram of the portrait, captioning it with a reference to Destiny's Child;

“Thank you to the Brits for the award for Best International Group. I won this award back in 2002 with my besties, Kelly and Michelle,” she wrote. “How lucky am I to have been in a group with my other best friend, the GOAT Hova."

Beyoncé gave a short explanation of the King and Queen of Hip-Hop's choice to include Meghan, congratulating her on the royal pregnancy.

“In honour of Black History Month, we bow down to one of our Melanated Monas,” she wrote. “Congrats on your pregnancy! We wish you so much joy.” Awwww.

Artist Tim O’Brien's illustration previously appeared on the cover of the alumnae magazine for Meghan’s sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma.

Meghan is celebriting her baby shower in New York with her close gal pals, and has previously spoken about her bi-racial background.

“While my mixed heritage may have created a grey area surrounding my self-identification, keeping me with a foot on both sides of the fence, I have come to embrace that,” she wrote for Elle in 2015.

“To say who I am, to share where I’m from, to voice my pride in being a strong, confident mixed-race woman… I am enough exactly as I am.’" Meghan continued.


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Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland, is black and attended her wedding last year to Prince Harry.

Congrats to the Carters on their win, and to Meghan for having the honour of Beyoncé saying your name. What we'd pay for that prize…

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Beyoncé's father and former manager of Destiny's Child, Mathew Knowles, is claiming that he did everything possible to protect the girlband from R Kelly.

After hearing "some of those things" about the notorious sexual predator, he deliberately kept Destiny's Child away from him for their safety.

He also admits that hearing about Kelly's horrendous reputation for sexual, mental and physical abuse played a role in stopping the R&B band from collaborating with him.

A criminal investigation into dozens of allegations against R Kelly is now underway in Chicago and Atlanta following the Lifetime documentary Surviving R Kelly.

The Ignition singer, real name Robert Kelly, is accused of holding numerous women in a dangerous 'sex cult' in his homes, as well as having abusive, sexual relationships with underage girls as young as 12. He strongly denies this.

Rumours of his behaviour have been rampant since the early 1990s, after he forged singer Aaliyah's documents to allow her to marry him aged just 15, while he was 27.

Knowles claims that he originally turned down offers for Destiny's Child to collaborate with Kelly at first because he "didn't think it was a good song", according to Metro.


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The 67-year-old, who is the father of Beyoncé and Solange, commented that he never let the band members out of his sight;

"I was there, and my former wife Tina was there. The thing with R Kelly was, he liked to record late at night, around midnight. And what was different with his studio was that one room had a recording suite, and next door was a club, with 40 or 50 people dancing."

He continued; "R Kelly was managed by Sony, by someone I won’t name, and at that time, they would almost force you to record with their artists. R Kelly wasn’t cheap – it was $75,000, plus travel costs, so we’re talking $100,000 for a song."

He added that Kelly's negative reputation was in it's early stages, "I personally rejected the song, because I didn’t think it was a good song. Not just because of his reputation – this was around 1998, we had just begun to hear some of those things."

Mathew later said that the rumours surrounding Kelly's deplorable behaviour played a part in his choices for the girlband from then on, he said;

"Certainly, it was both of those things. The girls were 15, 16. When they went to the bathroom, Tina would go with them. They did not leave our eyes." They were allegedly under strict supervision, and were protected from him.

Another source for Metro claims that;

"Record labels would ask R Kelly to write songs for emerging artists as a way to help them break into the industry and he made several requests for Destiny’s Child," the source suggests.


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"Mathew and Tina rejected all of them because they didn’t want him anywhere near the band which is why they are one of the few acts to debut in the 90s without an R Kelly song in its official discography," they added.

Only one Destiny's Child song is associated with R Kelly, Stimulate Me, which appeared on the soundtrack for Eddie Murphy's film Life in 1999.

Apparently Kelly did not work in the studio at the same time as the group, and the song never actually appeared as an official Destiny's Child release, so the gals are off the hook. 

We're glad Mathew Knowles had the ability to keep the group protected from him, sadly other women weren't as fortunate.



It's been fourteen years since Dilemma was first released, and how many of you remember listening to the track over and over during your sweet summer months?

It was a firm favourite in our group of friends, however, something that never got explained was WHY Kelly was texting Nelly using an Excel spreadsheet?!

Image result for nelly and kelly dilemma gif

Yep, it's baffled us for nearly 15 years, but now the man himself has come to explain it himself.

Nelly appeared on The Project today and said: "That was the thing at the time. That was the new technology at the time. It looks a little dated now, I can see that."

Image result for nelly and kelly dilemma excel gif

Nelly, nobody ever used Excel to send a text, because… well, it's impossible.

So, yep, he tried to explain the mishap… but ultimately failed. 


Yesterday the world celebrated as Queen B turned 35 but while most of us confined our celebrations to binging on Lemonade and sharing Beyoncé GIFs with our mates, Kelly Rowland surprised her BFF with a very special gift.

In a bid to prolong Bey’s birthday weekend, the singer’s former bandmate and long-time friend decided to join her in Philadelphia for the Made in America festival and Kelly did not arrive to the party empty handed.

In an interview with E! News the X Factor judge revealed that she would be gifting the Sorry singer with diamonds to mark the occasion.

She said: “We are all going to be celebrating this festival and Beyoncé’s birthday.”

“We are all going to be together.  I am getting ready to see her now.”

And when asked what she got the girl who has everything, Kelly replied: “Well, diamonds are a girl’s best friend…I got her diamonds.”

So if you’ve never before thought of sending Ms Rowland a friend request, now would probably be a good time to do it.

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We all know that Kelly Rowland has constantly stood in Beyonce's shadow despite the fact she has a very busy life of her own.

She's a full-time wife and mam, hosts her own BET show, Chasing Destiny, constantly works on new music in the studio and does loads of amazing work with Claritin and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. 

The Destiny's Child alum appeared on WGN Morning News for an interview earlier this week in order to talk about the various projects she has going on at the moment; but of course, Beyonce came up in conversation.

Rather than just going along with it, Kelly completely shut the reporter DOWN, and swiftly goes back to what she wanted to talk about in the first place.

This just shows that Kelly is just as much a queen as her sister.


They are rarely seen together, in fact the last time all three members of Destiny's Child were together was at the Superbowl half-time show in 2013.

But last night, the gal pals were out in force for Kelly's 35th birthday.

Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams all wore their Sunday best as they posed for pictures in Sunset Tower Hotel, Hollywood.

Also at the birthday gathering was Bey's mother, Tina and her sister Solange as well as PLL star Bianca Lawson and Rob Kardashian's ex Adrienne Bailon.

Kelly shared all the fab snaps on her Instagram page, and we just love seeing the girls let loose and having a good time.

All we're hoping for now is a Destiny's Child world tour. High hopes, we know


It's not even October 31st yet and Beyoncé has already cemented her place as Queen of Halloween.

The singer stole the show at Ciara's fancy dress 30th birthday party last night, rocking an ice-white wig and contact lenses as Storm from X-Men.

We reckon she made an even better job of it than Halle Berry did in the actual film:

Of course, Bey wasn't the only one dressed up for the star-studded bash.

Ciara herself looked incredible in an all-leather Catwoman outfit, with her boyfriend Russell Wilson by her side as Batman.


Batman To My Rescue

A photo posted by Ciara (@ciara) on

Also in attendance was Wonder Woman Lily Collins, who took to social media to wish happy birthday to "most beautiful cat woman I know."


A photo posted by Lily Collins (@lilyjcollins) on

Beyoncé's former bandmate Kelly Rowland showed up for the celebrations too, showing off her toned legs in fishnets and a PVC leotard.


A photo posted by Angie Beyince (@angiebeyince) on

While Bey did go all out last night, we know this won't be the last we see of her in costume this month.

After all, last year she had two different looks for Halloween alone:

All hail Queen B.



Not too long ago we lucky enough to be witness to two thirds of the super-groups that was Destiny’s Child reunite for a very special musical moment.

Minus Bey. Kelly and Michelle got together to serenade Kelly’s 10-month old son, Titan Jewell and it was adorable and sounded incredible too.


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Before that Kelly had said that while she was working on new music and hoping to record something soon, it was no longer her first priority as Titan, her first child with Tim Weatherspoon had taken that spot.

However, Matthew Knowles, father of Beyoncé and former manager of the musical trio has recently told the Huffington Post that Kelly’s words shouldn’t make us too upset.

"I am extremely hopeful that the ladies will come back with an album and a tour,” he said, "I'm working on a few Destiny's Child projects right now." 


The ladies haven’t released any new music together since Beyoncé and Kelly featured on Michelle’s 2014 track Say Yes but things could be different in the future seeing as the next projects would be spearheaded by Matthew himself.

He added: “My second book will be the autobiography of Destiny's Child. I'm talking to the film and TV community right now, regarding a Destiny's Child movie or TV series of some sort.”

Bey’s dad and music mogul also made the prediction that “within the next two or three years we’ll see something major from it.”


 In case you missed it yesterday, Beyoncé turned 34-years old.

To honour Queen Bey on her special day, which many are advocating should be an international holiday, friends and family had a very unique way of wishing her happy birthday.

They got together and curated a very special Beyoncé themed playlist. Not to be outdone, Bey also released a previously unheard remix of Crazy In Love on Spotify.

The Beyoncé birthday playlist came with messages from those closest to the star, including Jay-Z and Blue Ivy, because of course, and a lot of them will probably make you emotional.

Such as Jay explaining why he chose Coldplay’s track Yellow:

“’Look at the stars, look how they shine for you’… It’s us in our own world, away from work and totally lost in love.”

Kelly Rowland chose What’s The 411? by Mary J. Blige because obviously that was one of their favourite tracks to sing together when they were younger.

Then comes Blue Ivy’s pick. Her selection came last because whoever was putting this list together knew that her contribution would be the ultimate mic drop:

"Mommy you sung this to me all the time! Happy Birthday, Mommy!”

What song is she talking about exactly? Part of this World, from The Little Mermaid.

Many other celebs, and members of the ultimate fan club the Beyhive, took to social media to wish the star a happy birthday. These included Taylor Swift, Lena Dunham and Michelle Obama, naturally.


We don’t think we’ve ever looked this good eating a burger and chips. In fact, no one but Miranda Kerr could make tucking in to fast food strangely sexy, but she’s managed it.

The stunning supermodel clearly had a bad case of the munchies this week – after attending a Louis Vuitton show in California on Wednesday evening, she got stuck in to a grease-fest. Hey, we’ve all been there.

And unlike pretty much all other sound-minded individuals, Ms Kerr reckoned she’d share the moment with her 6m followers on Instagram. Gazing sultrily at the camera (and all the while surrounded by fried potato) the former Victoria’s Secret star holds a piece of meat to her mouth. It probably helps that she appears to be totally naked in the photograph too.


After show indulgence… It's all about a balance #80/20rule

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In same post, the Australian mother-of-one says her diet is “all about balance,” and signals that she follows the 80/20 rule: eight times out of ten she’s strict with her food intake, but she allows for treats and indulgences the rest of time. Kelly Rowland, Rosanna Davison, and Jessica Alba are all also fans of a similarly balanced approach.

Miranda furthermore keeps in shape with regular gym and yoga sessions.

The Louis Vuitton show was held in the desert at Palm Springs. A total of 500 A-listers, including Kanye West, were wined and dined at the glittering event.

And in another sign that California is back on the fashion map, Louis Vuitton is the third major luxury brand this year to hold a show in the state: Tom Ford and Burberry have already showcased there. 



It has been almost eight months since Kelly Rowland’s wedding to her husband Tim Weatherspoon – and she is only now showing us her stunning wedding dress!

The Destiny’s Child singer, who welcomed her first child Titan on November 4th last, posted a photo of her wedding in tribute to her new son and the loss of her mum in early December.

 The photo, which features Kelly smiling to the camera and showing off the back of her dress was captioned: “2014 What am amazing year……While I said I DO, the following months brought along a HELLO to a new little life! Unfortunately, a GOODBYE as well, but HELLO again to a Guardian angel… 2+0+1+4=7  7 my lucky number!”

It certainly has been a bittersweet year for the star who also paid tribute to her mum Doris in a separate Instagram post, writing: "#MerryChristmasMomma #TITANSGRANDMA​


#MerryChristmasMomma #TITANSGRANDMA

Μια φωτογραφία που δημοσίευσε ο χρήστης kellyrowland (@kellyrowland) στις



The mother of singer Kelly Rowland sadly passed away yesterday, it has been confirmed.

The 66-year old died after going into cardiac arrest the day before.

"It is with deep sadness that I announce the passing of my mother, Doris Rowland Garrison," said Kelly in a statement released by her publicist today.

 "She was an incredible soul who made countless sacrifices so that I could become the woman—and now mother—I am today. We humbly appreciate all the love and support and only ask for privacy during this difficult time."

The tragic news comes just weeks after the singer gave birth to her son Titan Jewell with her husband Tim Weatherspoon.

Just last week Kelly shared this adorable snap on Instagram, captioning it "Happiest moment of my life – TJW."

Our thoughts are with Kelly and her family at this difficult time.