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The moment we're introduced to a hack, most of us wonder how we lived so long without it… and, perhaps more importantly, why we never thought of it ourselves.

If that sounds at all familiar, then prepare to hang your heads in shame, ladies.

In a move which has us re-evaluating pretty much everything, Clare from Manchester took to Twitter to share her use for her fridge's water dispenser, and frankly we're stunned we never thought to do it ourselves.

Filling the water tray with sweet, sweet vino, the 28-year-old beauty marketer created an icy wine dispenser which has us salivating into our sleeves right about now.

"My adult life just peaked," she wrote alongside a shot which has racked up a staggering 173,000 likes in just two days.

Commenting on the viral post, one Twitter user responded: "This is my dream, I can't believe, as a wine addict, that I never thought of this!" 

And everyone from Time Magazine to BuzzFeed want in on Clare's ingenuity – much to the surprise of Clare who tweeted: "Right, I'm off to The Winchester and waiting for all of this to blow over."

Sounding like a gal after our own heart, Clare was actually more stricken by her description in the countless publications who have highlighted her top-notch hack than the public's interest in the hack.

"Even with all this madness, the thing that is scaring me the most is that people are calling me a 'woman', I am not adult enough for that!"

We wonder if she has an opening for a BFF.



We all know that what’s inside our fridges, freezers, and cupboards is going to have a fairly significant impact on our health.

But now new research has suggested that how your kitchen is laid-out is just as influential when it comes to keeping trim.

Yes, following an in-depth study at the Food And Brand Lab at Cornell University, scientists have announced: “The food on our counters, the smells in the kitchen, the lighting in the room and even the colour of the walls can contribute to obesity.”

So, what can we do? Well, the university also has tops tips that makes for some rather interesting reading…


1) Keep your blender or juicer out on the counter:

“When you have that craving for something sweet, the blender might just serve as a reminder that healthy fruit smoothies can satisfy that urge.”

2) Keep bread in fridge

“Bread can be a healthy snack, but if eaten too frequently, it will lead to extra pounds. Keep the fruit on the counter and put the bread away so the lower calorie snacks are easier to grab.”

3) Cover high-calorie items with tinfoil and the more nutritious items with cling-film

“Hiding temptations can help you remember to eat fruits and vegetables. This can keep you from eating 120 extra calories a day.”

4) Keep a jug of flavoured water

“Water infused with fruit can satisfy our craving without loading us down with extra calories. Compared to soda, drinking water can save you 100 calories per 8 fluid ounce glass.”

5) Serve up your dinner before you put the plates on the table

“People who use this strategy eat 19 percent less food, which can be beneficial to the waistline in the long run.

6) Dim your kitchen lights

Doing so can help you “eat more mindfully, resulting in 175 fewer calories per meal.”

7) Paint your kitchen in neutral tones

“Brighter tones cause us to feel anxious so we eat faster; darker tones relax us so we take more time to eat and might eat more. A neutral colour can help avoid either extreme.”

8) Use air fresheners

“Clean, fresh scents most likely will not trigger our memories of delicious foods or spark a craving for something sweet ­— helping us avoid unnecessary snacking.”


There are some items that seem to appear as a collection in every student’s fridge. It’s like they get it as a welcome package. A tasty one.

1. Cheese
Cheese is just the most delicious thing in the world. It’s like a little taste of heaven. However cheese is not cheap and therefore it is like gold dust. Any time you go to take a few slices of that beautiful mature cheddar, the block slowly gets smaller and smaller before you’ve even taken the grater out of the cupboard. Those animals.

2. Sweet Chilli Sauce.
It doesn’t matter what you’re cooking, sweet chilli sauce goes with everything. Pasta, sandwhiches, chips, chicken. If it’s raw, burned, gone off. Sweet chilli sauce will save it.

3. Pasta
Pasta for every single meal is perfectly normal as a student. After a time, you even have your favourite type.

4. Pasta Sauce
What goes well with pasta? Tomatoe and Basil pasta sauce of course! If you’re trying to watch your diet you can get sauce with mushroom or if you’re feeling a bit wild why not some spicy pepper?

It won’t look like this…

5. Fajita Kits
Fajita kits everywhere, except that you’re too stingy to buy chicken fillets so you just use the wraps when you run out of bread, and Tom tried to eat the salsa when he was drunk. Anyone who offers to cook dinner, it’s going to be fajitas.

6. Beans and Spaghetti
If a nuclear war does ever come into fruition you are sorted with tinned goods.

7. Noodles
20 cent noodles. It’s not a question of how many do you need but how many can you carry.

8. Oranges
You had good intentions that one time and now they’re into their second phase of mould.

9. The Phantom Onion
You don’t know where it came from, you don’t know how it got into the vegetable drawer of your fridge but it did and yet no one thinks of throwing it out.

This is generally in the fridge on a Friday morning after a night on the beer. Who would think that some chocolatey milkey goodness could cure what ails you but it does. It really really does. All hail Mooju.

10. Frozen Chicken Dippers
You can put them in anything, they’re great. They are what holds a meal together. 2.30am in the morning though, leave the oven alone, you are not in a position to operate heavy machinery.

11. Left Over Pizza
No one would order takeaway with you so you couldn’t get your meal over a tenner for free delivery. You do what any sane person does and buy a second pizza so you can have some saintly pepperoni for the morning to.

12. Rustlers Burgers
A college students life saver. Its a pre-made burger, bun and all that you pop into the microwave for a minute and voilà! Dinner is served!

13. Cereal
You will never see as much cereal as in a student’s house. For some it will be choco pops, for the rich it will be the original great tasting flavour of coco pops. Sadly though, no one ever thinks of buying milk and if they do, it’s more then likely left out all day.

14. Mammy Meals.
These are just the worst. Sunday evening they prance into the house on their little high horse with about 10 lunch boxes filled with lasagna’s, shepards pie and curry. These pretenders who believe they’re living the student life but they’re just big fat phoneys! What’s worse is they then take up all the freezer space with you having no place to put your prison food.

And then they have the audacity, no, the gumption to ask would anyone like to get some takeaway with their expendable cash.

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Correct storage and cleaning of your fridge is essential for hygiene. Do you know where your milk is best kept in your fridge? Hint: It’s not on the door.

Top + middle shelves

  • Milk, yoghurt and any other dairy product should be kept on the top shelf and at the back of the fridge as this is where it is coldest. It is also a good idea to store cheeses in a lunchbox.
  • Condiments can be stored on the door of the fridge.
  • Leftovers/cooked meat should be carefully covered and kept on the middle shelf.

Bottom shelf
The bottom shelf is the only shelf that should have any raw meat or fish on it. They should also be covered well; this is too ensure there is no raw meat juices dripping onto any other foodstuffs which can be highly dangerous and very unhygienic.

Fruit and veg drawers
No need to tell you what goes in here surely, it’s in the name! This drawer is for any fruit and veg you have that need to go into the fridge, such as lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, strawberries etc.