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So this photobomb may be the best ever!

Australian hockey star Jade Taylor and her friend posed for a selfie during the Commonwealth games in Glasgow when they were photobombed by none other than the Queen herself!

Jade captioned the photo: “Ahhhh the Queen photo-bombed our selfie!”

The Queen can be seen smiling mischievously for the photo, we love it! What an epic photobomb from an unexpected woman! 



Justin Beiber paid a trip to Disneyland over the weekend, and was spotted using an unexpected mode of transport. Well, that's one way to skip the queues. Watch the video above to get all the gossip.



Being single can be amazing, but it has it's down sides too. What you think single girls do, may be very far from the truth….

1. There is Loads of Free Time To Get Cultured


You can finally go to The Museum Of Modern Art now.



Watching 9 Seasons of Supernatural in 5 Days

2. We Will Go On Loads Of Dates To See What We Really Want in Men


There's so many to choose from.


Install Tinder, chat for a while, they ask you for coffee, you turn off your phone and hide it under your pillow.

3. You're Group Of Friends Will Go Out For Cocktails Like Sophisticated Singletons


That is SUCH a Samantha thing to say!


Our friends are degenerates. But we love them anyway!


4. This Will Be a Journey of Self Discovery


You will meditate, explore song lyrics and catch up on some modern poetry and theatre.


5 hours a day scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


5. We Will Grow More Confident in Being Alone


Our thoughts are so profound.


All we can think about is food and sex.


6. Time To Start Exercising And Get Really Hot and Skinny


We're gonna look like a Victoria Secrets model. 


Where's my second dinner?


7. Becoming A Goddess in the Kitchen


Courgette pasta, home made granola, paleo banana bread. Move over Nigella.


It’s actually cheaper to not cook. Who knew.


8. It's Time to Find An Older And Mature Man


These men are everywhere, and they’d be delighted to have a young hot ass like this. 


Okay, where are all the men? Seriously.

9.  Being Immaculately Dressed Every Day


Head to toe in beautiful Zara blouses and sophisticated trousers.


Too many fancy clothes are dry clean only.


10. Starting to Save Money To Travel 


The world is waiting. Lets's go!


Must buy clothes.

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Five ordinary guys are transformed after tying makeup for the the first time, with hilarious results! A professional makeup artist applies makeup to their faces, and their reactions are priceless. At least now they understand the effort we ladies put in to look good! Watch the video above to see for yourself, you'll be surprised at how fabulous they look in the end.



There are always some people we encounter at festivals. And here they are: 

1. The Underage Ones


These are always very easy to spot…

2. The Middle-Aged Ones


Spot these bad boys in their faded Metallica tour t-shirts from 2007, rocking out with their significant other half, loving life and hating the masses of children that surround them. They’re here purely for the music. 

3. The Uber-Cool Parents


These cool rents probably live in a loft converted apartment by the cool canal district, with their one year old “Finn.” Finn is probably dressed in a striped babygro and a quirky hat, to match his parent’s quirky style. They’ve brought Finn along, so that when he’s 5, they can tell him he has already witnessed Haim live. It’ll really add to his street cred.

4. The Very Drunk Ones


Yes, pretty much everyone could be considered drunk at a  festival, because pretty much everyone drinks at a day festival. However, there is a delicate balance between drunk and very drunk. Drunk is dancing, laughing, having fun. Very drunk is sneaky naggins, vomming your ring up near the main stage and spending four hours in the medical tent. That and ruining everyone’s day.

5. The High Ones


Find the high ones in the quirkiest corner of the festival. They’ll be hanging out in the techno meets house meets “you’re not hipster enough to be here” corner. 

6. The Couple


There are two types of couples at a day festival. The ones who attend because they both love the line up and the ones who attend because their other half loves the line up. 

7. The Fashionista


Every girl at a festival thinks that she’s going to stand out. But then we all end up looking the same…damn. 

8. The Boys On Tour


The lads are here to have the time of their wee lives. They’ve kitted themselves out in River Island’s spring/summer collection. They’ve had a six pack in the house before they even left and now they’re kick-starting on the pints inside. 

9. The Next Spielberg


These are the ones who, instead of watching the gig like a normal person, insist on holding their phones a meter above everyone’s head to record a fabulously shaky, screechy video that’s unlikely to make it any further than their hard drive. The point of it all is to seemingly prove to everyone that they were in fact, there. Promise.

10. The Attention Seeker


There’s usually a scattering of these about the place. They’ll be dressed in either a onesie, swimming gear, a mask, a hat bigger than the average car, a morph suit, a variety of neon shades or just fancy dress in general. 

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There are certain things that everyone does when the sun comes out – but that doesn't make them any less annoying. 

1. Instagram
Lads, we all know how that yellow yoke in the sky looks, we’ve seen it on TV. And you can relax with the lens flares – your life is not a Sofia Coppola movie.



2. iPhone Screenshots
Wow, you have an iPhone. We get it. It has a cool weather app. 


3. Opening Every Door and Window
This is one the mammies are guilty of. All the windows and doors are flung open with aplomb to ‘air out the house’. Excuse me, but how else do you think we survive? Air circulates. Air does not stop at a door and say: ‘Whooops! Can’t go in there!’ and go about its air-y business.



In addition, she wants to wash all of your clothes, duvets, pillows, blankets and shoes while ‘we have the weather for it.’ Your whole life is on the washing line, visible for all to see. The shame!

4. Not Wearing Deodorant
 While we know it’s such a chore to douse yourself in deodorant on a normal day, when it’s sunny you need it more than ever. You mightn’t be able to smell you, but we do. And it’s a bit icky. (Advice: when it’s warm, offer a can of deodorant around like you would a packet of chewing gum. If the smelly perpetrator fobs your offer, commence obligatory ‘Ah go on, go on, go on … 'repeat as necessary.)

images (8)

5. Not Wearing Suncream
You know you’re going to get sunburnt if you even look at the sun on TV, so why would you step outside without smothering yourself in sun-cream? ‘Ah, it’s not that warm, be grand.’ Well, you don’t look very ‘grand.’



6. Wearing sunglasses indoors
‘I’m sorry, I don’t usually do this, but can I have your autograph?’ 



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Jimmy Kimmel got some pretty epic parenting advice from a kid named Vere recently. 

As a new dad to baby Jane, Jimmy felt his parenting skills were rusty so set out to learn how to be a young dad again. 

Vere is rather shocked at Jimmy's plans to allow his baby to throw knives at balloons and suggests using little knives instead! 

He also thinks that a baby should NOT learn the F-word but should perhaps start off with a simple "shut-up," eventually learning the F-word at college. 

What a little legend. Also, does he remind anyone else of Lena Dunham?! Just us then…. 


There are some items that seem to appear as a collection in every student’s fridge. It’s like they get it as a welcome package. A tasty one.

1. Cheese
Cheese is just the most delicious thing in the world. It’s like a little taste of heaven. However cheese is not cheap and therefore it is like gold dust. Any time you go to take a few slices of that beautiful mature cheddar, the block slowly gets smaller and smaller before you’ve even taken the grater out of the cupboard. Those animals.

2. Sweet Chilli Sauce.
It doesn’t matter what you’re cooking, sweet chilli sauce goes with everything. Pasta, sandwhiches, chips, chicken. If it’s raw, burned, gone off. Sweet chilli sauce will save it.

3. Pasta
Pasta for every single meal is perfectly normal as a student. After a time, you even have your favourite type.

4. Pasta Sauce
What goes well with pasta? Tomatoe and Basil pasta sauce of course! If you’re trying to watch your diet you can get sauce with mushroom or if you’re feeling a bit wild why not some spicy pepper?

It won’t look like this…

5. Fajita Kits
Fajita kits everywhere, except that you’re too stingy to buy chicken fillets so you just use the wraps when you run out of bread, and Tom tried to eat the salsa when he was drunk. Anyone who offers to cook dinner, it’s going to be fajitas.

6. Beans and Spaghetti
If a nuclear war does ever come into fruition you are sorted with tinned goods.

7. Noodles
20 cent noodles. It’s not a question of how many do you need but how many can you carry.

8. Oranges
You had good intentions that one time and now they’re into their second phase of mould.

9. The Phantom Onion
You don’t know where it came from, you don’t know how it got into the vegetable drawer of your fridge but it did and yet no one thinks of throwing it out.

This is generally in the fridge on a Friday morning after a night on the beer. Who would think that some chocolatey milkey goodness could cure what ails you but it does. It really really does. All hail Mooju.

10. Frozen Chicken Dippers
You can put them in anything, they’re great. They are what holds a meal together. 2.30am in the morning though, leave the oven alone, you are not in a position to operate heavy machinery.

11. Left Over Pizza
No one would order takeaway with you so you couldn’t get your meal over a tenner for free delivery. You do what any sane person does and buy a second pizza so you can have some saintly pepperoni for the morning to.

12. Rustlers Burgers
A college students life saver. Its a pre-made burger, bun and all that you pop into the microwave for a minute and voilà! Dinner is served!

13. Cereal
You will never see as much cereal as in a student’s house. For some it will be choco pops, for the rich it will be the original great tasting flavour of coco pops. Sadly though, no one ever thinks of buying milk and if they do, it’s more then likely left out all day.

14. Mammy Meals.
These are just the worst. Sunday evening they prance into the house on their little high horse with about 10 lunch boxes filled with lasagna’s, shepards pie and curry. These pretenders who believe they’re living the student life but they’re just big fat phoneys! What’s worse is they then take up all the freezer space with you having no place to put your prison food.

And then they have the audacity, no, the gumption to ask would anyone like to get some takeaway with their expendable cash.

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We’ve seen all the movies where everything is so passionate as they do the no pants dance. But thanks to editing, we never see the awkward, ‘do you have a condom?’, or trying to take of your boots at the side of the bed. There are some things about sex which are just really unsexy.

1. Hitting Your Head Against The Headboard
In a non-sexy, painful way.

2. Sweatiness In General
Think about it. After an hour at the gym, you’re hot, sweaty, dehydrated and the thought of being touched makes you want to die. That is sex!

3. Leaving Your Socks On
It’s a lose-lose situation. There is no sexy way of taking your socks off but there is nothing more disgusting then a warm, sweaty, scratchy piece of fabric caressing your leg.

4. Condoms
They are a complete necessity yet they are completely unsexy. Worth it though, in the end!

5. Dirty Talk
Dirty talk just doesn’t work. ‘What are you going to do to me’ just doesn’t have the same effect that it did in the classic, ‘Womb Raider’.

6. The Orgasm Face
It’s perfectly natural but you have no idea what you look like…it could be anything. Like this:

7. Doggy Style
It feels great but there is nothing sexy about it. The general position, the awkwardness of trying to get into that position in the first place. And in it’s simplicity, you are having sex like a dog.

8. The Willy
They just dangle there. It looks like an elephant’s trunk from behind. They’re just disgusting.

9. The Vagina
It’s just skin with a hole in it. It’s an entrance into the unknown. At some point maybe even a person will come out of it? An actual person!

10. General Undressing
It’s never like the movies. It’s incredibly awkward. Do you undress each other or just do it yourselves. If you’re wearing skinny jeans it’s just a bad time. You had to almost sling shot yourself into them and now you have to be all seductive without flailing your legs about like a washed up dolphin.

11. Trying to be Quiet
There’s nothing worse then trying to be quiet in the throws of passion. You have the same face when you’re trying to remember if you turned the oven off earlier.

12. ‘That’ Noise
You know that noise. That squelching sound. ‘Squelch’. *Shudder*


13. The Queef
A fanny fart is a woman’s worst nightmare. There’s no coming back from it. You heard it, he heard it. He’ll pretend he didn’t and carry on but the whole act of lovemaking is just ruined. Who knew some wind caught in an up draught could cause so much havoc.

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27-year-old mum Danielle Saxton was arrested for sharing Facebook photos of herself wearing a dress she had shoplifted mere hours earlier.

The pregnant woman then shared images of herself wearing the stolen item on her Facebook page, where the store soon noticed.

The shop owner, Kert Williams, made a plea in relation to the stolen goods on the shop’s Facebook page, where he was soon tipped off about Danielle’s new photos.

The shop owner then called police, who arrested Danielle at her home, Police Chief Shawn Talluto said: “We just had a description and a direction of travel, but when the social media aspect played into it, we were able to identify who it was … When you put something out there, it’s a matter of minutes before it can go viral, and it can go to the world.”


Let's face it, being a toddler has it's advantages sometimes, mainly because you can get away with the craziest behaviour! Internet comedians Tripp and Tyler have made a hilarious sketch highlighting all the things you can only do when your a toddler, and it's got us all giggling here in the SHEmazing office. Have a look for yourselves!



If you’re a Snapchat user, you might find some of these familiar.

1. People Using the Filter
Why. Why would you use the filters? Snapchat is designed for naked pictures and ugly photos of yourself. Stop it!

2. The Stranger Snapper
They added you and yet you have no clue of who they are. When they snapchat you it’s never of their face. Who is this person?

3. The Constant Snapchatter
Everything is Snapchat worthy. Everything. The sitting down watching tv snapchat. The lunch break snap chat. The funny shaped chip snapchat. They slowly grate on your nerves until there very name makes you want to kill them.

5. Long Stories
What happened in the last 24 hours that caused you to have a Snapchat story of 650 seconds?

6. Snapchats That are Too Short
Why would you make your Snapchat two seconds long? What was it?! 

7. The Toilet Snapper
We mean the people who literally Snapchat their poo. Toilet selfies are a phenomenon that we would like to be stopped. Please.

8. The Non-Stop Selfies
All they do is take selfies that have no meaning whatsoever.

9. The Screenshotter
These guys. Nothing gets past them, they have screen-shotting down to a fine art. Doesn’t matter how long you’ve timed the photo, they will immortalize it. 

10. The Sneaky Snapper
You’re quite happily curled up on your couch munching on your dinner in your finest sweatpants watching TV and then all of a sudden your phone goes off. Your supposed friend is trying to not pass out with laughter. You open it, yes instead of a fork going into your mouth it’s now a giant green penis. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

11. Cocktail Night People
You’re drinking some sort of pink concoction out of a glass that looks like a dildo. No way, you did not go to MacDonalds afterwards! You’re crazy!!

12. The Dick Pic
Similar to the poo picture in that we don’t want to see your willy on my phone’s screen. It doesn't matter how you try to dress it up with a pink smiley face or by giving your balls googley eyes, we promise we won’t be looking at it for long enough to see the effort you put in.

13. The Ugly Face
Just kidding, these are the best! 

14. Hungover Snaps
You wake up after a night out, your mouth feels like a rat crawled in and died and your first thought was to Snapchat us to say you’re hungover? Why?

15. My Life is Fantastic, Let Me Shove it in Your Face
J1 people, Interrailing people or even just people with a better job then you. You’re not just going to ignore a Snapchat like you would a Facebook post. Watch it, watch it to the end!

16. The Drunken Snapchats
I’m sure the club is fantastic, however we are in bed. It’s also never really a great feeling when you have no idea what you sent the next day. 

17. The Flirty Snapchatter
He has tried to start a relationship through Snapchat, a social medium that has less character space then twitter. Unless you use the text option but who uses that anyway? I’ll make it simple, I will not be showing you my boobs.


So maybe just leave the hilarity to these professionals…

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