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If there’s one thing I’m obsessed with, it’s other women’s hair.

Or – more specifically – why my hair doesn’t look like other women’s hair.

Ever since first taking to the stylist’s swivel chair over 25 years ago, I’ve been assured that I've "fine hair… but lots of it.”

And it was this ongoing assessment which led me to alternate between wispy shoulder-length styles and short blunt cuts for the best part of two decades.

I have – since the age of four – rocked the Bob, the Rachel, the Spock, the Pob and the Chickenball (don’t ask), and each and every style was a vain attempt to conceal the fact my hair – after a certain point – simply refuses to grow.

Or increase in volume.

So, when Victoria Beckham stepped out rocking the now infamous Pob back in 2006, I thought my prayers had been answered.

The cropped look at the back would suggest a thickness I didn’t actually possess while the contrast between that and the front might fool people into thinking I was one of those women with thick hair who opted to rock a short style.

And for six years, and long after Victoria had moved on from the look, I soldiered on with it.

Until I realised my decision to rock an out-of-date Pob was the equivalent of a middle-aged man opting for the mullet of his youth, that is.

So, out went the Pob and in came more than five years of miniscule pony tails, multiple hair grips, countless vitamins, clip on extensions and genuine envy over those girls whose hair continues to increase in length and depth even after reaching *that* crucial point.

And I couldn’t take it anymore.

After years of threatening to get extensions, I recently decided that if I didn’t go for it now, I never would… and frankly I don’t think anyone (including myself) could put up with my moaning for a minute longer.

I mean, there was an answer to my conundrum, it was there for the taking and yet I was refusing to make the leap.

If I’m honest, I think my reticence stemmed from a fear that I would walk into a salon with my humble 11 strands and leave looking like a Barbarella reject – waist-length, back-combed and with all the subtlety of a boot up the arse.

I wanted to rock thicker hair with a little added length, and I wanted that to do without looking like I had endured a MAJOR overhaul.

Simply put, I wanted extensions which suggested I had just gotten an incredible blow-dry, and, thankfully, last Friday Easilocks provided me with exactly that.

Put in the capable hands of Store Street stylist, Leanne, I lamented my lack of ‘boomph’, compared my fringe to a barcode and raged over how wispy my ends were.

Instead of focussing on what I didn’t have, Leanne suggested we turn our attention to what I specifically wanted, and after I explained that volume was more important than length (but I wouldn’t say no to a few more inches) she got to work.

Ninety minutes and 100 pieces of 14 inch lengths later, I had the hair I lusted over during morning commutes, girlie lunches and nights on the town. 

Perfectly matched to my own colour, pre-bonded human hair was applied to my own –  not with glue or heat – but with the help of an Easilock which was then sealed in place with an applicator tool.

And instead of looking like someone who had opted for a massive makeover, I looked exactly like myself but with the best version of my own hair.

Thicker, slightly longer and with a loose wave at the end, you’d be hard-pressed to suggest I only had fine hair, but lots of it.

Oh, I had thick hair… and lots of it, damn it.

The cynic in me, however, feared that I may have been blinded by my own love for the locks and had, perhaps, undergone a bigger overhaul than I might have thought.

Deciding to conduct a little experiment, I ‘conveniently forgot’ to tell some friends I had made the leap before meeting them later that night.

While hands instantly reached out to touch my barnet and enquiries were made into my blow-dry and curling technique, nobody roared the word ‘extensions’ at me from across the bar.

It was only further scrutiny, my over-eager grin and my ever-reddening cheeks that gave the game away, but suffice to say my mission was accomplished.

I’m finally the owner of longer, thicker locks and I’m only bloody raging I didn’t do it sooner.


If the Geordie Shore girls are known for anything, it’s their tan-tastic love of full-on glamour.

But have you ever wondered what the controversial crew looks like au naturel?

While most often seen with a lengthily mane and solid dose of contour, Charlotte Crosby has shocked fans by sharing a picture of herself with short hair and pared back makeup.


What a buzz  It's that summer sale time girls! my fave little outfit plus loads more styles now 70% off. Quiiiiick  inthestyle.com

A photo posted by Charlotte Letitia Crosby (@charlottegshore) on

In the post – which appeared on her Instagram account yesterday – the reality star compares the before and after effects of her new hair extension range, by adding short and long Easilocks to her hair.

We were more than surprised to see Char with such a short 'do, but have to admit that the long bob really does suit her.


LFW  Makeup – @lyndseyharr1son

A photo posted by Charlotte Letitia Crosby (@charlottegshore) on




When it comes to her generous mane, she has had – let's be honest – her fair share of total disasters.

And while we've actually been big fans of some of her more daring brightly-coloured mops – Kylie Jenner as a blonde was brassy, while her cornrows (eeek!) were just a horror.

Still, it's recently come to our attention that the 18-year-old reality TV star's tresses are at their ABSOLUTE best right now. Finally! In fact, we dare say we've never seen them look better. 

One recent snap on her Instagram page – where she is promoting LyfeTea clad in a skin-tight white skirt and top – has now notched up more than a million likes, with thousands of commentators compelled to remark on her luscious locks. 

A selfie of Ms Jenner dressed in a matching sand-coloured crop top and trousers was also similarly lauded for displaying her new hair to its full, gorgeous effect. 

We say, let's give a hearty pat on the back to her hair stylist – the talented Chris Dylan.

Along with makeup artist to the stars Joyce Bonelli, he is responsible for creating the Kardashian-Jenners's always totally glamorous, wonderfully OTT looks (oh for a sneak peak at his kit bag).

During the summer, the younger Ms Jenner revealed that her own hair was seriously damaged after years of colouring, styling and straightening.

She furthermore admitted that it "took months of not dyeing my hair and wearing wigs to get my hair back to health".

Back to health it most certainly is now: full and healthy – we definitely have ALL SORTS of major hair envy in the run-up to the festive party season.

Sadly, Chris Dylan hasn't divulged just yet what he's done to achieve his client's striking new look.

However, he is an ambassador for Gold Fever hair extensions (a brand which is, incidentally, overseen by Irish businesswoman Katie Jane Gold) and indeed, he sports wonderfully long, totally luscious Gold Fever locks himself.

Of course, Kylie LOVES to change up her look regularly (she could be digging out that green wig again next week) – but this is one trend we really hope she hangs on to for a while yet.



Ah, the humble bob. With numerous celebrities opting for getting the chop, so many of us giddy civilians have followed suit. Making the leap from having long flowing tresses to a short, choppy bob is enough to strike fear into the heart of any woman but with so many gorgeous, shoulder length styles flooding our screens, how could we have possibly resisted?

We reckon having a whole load of money makes it super easy for celebs to chop and change. With world class extensions and stylists and even WIGS on hand, a bob is far from permanent.

For us real life woman, getting the chop is a huge change and even bigger commitment. And we won’t even start on the woes of trying to grow one out (we are talking YEARS).

Contemplating the leap? Check out eight super famous ladies who have sported both long hair and the perfect bob. 


1) Jennifer Lawrence 


Our favourite funny gal Jen has had a major hair transformation since hitting the limelight in 2011. Bursting onto the scene with long, blonde tresses, she was soon sporting her trademark Katniss Everdeen brown. And how did she celebrate the end of the Hunger Games franchise? By changing up her look of course. Jen was spotted with a choppy, shoulder length bob in peroxide blonde. We think she looks sexier than ever. 


2) Kylie Jenner


Kylie seems to have a new look every other day (which is probably easy when you have hairstylists on speed dial and a seemingly never ending supply of extensions and wigs). Kylie regularly swaps between a short bob and super long tresses and loves playing with colour having sported blue, green and most recently blonde locks. Though she seems to favour super long hair with the help of her trademark extensions, we love seeing Kylie with a bob for a more natural look. 


3) Lily Collins 


For an example of how much of a difference a haircut can make, look no further than Phil Collins’ offspring, Lily. Starting out her impressive acting career with long natural brown hair, she got the chop following her stint in the Mortal Instruments movie franchise. Lily’s bob gave us a perfect case of hair envy to add to our already budding brow envy and we think this hairstyle is the perfect grown up look. 


4) Emma Stone 


One of our fave actresses Emma Stone regularly changes up her look. Going blonde for her stint as Gwen Stacey in Spiderman with her beau Andrew Garfield before returning to her trademark red (which is NOT her natural colour. Emma is apparently naturally blonde). Another celeb who has opted to swap long hair for a choppy long bob, we think she pulls off this look flawlessly. 


5) Karlie Kloss 

Model sensation and Victoria’s Secret Angel Karlie started her career with long, naturally brown hair. Already stunning, she enhanced her look by dying her hair an ashy blonde and getting her tresses cut up to her shoulders. We think this bob is amazing, but when you have a face like that it is hard not to look amazing!


6) Sienna Miller 


Street style icon Sienna coined ‘bohemian chic’ and did so with long, boho waves in her early days as a model. Now an established actress, Sienna has gone for an elegant bob and continues to set beauty and fashion trends. We would defo bring her photo into the hair salon as an example of short haired perfection. 


7) Vanessa Hudgens 


Former High School Musical star Vanessa is known for her eclectic, quirky fashion sense and for always having a ridiculously delicious man on her arm (we are talking Zac Efron AND Austin Butler people). As she transitioned from teenage starlet to grown up twenty something, her hair transitioned as well. We love her grown up look and the perfect bob to match. 


8) Taylor Swift 


Our Tay Tay has grown up a lot over the last few years. From a starry eyed country star singing about Romeo and Juliet to the queen of pop music who is single handedly turning the industry on its head, Tay has had the hair transformation to match. Keeping her natural colour, Taylor opted to cut her hair short for the release of her platinum selling album 1989 and we think it perfectly matches her elegant, preppy fashion sense. Keep it real, Tay. 


No one can pull off the hair chameleon thing quite like Kylie Jenner. From mermaid green, to shocking blonde, we can never tell what the reality star will step out with next.

But despite her never-ending wig collection (that would probably take up your entire house), Ms Jenner has transformed her hair (again) by going au-naturale.

The 18-year-old debuted her new style with an Instagram snap which sees her swooshing a black, blunt bob. 

Kylie's head is usually chocka-block full of super long extensions, so the slow-mo video surprised her fans – in a very good way. Many of them commented on her photo, telling her how much they love the new look. 


A video posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

One fan posted, "Perfect hair, love it," and another said, "sooo much better.. bob goals."

But it seems it won't be long before she trails back to her famous extensions as two IG posts later, she uploaded a picture of her green hair with the caption, "Green has been my favourite so far. Def making a come back in the next few weeks."


A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

While the majority are in favour of her shorter cut, the blunt bob style seems to be growing in popularity among celebs. 

Just last week, Rochelle Humes opted for the chop and debuted a shorter, sexier style than her usual long, flowing locks. This new short hair trend is certainly in full swing!



Have you ever been jealous of Selena Gomez's long, shiny and bouncy hair? Because we have!

In fact, it's so shampoo-advert perfect, she's actually modelled in shampoo campaigns.

Now, most celebrities would never admit to having extensions or weaves – but Selena is honest about hers and shrugs it off as no big deal.

The Revival singer was hanging out with YouTuber Lilly Singh to film a cute Newly Friend Game video, when she mentioned the story behind her long, dark hair.

Selena complimented Lilly on her "humour and heart," which then prompted a sweet conversation.

"That's like a real compliment," Lilly said. "It's not about my hair. That's the first time a compliment isn't about my hair."

"You do have beautiful hair," Selena responded.

"Yeah, and by the way, it's not fake. Can you just pull this real quick?" Lilly asked, leaning in so Selena can check her waist-length locks.

"Wait, I got to check for a weave," Selena said, testing Lilly's hair with a tug. "Yeah, it's so nice. Mine, however, is very fake."

Very candid, Selena!

Skip ahead to 7.20 if you want to hear her fake hair story or watch the full video, because it's actually really sweet:



The yougest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner, has completely changed her hairstyle, and it is stunning. 

The 17-year-old posted pictures of herself last night with light blue coloured hair as she attended an event to promote her range of hair extensions. 

Kylie wore a figure hugging white jump suit with a plunging neckline to the launch of the Bellami beauty bar in West Hollywood and she even had the nails to match her newly dyed hair.

Kylie has been known to experiment with colours in her hair before and we can't wait to see if she will keep the look for longer this time. 

The reality TV star, who is currently dating Tyga, has hit back at claims before that she had breast enhancement surgery and with the amount of cleavage she was showing off last night, she could be facing these comments once again. 

Kendall Jenner posted a picture of her little sister with the caption "babe, you're blue" and it has already received more than a million likes in less than 24 hours. 

Kylie has been working with Bellami to produce her own line of hair extensions for quite some time now, mainly focusing on teal coloured extensions. To get that Kylie Jenner look, it will cost you €220.



This pretty little Lovebird is not happy with her short tail and has mastered the art of extending it. Using just a sheet of paper, this bird shows off her talents.